Hourglass - Recap

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The scene opens with Lars Holm and his wife coming up to a road blockade when a man comes up asking him to open the car door. There is a man trying to kill him. Lars gives in and they drive off. However, the man tells Lars to pull over. Lars realizes that Jack Turner sent him. He refuses to and the man kills Lars’ wife. They struggle and the car flips over. The man who was walking with the knife pulls up in the car and pulls the man from the car. He tells him that the car wasn’t supposed to crash. At the Turner residence, Sam wakes up Eddie, who was in the middle of a nightmare. He tells her that he keeps seeing the man’s face who tried to grab him. She tells him not to worry because he will never bother him again. She tucks him in and leaves.

At the Byzantium office, Aiden walks in and Zoe is there waiting for him. She talks about the mole that they may or may not have in the division. They go through the team and Zoe suspects Sam. Meanwhile, Sam goes downstairs and Stephen asks her where she is going. She tells him that she is going for a jog. Sam arrives at Byzantium and Keel tells them that they’ve got business. Zoe says that Patrik Lindberg is the head of K-PEC along with Lars Holm as co-chairmen are the targets. There is a bid on the company and Sam says that she can swap out information about the deal that Jack is working on with a dam that is being built. Zoe tells the team that 4 investors are interested, but no more so interested than Chinese Industries Group. Keel asks Sam if there is any other news and she says that there is none.

She walks over to her apartment and looks at her board. She pulls off the picture of her old military friend who was killed. She remembers the meeting she had with the man in the alley. She picks up the copy of The Snow Maiden, the book her mother read to her. Later, Sam is going to Brightling Chase Hotel for the weekend with Eddie and one of the guards accuses her of stealing from the Turners. Back in their hideout, Ian is not pleased that Sam gets to go to a hotel. Zoe tells the team that the tracking signal is gone on the briefcase. Ian accuses Zoe of planting it wrong. Sam arrives at the Brightling Chase Hotel and Sam sees that guards are going to the vault. Bingham leaves the briefcase in there. Eddie is driving his remote control car down the hall when it bumps into Bernard Faroux. She walks away and texts Aiden the news.

Meanwhile, Aiden is “getting busy” with Natalie Thorpe when his phone goes off. He tells her that he has to go. She asks him if Keel has found out about them two. He says that he doesn’t know. Aiden tells her that they have to end things. She asks if that is the reason and he says that it is. Stephen goes up to Jack and Jack tells him that Lindberg will be along. Sam is anxious and tells Eddie that she will be back. She goes to the room where Bernard is and takes out two of his guards with a fire extinguisher. However, he is waiting for her inside his room. He pins her against the wall and demands the Turner bid. She tells him that she doesn’t have it. To show that he means business, he puts the gun in her private area and says that she will get it to him. Lindberg gets to the hotel and Jack tells him that he is going to sign the document without Lars there.

At their hideout, Deacon tries to listen in on the office in Jack’s home. However, he is not making any progress. He tells Zoe that someone called Jack moments before Hasan was grabbed. Zoe says that it wasn’t Aiden, but Deacon is not too sure. Ian points out that two men are taking a body away. They suspect that it is Husan and Deacon tells them to see where they take it. Meanwhile, Natalie arrives in the security room at her office and the tech guy says that Aiden goes away from the street cameras for a long time. She sees that Sam is there, someone she thought was dead. Later that evening at the hotel, Sam goes to get Eddie a hot chocolate and gives Aiden the USB drive. She tells him that he ran into Bernard and he is clearly uneasy about it. She tells him that she will get some information out of him. The guard who accused Sam of stealing from the Turners comes up to Eddie and asks where Sam is. He sees her with Aiden and walks away. Aiden walks up to the man and knocks him out.

