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The Barter - Recap

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In Moscow, political philosopher Professor Janos Shenko is burning papers in his study fireplace. He picks up a photo of his wife and packs it with his other belongings as someone knocks at the door. There's a knock at the door and Shenko washes the ash off of his hands and then answers. The Russian government's agent Fjodor and two of his men are there to pick Shenko up for his trip to Tokyo. Fjodor glances through Shenko's luggage and notices the photo, commenting that Shenko hasn't left Russia since his wife's death. He tells Shenko that his two men, Igor Baliyakuvan and Koski, are pistol and judo experts and will accompany him to Tokyo as bodyguards to make sure that no one breaks in... or out.

Kelly is in Tokyo and receives a call from the agency man, Gurney. Gurney explains that Shenko wants to defect but Kelly will have to get him out past the two bodyguards. The agency man says that Kelly will be working with Jeff Sommers, a businessman that Kelly is staying while he teaches Sommers' children tennis, and that Sommers is glad to help them and is a student of Shenko.

Sommers returns home from a trip and his manservant Yuze greets him at the door. He informs his employer that Sommers' daughter Lin is in the library with her tutor Donna Shepard as well as Scott and Kelly. Sommers goes in and Kelly assures him that Lin is coming along fine with her tennis. Once Donna leaves with Lin, Sommers gets down to business and explains that Shenko has given up Marxism and can give the American vital information on the upper echelon of Russian government. The businessman gives them Shenko's itinerary and the floor plan of his penthouse hotel room. There is an adjoining penthouse but it's reserved for heads of state and foreign dignitaries.

Kelly has an idea and soon Scott is at the hotel posing as an African ambassador. While Scott checks in, Kelly poses as a reporter and asks him about his fake meeting to reinforce their cover story. As Kelly keeps mentioning more important people that Scott is supposedly meeting with, the clerk keeps picking better and better rooms until Scott gets the one next to Shenko's. Meanwhile, Shenko and his bodyguards enter the lobby and take the elevator, and the clerk takes Scott up in the same car. As they go up, Scott secretly gives Shenko a message via a cigarette case to unlock his bedroom door. Koski asks for a cigarette but Scott has already switched the message out.

The clerk takes Scott to his suite and Kelly joins his partner. They go to the adjoining door and wait for Shenko to unlatch the door on his side. Meanwhile, Koski escorts Shenko to his bedroom and removes the phone. Once Shenko is alone, he unlatches the connecting door but is forced to move away when Igor comes in and makes himself comfortable on one of the beds. The agents switch to a new plan and Kelly calls Shenko's suite and ask for Igor. Once he goes to take the call, Scott gets Shenko into the agents' suite while Scott turns on the shower. Igor comes back before Scott can slip out and he hides in the bathroom. Igor assumes that Shenko is in the bathroom and settles back on the bed while Koski gets coffee.

A Russian agent and his team arrive in the lobby and Igor takes the call. While Scott slips out, the leader tells Igor that there will be an attempt to rescue Shenko. The bodyguards realize that Shenko has slipped out of the bedroom. Meanwhile, Kelly and Scott get Shenko onto the elevator and go down before Koski can stop them. The lead agent takes his men to the elevator and wait. When Kelly and Scott step out, they discover that the Russian agents waiting for them, knock the leader back, and take the elevator back up. The leader first stops the elevator via the manual override and then brings it back down. However, when the car opens in the lobby, no one is inside: the agents have taken Shenko out through the roof hatch. They get into the adjoining elevator car and climb down, and Kelly goes over and closes the first elevator car and has a bellboy keep his finger on the button.

The agents take Shenko to Sommers' home and wait for confirmation of their transportation arrangements. As Yuze pours coffee, Shenko thanks the agents and Lin comes in to say goodnight. Once she leaves, Shenko compliments Sommers on her child and the businessman admits she's everything he has. Sommers' freighter captain calls and tells them that arrangements are ready, and the businessman tells the agents that they'll board the freighter the next morning. Shenko is shocked that they're doing so much for him, a mere teacher, and Scott assures him that he will make a difference. The professor worries that Koski and Igor will still come after him despite their precautions but Kelly tells him to get some sleep.

