Kismet - Recap

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The scene opens with Jack walking around the house in a black outfit. He checks in on the family before leaving. Sam gets the message that Jack left but when she goes downstairs, Jack is there. He leaves and Sam tells the team that she is going to follow Jack. She grabs a bike and chases after him. Meanwhile, Keel meets with Deacon and Deacon suspects Aiden as being the mole. Keel tells him that they need more evidence. Sam follows Jack to Relton University where he meets with some men. She sends the plate to the men to the team. She goes in and hears the men talking. One of the men, Lewis, asks Vince what he wants. Jack beats Vince to death and says that he wasn’t going to talk anyways. Lewis sees Sam in the window and they chase after her.

Once outside, the chase is on to get Sam, but she jumps over a fence, snagging her jacket on the barb wire. Ian is there to pick her up. Jack calls for a cleanup. Sam later gets back to her apartment to find Aiden there. He says that the man who was killed was Vincent Cage, an economics expert. The other man, Lewis Conroy is a hedge fund manager. Aiden sees the jacket and sees the tear. He suggests that she get out, but she says that she can handle it. Aiden sees some light coming from the wall and climbs into Sam’s secret hideaway. He sees the map to her trying to find out what is going on. At the same moment, the Blank Faced Man is watching. He prepares a needle. The next day, Sam opens the window to see that there is no one in the window of the other house.

At the hideout, the Byzantium team talk about what Jack has been up to. Aiden says that it is odd that Jack isn’t doing anything. David Ryder texts Ian to get to the club. Deacon asks where Aiden is going and he says that he is going to go talk to some colleagues. Sam and the Turners go to the grave of Rebecca Turner, Stephen’s wife and Eddie’s mother. They leave flowers. Lewis comes up to Jack and he tells him to not talk. Sam introduces herself to Lewis. At the house, Bingham is trying to match up the fabric found at the University to Sam’s clothes. A woman watches from the other house window. Jack gets back home along with the others. Lewis gives Eddie a new game. Bingham tells Jack that the jacket is not in the house. Jack still suspects Sam.

Ian gets to the club and meets with David Ryder. He is says that he is only trying to do his job. David says that he has a job for him. He introduces him to the man who was involved of chopping up the body. Ian sees the briefcase in the corner of the room. Sam, Stephen and Lewis are having drinks and reminiscing on old times. Lewis tells Stephen that Rebecca chose the right man. Stephen gets upset and walks out. Lewis follows and tells Stephen that he didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. Stephen says that he is still in his father’s house while Lewis is a wealthy man. Lewis says that no one could have saved Rebecca. Jack asks to speak to Lewis. He tells him to not worry about this and that he will take care of everything and to get him the list of women he has seen romantically. Stephen asks Lewis if Jack asked him for the 30 Million and he tells him that he didn’t. Stephen says that they have to get the money by tomorrow. Lewis asks if he can ask out Sam and Stephen says that they are not in school and that he can do as he pleases. He does and she tells him that she can tonight. Stephen is clearly upset.

Ian and the man, who likes to be called Mr. Tyrone, go out to the job. Ian tries to start a conversation, but Tyrone doesn’t like to talk and tells him to be quiet. They pull up behind a Pimp and Ian puts the bag with the murder weapon that killed Vincent Cage in the back of the Pimp’s boot of the car. The pimp sees him and asks why he was by his car. Ian hits the Pimp and walks away. Sam goes into Jack’s office and snoops around. Meanwhile, Deacon is at the church and prays for Hasan. A priest comes up to him and tells him that he looks like he needs a drink.

Aiden goes up to Simran, an analyst at Byzantium. He asks if she can look up information on Hourglass. She tells him that she will find out something. On his way out, he sees Natalie. Keel introduces Aiden to her and they pretend not to know one another. Keel talks to Natalie and offers her a raise for information about the mole she has. However, she tells him that there is no mole. He tells her that the offer still stands. Ian goes up to David Ryder and tells him that Tyrone told him to come back. He looks to find that the briefcase is gone. Sam gets to Byzantium and they talk about the newest information and how Kismet, a program Turner and Conroy use. They see that there are natural disasters that make a spike into their profits. Sam says that she has a date with Lewis and that she is going to need a sedative. Keel tells Deacon that she had a meeting with Natalie Thorpe, but she didn’t bite. Deacon is worried about his team, but Keel tells him that they are paid to be put in danger.

Lewis gets into work and the secretary tells him that Vincent Cage is dead. He pretends to be surprised. Later, Zoe gets “busy” with her boyfriend, Andrew. He asks if it is the same as before and asks if they are alright. After a long pause she says that they are. Aiden goes up to Simran and she tells him that the Russians were spying on George Ballard, the boss of Natalie Thorpe. He has an idea. Sam sees Eddie to bed and he asks if she cried when her mother died. She says that it is alright to cry when you are sad. Stephen watches as Sam goes to her date. Sam waits for Aiden to give her the sedative for Lewis and remembers when her mother was killed. He comes up and says that it is only one scratch that is needed. He tells her that he never wants her to have to do this. He tells her that he will find out who tried to kill her because they killed their baby and it is personal to him.

Ian goes to the club and meets Tyrone. Meanwhile the police arrest the Pimp for having the murder weapon in the boot of his car. Sam arrives at Lewis’ place and he is drunk already. He tells her that he knows that it was her at the University. She pretends not to know anything about it and says that he is hurting her. He apologizes and she tells him that he can tell her anything. She kisses him and they start to get “busy”. However, she injects him with the sedative and he is out cold. She races down to where Aiden is waiting. They drive off to Louis’ office. At the Turner’s, Jack tells Stephen that he was cut up when his mom died. Stephen tells him to leave him alone about it. Jack tells him that he needs to make his move on Sam. He tells him that she is with Lewis. Jack gets suspicious. Aiden and Sam get to the office and find out that the spikes in revenue are because the natural disasters are being caused by Turner and Conroy. They are interrupted by security and Sam and Aiden run from them narrowly escaping. At Jack’s office, Bingham says that Sam being with Lewis doesn’t prove anything.

Ian and Tyrone get to an old Tram Terminal and Tyrone saws throw a gas line and leaves. Louis’ phone rings and he wakes up. He is told that the office has been broken into. He looks around to see Sam on the couch. Lewis calls Jack and tells him the news. He tells him that Sam was with him. However, Jack’s paranoia doesn’t stop and says that he was asleep and that he couldn’t really know that Sam was there the entire time. Bingham says that Tyrone did his job. Aiden picks up Sam and takes her back to the house. He goes to Goncourt & Co and smells the gas that was released. A security guard is about to light a cigarette and Aiden tries to stop her, but it is too late. At the same moment, Sam is approached by the Blank-Faced Man. He tackles her and pulls out the needle to put into her eye. The episode ends.