Ian and Zoe watch as the men take the body out. Ian gets out of the car and sees the two men chop the body up and throw the pieces in a fire. Aiden drags the guard to the woods when another guard comes up behind him and they fight. After a struggle, Aiden manages to kill the other guy as well. Ian gets back from watching the men and tells Zoe that they were cremating Hasan. He says that he managed to get his boot, but Zoe says that Hasan didn’t wear boots. Lindberg is signing over the company to the auction to be bid and is clearly uneasy. Stephen sees this and asks Jack about it. He says that he is fine and that they will win the bid because he has seen the other bids. Back at Byzantium, Deacon is talking to his daughter when Zoe and Ian come in. Ian tells him that he snagged Hasan’s boot. Deacon says that Hasan didn’t where boots. Deacon gets a call from Aiden and Aiden tells him that Bernard is one of the other bidders. He says that they have to get her out of there, but Deacon says that he has to talk to Keel.

Sam sits down with Bernard and tells him that she is there to offer him a chance to save his life. However, he is not worried. He tells him that he met with Keel about information on Tungjia. He tells her to bring the bid and then he will tell her. She tells him that she will kill him. He tells her that she has until 8:00. Deacon meets with Keel and he tells Deacon that he met with Bernard about what happened to Sam. Keel tells Deacon to let Sam stay in the hotel. Jack asks Bingham about the two men missing and he asks where Lindberg is. Zoe tells Deacon that she has more information on the two men who chopped up the body. They link a location where the briefcase could be to a Gentlemen’s Club. It is owned by David Ryder. Ian and Zoe go off to check it out. Later, Sam gets ready for dinner and Stephen is surprised on the way she looks. Bingham tells Stephen that Jack is not going to be with them for dinner.

Ian and Zoe get to the club and Ian goes inside to find David Ryder at the pool table. He demands him to pay him 2,000 for hitting him. He tries to have one of his men beat up Ian, but he is ready and hits the guy with a cue ball. David offers him a drink. Later that evening, Bingham tells Lindberg to come with him. Sam gives Eddie her copy of The Snow Maiden and tells him to read it. She sees Lindberg and Bingham walking in the woods and she follows. They meet with Jack and Lindberg tells him that he never agreed to kill board members. Sam listens in. Turner reminds Lindberg that he signed the deal and that there is no turning back. Sam reads up on how Lars and his wife were found murdered. Zoe is looking at pictures of her and her loved one when Ian tells her that he is getting drunk with David. At the hotel, Lindberg is met by Sam and she tells him that she wants to take down Jack, but needs his help. He agrees.

Aiden goes up to Natalie and tells her that he told her that it was over. She tells him that screwing her doesn’t give him a pass. She shows him the picture of Sam and Aiden accuses Natalie of trying to kill Sam. She tells him that she didn’t. At the Club, David gets his men and says that they are leaving. The men who chopped up the body are there. Ian gets up and smiles at the naked girl dancing on stage. He sees them organizing another hit. Lindberg tells Jack at the hotel that Bernard has his bid. Bernard gets a note from Sam that says “Au Revoir”. He tells his guard to kill Sam when the bidding starts. Bingham and Jack scope out the hard drive and Aiden clones the hard drive. Bingham and Jack see that it hasn’t been cloned, but Jack says that it could be done as they speak now. The bidding begins on K-PEC. Jack arrives to the bidding and meanwhile, Lindberg is killed by the two men who chopped up the last body. The bidding continues and Sam goes outside. She is followed by Bernard’s men. She manages to kill the two men and goes back inside.

Bernard leaves his table after he realizes that he has been outbid. Jack’s bid is 1 Billion and Stephen says that is 30 Million more than they have. The auction owners say that the bid between the Chinese and the Turners are in the Tolerance Margin and they have to have a run off. Bernard goes to his room and Sam is waiting there. She asks him about the hit that was put out on her. She is told that there were people already there called “Hourglass”. She doesn’t get any information more after she shoots and kills Bernard. Sam goes into Byzantium and Keel tells her that she left behind 3 bodies. He asks if killing Bernard was beneficial. She smiles and leaves. She meets Aiden outside and she asks him to tell her the truth to gain her trust. However, he has nothing to report. At MI6, Natalie meets George Ballard of the Head Office. She asks where the files go and he says that he is the only one who sees them. However, when she leaves, he puts the files under the “Hourglass” label. The episode ends.