Polyhedrus - Recap

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The scene opens in Islamabad, Pakistan where Fatima Zahir is getting off a plane. Umiar, one of the men on her staff, is sending a fax when a man comes in and catches him. Umiar strangles him with a cord. The fax says “WSC @ 4. I am trusting you”. It is the location and time of a meeting and Jack Turner gets a copy too. Bingham is ordered to tell Tyrone and not David. However, Bingham tells Jack that the risks are considerable. Jack doesn’t care and Bingham tells him that he has his loyalty. Jack burns the fax that he received. Meanwhile, Sam and Stephen are getting “busy” and Sam tells Stephen that was nice. She sees the scar that Stephen has from the accident. She goes to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror.

Keel is with his prostitute and she gets a bloody nose. She says that it is nothing. Keel asks about her bruises. She tells him that she has MDS. She says that she has a little girl so she has to work a lot. Keel feels bad and asks what her name was. She says that it is Lianne Wells. Keel calls up someone and tells them that he doesn’t want to see his regular girl Lianne anymore and for them to send a new girl next time. Sam meets Aiden and tells him that Stephen made a pass at her and she went along with it. Sam gets into Byzantium and Zoe tells the team that Jack is closer to purchasing the dam. Sam says that she will talk to Louis, but Deacon tells her that Louis is dead. Aiden tells the team that Sam is close with Stephen and they break off to go to their duties.

Deacon talks to Keel and says that he still doesn’t trust Aiden. Keel says that he knows that he is still lying and that is only normal. He also tells Deacon that Sam is with him and that there are a lot of secrets. Keel goes into the bathroom and throws up. Ian and Tyrone get to a location and Tyrone is starting small talk with him for a first. They walk into a gun shop and they look at a sniper rifle. Tyrone gives them the money and then shoots them. Sam gets into Stephen’s room and gives him a cup of coffee. He tells her that he doesn’t know what to say and they kiss. While Stephen is in the shower, Sam sees a folder marked Polyhedrus. She sees that Arthur Hill, the man she saved in Tangjia, is on the list of engineers that built the dam that Jack is trying to buy. Deacon gets into the hideout and asks the team about where they are at. Aiden tells him that the Zahir is going to be at fundraisers all day and that Rahim Soomro, the minister of Pakistan is going to be at the Asia Promise Society well.

Ian gets into the hideout and gives Zoe a list of two guys Tyrone murdered. He says that Tyrone got a sniper rifle. At the same moment, Tyrone sees Zahir enter the hotel. Soomro meets up with Zahir and she accuses him of being bought off from big investors. Stephen gets downstairs and sees the book that Sam gave Eddie. He gets a call and he is upset by the call. Sam asks what’s wrong. He tells her and Jack that Louis is dead. Sam and Jack pretend to be shocked by the news. DI Everett is at the scene of the crime and Stephen calls him up. He says that he has some information that Everett needs to hear. Sam goes through Jack’s office desk and finds the burnt remains of the fax that he received. She collects it and gives it to Aiden. She tells him that she found a report with Horst Goebel’s name and Arthur Hill’s name on the engineer list. She says that she is going to try to find Hill and get some answers. Aiden says that Tyrone is going to kill Zahir under Jack’s orders. Sam says that she needs to know what was in the case.

Back at the hideout, Zoe manages to piece back the bits of paper, but they can’t really manage to make it out. Ian gets word from Tyrone and Deacon tells him that he can’t allow Tyrone to use the rifle. Everett gets to the Turner residence and Stephen tells him that it couldn’t have been a murder/suicide because Louis was happy. Everett tells Stephen that things happen out of character all the time. He says that there is a connection that Everett needs to look at. He leaves, but Stephen sees Everett talking to Bingham outside. Jack asks if everything is alright and he says that it is. He asks about the bid for the dam and Jack says that he is working on it. Stephen says that their portfolio going up is strange. Jack says that he is lucky.

Deacon and Aiden get to the Asian Promise Society and Deacon sees that there are 3 places where Tyrone could be. He says that she is going to die. Ian gets to David’s club and David tells Ian to watch himself. Tyrone comes and gets Ian and tells David to mind his business. Arthur Hill gets into work and he gets a call about a gas leak and how he has to go meet the engineer at the gate. Hill goes out to find Sam there. She demands answers on the ambush that came after her. He says that he doesn’t know anything and when confronted, he runs. Sam gets his ID and walks away. Deacon and Aiden get to the hotel and Zoe says that Zahir is talking to Umiar Qassani, former special armed forces and his hometown is where the dam was built. Umiar calls up someone and says that she is still going along with it. Tyrone gets a call and tells Ian that they are going shopping now.

Stephen gets into Jack’s office and Bingham asks what he is doing. He tells him that he has the right to snoop around and Bingham tells him to leave. Stephen asks about Hasan and Bingham tells him to ask his father. Sam gets into Polyhedrus and the guards see that she is using a stolen ID. Sam gets into Hill’s office and tries looking up her name, Hourglass and Byzantium. However, no files are on those search terms. She sees that Hill has the original fax of the meeting and that he was the one who sent the fax. She tries to leave, but is stopped by the guards. She is caught. Stephen looks at the report of the gas leak at the business. She realizes that Jack was involved. Zoe tells Deacon and Aiden that Zahir is on the move. They meet her in the elevator and take down her guards. They tell her that someone is trying to kill her today. She tells them that she is going to go through with the speech. She says that she is not afraid.

Tyrone and Ian go to the mall and see a man in a Rafi the Rabbit costume. They demand his wallet and keys and tell him to get in the trunk. Ian asks Tyrone what he is doing and Tyrone shoots the man. Keel meets with his doctor and is told that his tumor has shrunk a little, but not to give his hopes up. Stephen talks to Jack and tells him that he wants the truth about the building being blown up. He says that he doesn’t want to be part of this and that he and Eddie should have left years ago. Jack tells Stephen that he is free to go, but is not allowed to take his grandson with him. The meeting comes and Zahir says that she is coming. Sam is being held and Keel gets a message. He calls someone. Ian goes to the man’s apartment that Tyrone killed and waits for Tyrone to get back. Soomro meets with Umiar and he tells her that Zahir knows that someone is going to try to kill her. He says that Umiar’s family is set to make a lot of money with the selling of the dam. Zoe gets to Polyhedrus and gets Sam out.

At the meeting, Deacon and Aiden look around for Tyrone, but he isn’t there. Nothing happens. Sam tells Zoe that Hill is the whistleblower. Ian calls Zoe and tells him that he is at Rafi the Rabbit’s place and Tyrone is on the roof of the apartment block. The team gets to the hotel and looks for Zahir. Sam realizes that they are at the Winston Spencer Churchill (WSC) room. Sam gets there just in time to push Zahir out of the way, but Hill isn’t that lucky and is shot. Ian realizes that he is the patsy and that he is going to be blamed for the murders. He runs off. Sam gets back and finds Eddie in her bedroom. He says that he knows about Louis. He asks her to read the story to him. She agrees. Stephen meets with Everett and tells him that he is doubling what Jack pays him for him to tell him first, the information that he has. Everett tells him that Sam is not who she says she is. He gives him a folder and the episode ends.