LB - Recap

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The scene opens with Steven meeting the Blank-Faced Man posing as Goebel. He says hello to Sam, who come up. Jack Turner comes downstairs as the Blank-Faced Man is about to stick Sam in the neck with a needle. Steven tries to walk into Jack’s office with them, but he is told to close the door. At a hotel, Keel meets with a prostitute. Zoe keeps trying to get the audio in the meeting with the Blank-Faced Man, but she has troubles. Aidan says that Hasan isn’t picking up. Back in the hotel room, the prostitute gets undressed for Keel. Sam tucks in Eddie and sees Bingham go out front. There is a man who is trying to get away. The team is watching and they see that the man is Husan. Sam sends a text to the team with the news.

Back at the hotel room, the prostitute gives Keel a drink. Deacon calls him and tells him about their situation. He tells him that they can’t retrieve him and they are going to have to kill Husan. At the house, Sam gets word that she has to meet with Aiden and she sees that Jack is going down to the lower basement. The Blank-Faced Man asks to use the bathroom, but goes upstairs instead. Sam sees him as the elevator doors close. She tries to go to the lower basement, but she sees that it is blocked by key entry. Jack meets with Husan and asks him why he tried to kidnap his grandson Eddie. Sam goes down to the basement floor and sneaks out to meet Aiden. Jack tells Husan that either way he answers, he is dead. Zoe asks Aiden if Sam told him where she was for a year and he says that he doesn’t know.

The team sees that the Blank-Faced Man doesn’t have the briefcase he went into the house with. Aiden tells Sam that she is going to have to kill Husan. Aiden gets back and gives Ian some milk. Ian finds out that the team has authorized Sam to kill Husan. He doesn’t like this and gets up. However, Zoe tells him that he signed up for this. Deacon says that they can’t afford to be compromised. At the house, Bingham is whipping Husan with a chain trying to get information. However, he isn’t talking. Sam goes downstairs to Jack’s office and sees Steve. Jack comes downstairs and tells Jack to come talk to him. He tells Steven that he needs to earn his respect. They leave and Sam was hidden behind the door. She gets into Jack’s drawer and takes the elevator key card.

She goes down to the lower basement and goes up to Hasan. She puts a sticker on his hand that Aiden gave her. This is going to kill him. However, Husan tells her to take it off and says that someone on the team set him up. He tells her he knows why she was hiding and tells her to take it off and he will tell her. He obliges and says that a man with grey hair and a scar came to him. She hides as Bingham and an associate fingerprint Husan. She goes back upstairs and returns the keycard. Meanwhile, a man walks up to a woman named Emma Freeman. He introduces himself as Lt. Cornel Cooley. He is the man with the scar that Husan was talking about. He asks Emma about Sam and she tells him that she doesn’t know where she is. He says that she can help her and shoots her in the head. Emma’s 8-year-old daughter sees the man.

Sam goes in to check on Eddie and sees a photo album by his pillow. There are pictures of his mother. She goes in her corner in her room and remembers more from her mother getting killed by men and how she was taken, put into a trunk of a car and taken somewhere. Over at the house across the way, Sam sees a figure in the window. The next day, she goes to Jack’s office and sees that the keycard is not there. She goes to see the family at the breakfast table and Steven brings up the cereal Reeses Puffs that you can only get in America. Jack comes in and ignores Sam. Eddie asks if Sam can take him to school and she agrees. On the way out, Sam tells Steven that it is clear that Jack doesn’t want her there. Steven tells her that he needs her to stay. Jack goes down to the lower basement and asks Husan again who he works for. Husan spits in his face and Jack kicks him repeatedly.

Ian has looked up information on Keel and the organization. He says that he is curious. Deacon says that Keel will decide what they do and says that making assumptions can get him killed. Sam goes out and the team watches. Aiden says that Sam hasn’t killed Husan yet. She drops Eddie off at school and hears on the radio of the death of Emma Freeman happened. Sam asks to be dropped off and gets out of the car. Aiden goes in to see Keel and tells him that there is a mole. Aiden says that it is not him. Keel tells Aiden to watch Sam and report back to him with any suspicions. Sam goes to the home of Emma and sees a picture on the fridge of her and Emma in Afghanistan. When she leaves, Cooley follows her. She stops him with a drop kick and asks who sent him. However, he is not talking. They fight and he eventually gets away after the fight.

Sam gets to her apartment and Aiden asks her what happened. She tells him that she “fell”. He asks about Husan and Sam tells him that Jack keeps the key with him. Aiden gives her a device to hack that elevator. Aiden cleans her up a little and tells her that there will be consequences if she doesn’t kill Husan. She says that she is done and get up. Aiden goes up to a door and a woman answers. Sam crawls in her hideaway and prints out the Cooley’s picture. She is trying to figure out who is trying to kill her. Back at the house, Bingham tries to be civil to Husan and offers him a drink. Dave Rider, a known associate of Jack’s, arrives at the house. Jack tells Steven to give them a moment. The team tries to listen in on them, but the scramblers are too much. Jack and Dave talk and Jack tells him that they caught the guy who tried to kidnap Eddie.

Sam gets in and Steven says that he was getting worried. She shows him that she got him some Reese’s Puffs. The team watch as Dave drives off with the briefcase. Ian and Zoe follow him and Ian pretends to be hit by his car. Zoe tags the briefcase. They talk and Dave drives off. Sam makes her way down to the lower basement again and the maid, Mrs. Sidwa, is going to the ground floor. Sam asks her about the horses in Eddie’s album and says that his mom used to take him. She tells Mrs. Sidwa that she will look for his riding things in the basement. Steven talks to Jack and tells him that he wants to be able to show that he can take over the business. They go down to the lower basement and he gives Steven the crowbar. However, he drops it. Jack walks off. Steven tries to act tough, but realizes that he can’t. Sam comes in and knocks out the guard. Husan tells Cooley didn’t give him a name and says that Cooley said that he would pay a lot for her head. She is shocked.

Upstairs, Bingham says that the prints that they took are no match to anyone. They go downstairs. Sam asks about the man and he tells her that he needs to get set free. She does and he starts fighting. Sam wins this by stabbing Husan. Jack and Bingham find him there dead. Sam runs off upstairs. The team gets word that Sam accomplished the judge. Ian says that he is not happy at all. Sam meets with Aiden and tells her that the more she stays, the more she is in danger. She tells him that she is not scared. Keel meets with someone at the Pall Mall. It is Bernard Faroux! Sam sees that the figure in the window across the way is not there anymore. However, she is being watched by the Blank-Faced Man. The episode ends.