Yuze comes in and informs them that a Gordon Merritt is there to talk about the shipment they are sending via the freighter. The agents usher Shenko out and then have Yuze brings Merritt in. He comes in and points out that there are four coffee cups, and then says that his client wants their cargo returned to him. Sommers denies having anything but Merritt says that his client is offering an exchange and shows them Lin's necklace. Kelly and Sommers go to Lin's room and confirm that she's gone. Sommers insists that Kelly get Lin back no matter what.

They return to the study and Merritt says that his client will make arrangements later and in the meantime, they should tell the freighter captain not to accept the cargo. With a final warning that it will be a disaster if they try and stop him, Merritt bids them goodnight and leaves. The agents give him a minute and then follow him through Tokyo. Merritt goes to a jazz nightclub and the agents get out nearby, but Merritt is waiting for them. He invites them in for a chat and makes it clear that he won't sell out his current client. Scott hints they'll beat it out of him but Merritt says that they can't hurt him worse than what the Russians will do if he betrays them. They bid him goodnight but Scott says that they'll talk again.

The agents go back to Sommers and admit that they had no luck, and Shenko offers to sacrifice himself and make the trade. Kelly says they still have a chance and tells Sommers to get them a lot of cash.

Later, Kelly and Scott track Merritt down to his cheap apartment and have deliverymen bring in new furniture, brandy, and cigars. Merritt realizes that they plan to make it look like he's sold out but points out that he'll simply withdraw enough of his own money to make it look like he bought it himself. However, when he gets to the bank, he discovers that someone has made a deposit of $10,000 earlier that morning. Merritt realizes that he's been set up and leaves via the side door. He tracks down the agents and tells them that their plan won't work, but they're willing to give it a little longer. They then call over a girl, Kako, who thanks Merritt for the fur coat she's wearing and promises to make it up to him.

A panicky Merritt runs out into the street and the agents take him over to his new very expensive monogrammed car. They assure him that he'll run out of time before they run out of money. When Merritt runs back inside, he sees a man talking to Kako. He goes to the agents and agrees to tell them where they can find Lin but only when he's safe aboard the freighter. The agents agree to Merritt's terms and take him to the docks. They take him aboard the ship into a cabin but he goes to close a window and someone shoots and kills him.

Later, Donna come to see Sommers and asks if there's any news of her student. The agents come in and tell everyone that Merritt told them where they can find Lin. They assure Sommers that Merritt was nicked by a bullet but still alive and ask for a dozen of his best men for the trap they've set. Donna worries about Lin but Kelly assures her that the girl will be fine once they iron out a few details. Once Donna and Yuze leave, Shenko asks where Lin is and the agents admit that they have no idea. Kelly tells Sommers to keep the line open so no one can call out.

Someone leaves in a car and the agents follow the inside person to a back alley next to the nightclub. It's Donna, and the Russians bring Lin out and load her into a truck. She tells them to kill Lin at the first sign of trouble and that she'll follow them in her car. Kelly grabs her while Scott captures the driver. When he tries to hit the horn, Scott knocks him out. Kelly knocks out Donna and gets in the cab with Scott. They then park the truck in front of the nightclub and shine the giant promotional searchlight on the doors as they open them. Kelly knocks Igor out and grabs Lin, but Koski manages to shoot out the light. Scott knocks him out and the agents leave with Lin as the police arrive.

Later, Kelly and Scott go back to the penthouse suite and Scott enjoys a huge meal while Kelly tries to get some sleep. Kelly finally asks how long his partner is going to keep up the charade and Scott says he'll do it until they catch on. He calls the front desk and complains about Kelly and asks them to send up some bouncers. Kelly is ready to fight and answers the door, only to find a beautiful woman there. She assures him that she's the bouncer and he decides to go with her after all.