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What's Going on Downstairs? or Don't Eat Prince... - Recap

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The scene opens with Ray and Kyla ice skating. Tanya tries to get Ray’s attention by skating around. She manages to get Ray alone and says that Kyla is a guy. Ray doesn’t believe her and says that Lenore must be lying to her. Ray says that he can spot a guy and says that Kyla is not one. After skating, he asks her if she likes sports. She says that she doesn’t. Ray starts to question Kyla about their time together and asks why she didn’t want to have sex this morning. She says that she was waiting for later. Ray doesn’t feel good and says that he has to go. He is starting to believe Tanya and doesn’t want to think that maybe she was right. He says that he will call her.

Sandee brings in girls and Tanya says that they are working too close to the illegal line. Tanya tells Ray that Kyla called. She asked her and she said that she thought she knew because of what Lenore told her about him. Tanya says that she can still be a nice client and says that he gets $1,000 to be an escort. Ray tells her to get Jason to handle it. Tanya goes out to the women and starts her class. Jason asks Ray what they do. Ray says that they go in when Tanya asks for the Sampson file. He says that there is no such file and that the women just need to see the product. Jason and Ray come out and Jason lingers longer. Afterward, Jason got 5 girls and Ray only got 2. Ray hears that Tanya is sending Kyla to Jason and says that he can handle it.

Lenore calls Jason from out front of the Wellness Center. She tells him that it is bad to mess with her. Later, Sandee shows that they videotape the clients and says that they are going to post it on-line. Tanya says that they are not going to do that. She asks to use her bathroom and finds a red shoebox underneath their sink. It is like Ray’s and there is money missing out of it. She takes the news to Charlie and says that she doesn’t know what she got herself into. Charlie asks if she is looking for his advice or help. Meanwhile, Ray is on his date with Kyla and says that he has a son who is probably gay. Kayla says that she isn’t gay and Ray laughs it off. Charlie and Tanya go into Sandee and Jason’s place and Charlie takes Gatorade and pours it all over their TV and stereo equipment. He asks if they stole Ray’s money and they deny it. Charlie gets them to admit it when he threatens the life of their turtle. He says that Tanya will organize the repayment.

Ray and Kayla go to the High School Reunion and Kayla goes out and talks to people. Ray warns her not to rock the boat because people are going to recognize her as who she was in High School. She tells him to dance with her and he says that he is not into that. Kayla tells him to get lost. Lenore goes to Jessica’s and tells her about the Wellness Center that Tanya runs. Back at the Reunion, Kayla sees a person she remembers and starts to dance with him. He is getting friendly as Ray watches. The men around Ray’s table recognize Ray as a good player for the school back in the 80s. They ask who Ray is with and he says that Kayla is his fiancé. However, they recognize Kayla as Dan, who she was before. Ray feels bad. Kayla says that she wants to go home and Ray tells her to forget the others.

Meanwhile, Charlie packs the money from Ray’s shoebox and into his bag. Jessica looks at the pamphlet that Lenore gave her on the Wellness Center. Tanya gets back into the apartment and finds a note from Charlie stating that he had a Family Emergency and that he will be back on Sunday. Back at the Reunion, Ray dances with Kayla and doesn’t care that she is a man and that she just needs someone to love her now.