Mort - Recap

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The scene opens with in Tangier. A man and woman burst in kissing one another. The next morning, the man gets his things from the safe and leaves with the woman. Later the man asks the woman if she is alright. She says that she is. They arrive for the man to do a “little business”. They go inside and meet and the woman looks suspicious. There is a noise and they leave. As they get into the car, the woman sees a red dot from the sniper gun aimed at his head. She pushes him out of the way and is shot instead. The man drives off. An ambulance arrives and grabs the woman. However she is alive and isn’t who she pretends to be. She is actually Sam Hunter from a government agency. She goes inside telling the man that she forgot her passport. They allow her to go in. Meanwhile, the man who is distraught over the death of the Sam finds out that it is not blood that is on his lips and has the driver turn around.

She walks downstairs and takes out the guard to get inside a room. She had stolen the key from the man earlier. Dr. Arthur Hill is inside. She gets him to the safety of the ambulance with a little killing of the men trying to stop her. The man sees her and has his manservant go after her. However, he loses her. Aidan Marsh meets her and kisses her. She tells him that she has to tell him something and that he needs to meet her at a café. Later at a café, Sam sits down and waits to meet Aidan. But, instead unwanted company comes. She tells the café owner to call the police. She hides and takes down one of the men with fire. She goes and kills the other two men that were after her after fighting the third a bit. The police arrive and she realizes that they are not wearing police shoes. Before she can do anything, she is shot in the side and she falls to the ground.

The scene fast-forwards to one year later. At a home, Sam springs out of a bathtub. She was holding her breath trying to retrain herself. She makes her way through the woods to the store. She gets newspapers and highlights a symbol throughout the paper. It is a code. She returns home to add the papers to her growing pile. She gets up in her attic where she has the murder board of the man she was with a year ago and her team who she feels betrayed her. It is revealed that she was betrayed by one of her own. Later that night, Sam crouches in a corner of the room and remembers when she was little. She remembers how a car approached the car toward her mother, but that is it. The next morning she repeats her routine of holding her breath and jogging until one morning, she manages to hold her breath and run without tiring. Later, she burns the papers and gets the book that she had as a child and leaves.

She goes to a woman in another city who shows her an apartment. She gets busy getting the apartment together and walks down the street. A man sees her from the top of a building that has the same symbol as she circled in the newspapers. She walks in to meet with the Rupert Keel, the leader of the government agency she used to work for. Deacon, the man who had the sniper rifle up on the roof a year ago, comes in and finds Sam sitting there. He asks where she went and Sam says that she was sightseeing. Keel tells Sam that he is going to have to talk to the higher-ups to see if she can, in fact, be reinstated. Deacon tells Keel that they need her back. Sam gets back to the apartment and gets the call to come back to work. She gets in the next day and sees her old team. Hasan, Zoe, Deacon and a new member are there. Ian Fox introduces himself to Sam, but she is not impressed. Keel comes in to hear the meeting. Zoe tells the team that Jack Turner is the target, but they are interrupted by Aidan coming in.

Zoe resumes telling the team about Turner. He is taking everything to make sure that he wins the elections and that they need to get close to Steven Turner, Jack’s son who has a son himself named Eddie. They all sync up with the information. Sam leaves and walks down to the Metro. Aidan tries to follow her. However, he is too late. She gets into her place and finds Aidan there. He tells her that he is a spy after all. He says that he knew that she would come back. It is revealed on how she escaped from the police who shot her. She says that Aidan is the only person who knew where she was. Aidan says that Sam is crazy and that he would never kill her and his child. However, she shows that the bullet she took killed their baby. He asks her why she came back and says that she still is in love with him. She watches as he leaves in a Taxi. She then crawls into a secret part of the apartment that she created. In Istanbul, the real killer of the Café owner gets a text with Sam’s picture. He was the one who killed the Café Owner before Bernard got there to investigate.

Later that night, Sam remembers how her mother was taken away from the car by two men when she was little. The next day, Sam walks down the road as a car follows her. Steven tries to tell his son to stay with him, but he is not really listening. A van, driven by Zoe, pulls up and drives erratically. Hasan runs out and grabs Eddie and Sam stops him and saves Eddie. Deacon watches and is glad that the plan went accordingly. Steven takes Sam, who introduces herself to Jack as Alex Kent. Jack asks for ID and confirms who she says she is. Sam leaves and reports back to Keel. He says that there is a mole in the agency. He tells her that he is there when she wants to talk. Deacon shows Sam pictures of the men who were at the Turner home. He says that they are working on the Dam. Steven calls her and she speaks in her American voice. He asks her to coffee. She agrees. Deacon tells her that the game is on. Sam goes to the café and finds Steven there. She gives him a remote control car for Eddie. Steven reveals that he looked her up and she is insulted. He apologizes and says that he wanted to offer her a job.

Sam reports to Deacon and Keel and they tell her that she can get close and that it will be better. She says that she will be restricted, but Keel likes it that she can get closer than they thought before. Keel says that there will be no wires to avoid suspicion. That night, Sam remembers how she found her mother killed and then two men grab her and put her into the trunk of a car. The next day, Sam goes to Aidan and demands a new handler, but he says that she is stuck with him. He says that there is going to be meeting with a Dr. Goebel. He tells her to plant a video feed and she tells him that Keel thinks that there is a mole in the agency. She tells Aidan that if he is the mole, he should run. Meanwhile at the plant, Dr. Goebel gets in and is met by the Blank Faced Man. He kills him. Sam starts her first day of work at the Turner’s and Jack is not at all pleased at her staying. Steven tells him that this is the first woman whom Eddie has opened up to. The team sets up in another building and Ian doesn’t like the provisions. Deacon asks Zoe if Sam talked to her just because she is a woman. She tells her that she hasn’t. At the house, Sam plants the cameras and almost is caught by Steven.

Hasan is sent out to pick up Goebel. Ian asks him to pick up a few things. At the Turner’s, they get a disturbing call. Bingham, the servant, comes in and says that he has good news. However, the team can’t hear it because of the scrambler. Sam goes in to tuck Eddie in for the night. He says that his mother died and says that he knows that Sam’s family died too. He tells her that Mrs. Sidwig will get her anything. She says that she is fine. Hasan is waiting at a light when suddenly a team comes up from behind and knocks him out. He leaves behind the milk for Ian. She goes back downstairs and Steven introduces her to The Blank Faced Man who is pretending to be Dr. Goebel. The episode ends.