Ambassadors - Recap

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The scene opens with the aftermath of the explosion. The firemen arrive and get Aiden’s and the security guard’s bodies. Jack watches on the television and tells Bingham that they have their Billion Pounds now. Simran comes into the office of MI6 and Keel asks about the work that she has been doing with Aiden. Meanwhile, Aiden gets escorted to the hospital and wakes up. He walks out of the hospital passing by the Blank-Faced Man. Sam wakes up to the doctor telling her that she fainted and that she was taken to the hospital. Stephen wakes up Eddie and he asks about Sam. He tells him that she is still out. He goes downstairs and Jack asks how he feels about Sam. Stephen asks what it is all about and Jack tells him that she never called.

They get a call and Ian is trying to listen in on it. Zoe, back from Amsterdam, comes in and helps. They hear that Sam is in the hospital. Zoe calls Deacon and he tells her to send Aiden to them if he shows up. He tells her that they’ve got a situation. The Blank-Faced Man comes into Sam’s room and tells her that it is alright. He proceeds to put the flowers in water. He tells her that there are men out to kill her and he wants to help her and protect her. She asks how they knew that she was at the café in Tanjia. He says that it was intemperate for her to have an affair with a colleague. She suspects Aiden for being the mole. Aiden goes into Byzantium and Deacon says that they need to talk. Simran tells him that she is sorry. Keel sits down with George Ballard and asks about Hourglass. He tells him that he doesn’t know anything about it. Keel knows that he is lying and tells him to enjoy his tea.

Stephen and Eddie visit Sam in the hospital and she tells them that the doctors want to hold her for a few more hours. At the same moment, Deacon interrogates Aiden and tells him that he knows that he is the mole. Aiden tells him that he isn’t and Deacon tells him that if he doesn’t want to leave the room in a body bag, he better give answers. He tells Deacon that he thinks that Deacon is the mole. Sam calls the team and Zoe tells her that Aiden is being held by Deacon. Aiden tells Deacon that he wants to know why Deacon isn’t the mole. Lewis comes over to the Turners and Jack tells him that Sam is in the hospital. He tells Jack that he is done. Jack tells him that he is not done until he says so. They ask for the list of women, but Lewis says that they are not going to question his friends. Bingham says that Louis has become a problem. Jack goes out for a drink at his local.

Ian goes to follow him and Zoe goes to Conroy’s flat. Ian is in the office and Keel tells Deacon to come with him. Aiden escapes custody only to have his path blocked. He looks at Keel and Deacon and tells him that he never betrayed him. He shoots the window and jumps through. He escapes their custody. Sam gets to her apartment and finds out that Aiden is at The Red Friar Hotel. She arrives there and hears Aiden talking with Natalie Thorpe. He tells her that it is over because he was found out. Sam jumps down to the balcony and Aiden demands a meeting with George Ballard and says that it will help Sam. Natalie feels betrayed that their time together was all just an act. Sam comes into the room with her gun drawn. Aiden tells her that he won’t hurt her. He says that he is on her side and says that he didn’t know that anyone would try to kill her in Tanjia. He says that he found the hidden room and Hourglass.

Jack gets to David Ryder’s club and David knocks on the car where Ian is. He is invited in. David introduces Jack to Ian, who he is calling Gary. Jack gets a look at the briefcase and tells David to hide it somewhere else now. Aiden tells Sam that George will meet with her alone. Zoe hears Trudy, Lewis’ secretary, at Lewis’ house. She tells him that Bingham is there at the office and Lewis authorizes him to look through the computer. Trudy tells him that she can help him. She tells him that her and Mark are really happy despite how he treated her. Zoe later tells the team that Trudy and Mark are married and that Conroy had an affair with her. Keel tells them that Trudy and Mark are the scapegoats. Zoe tells them that Hors Goebel was found in Amsterdam. She tells them that the Blank-Faced Man is the person who killed him.

Sam meets with George and he tells her that the painting of the Ambassadors is a clue to the secret society that wants Sam dead. He tells her that she wants her to change things, but she says that she doesn’t know anything. Sam sees the man who tried to kill her in the building. She runs in the back and Aiden is there. He aims his gun, but the man is behind them. He shoots a dart at George, killing him. Deacon goes to the church and has a drink with the priest. He tells him that two people are going to die. He tells him that he has to try to stop it. He says that he can’t. Aiden and Sam get back to the car and Aiden admits that he betrayed Hasan because he knew that Sam could kill him once Hasan started asking questions.

Back at the club, Jack gestures for Ian to come over and David says that Ian reminds him of Jack Jr. However, Jack is not too happy with the comparison and tells him that he better not betray him or else he is going to be dead with his member in his mouth. Jack hears a woman talking on the television. It is Fatima Zahir in an interview. She claims that western Corporations have self interests and wants to expose corruption if she is elected president. Deacon gets to the home of Trudy and Mark. He leaves the ripped jacket on a hook. Simran comes into the office of Keel and tells him that George Ballard was found dead. In a car, Sam tells Aiden that 3 out of the 7 board members are part of Hourglass and that they need to start with Hector Stokes, CEO of Polyhedrus. It is the same company that built the dam in Pakistan that Jack is bidding on. Sam asks why he was spying. He says that Natalie was blackmailing him because Aiden Marsh is not his real name. Keel meets with Natalie and tells her that he knows about Hourglass and George Ballard. He says that he wants answers.

Eddie gets back from school and asks about Sam. Stephen tells him that she must still be in the hospital. He gives him a card for Sam. It has the three of them holding hands. Bingham goes to Jack and tells him that the woman and man could be Trudy and Mark. Meanwhile, Sam and Aiden get to Hector’s house and he sees them. He calls some people. Sam sees a house on the estate and recognizes it from when she was a little girl. Bingham goes to the home of Trudy and Mark and finds the jacket. Sam continues to remember the place and tells Aiden that she has been there before. They hear men outside and Aiden tells her that they have to leave. They fight the men and after a struggle, they manage to kill all the men. The man who tried to kill Sam in the alley shows up with a gun. However, he is killed by the Blank-Faced Man with a sniper rifle. Jack tells David that he needs Tyrone. David tells him to take Ian, but Jack isn’t interested.

Aiden drops off Sam and gets a call from Natalie. She tells him that she cleaned up their mess and tells him to do something. Trudy gets home to find Mark dead. Tyrone is standing behind her with a gun. Aiden gives himself up to Byzantium. Sam gets to the Turners and sees Eddie to bed. Tyrone goes to Lewis’ place and kills him. Aiden is taken before Deacon and is told that Hasan was the mole. Aiden sees that Natalie is talking to Keel. Aiden apologizes to Deacon for accusing him. Sam goes into Stephen’s room and is told that he went to the hospital to give Eddie’s card to her, but she wasn’t there. She tells him that she needed to go for a walk. He asks her what about and she breaks down. He hugs her and kisses her. The episode ends.