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My Mother the Spy - Recap

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In Stockholm, American folksinger Angela March returns to her dressing room. A man, Ferenc Stavros, arrives at her door and she invites him. As they kiss, another man, Sven Kalmar, comes in with Ferenc. Ferenc assures Angela that Kalmar is with them. Kalmar explains that he's leaving that night and wants the name of Angela's contact and his alternate. She demands Kalmar's half of an medallion to confirm that he is who he says. The two halves don't match and Kalmar draws a gun on her. As Kalmar tells her that Tiba, a bald man, wants the names of her contacts, Angela shoots him with a hidden gun . She accuses Ferenc of being a double agent for the enemy who betrayed her despite the fact they were lovers.

In Mexico, Kelly and Scott are taking in a flamenco performance at a club. They spot Angela, wearing a black wig, among the performers, and figure that their hunt for the killer is over.

Angela goes to her dressing room and starts to remove her wig. Kelly and Scott come in, addresses her by name, and stop her before she can get the gun from her purse. Kelly gives her the matching half of the medallion and says that they've just been assigned to find her in the last three weeks. When they ask why she fled, Angela says that she killed Kalmar and admits that she wasn't trained to cope with dealing with the emotional aftermath. Scott points out that she killed an enemy but Angela doesn't find that comforting. The agents explain that it's time for her to come home before she tells Tiba what she knows. Angela says that all she knows is Tiba's name and the fact that he wants her contact information. Kelly warns that eventually Tiba would get the information out of her and informs Angela that she's taking a plane back to the states in two hours.

When it's clear the agents won't leave, Angela calls for the club bouncers and they overwhelm the agents and toss them out in the alley. Kelly points out that they were told to contact Angela, not bring her back by force. When two of the bouncers escort Angela to a waiting cab, Kelly and Scott hail a cab and follow her. Angela goes to an apartment and the partners find her crying in pain. When they wonder what the matter is, Angela explains that she's pregnant and going into labor.

Kelly and Scott take Angela to the hospital and wait. Scott wants to act like an expectant father and starts pacing on behalf of Angela's baby. They chat with a waiting father, Ortiz, who is on his thirteenth child and Kelly joins in with the pacing until learns that he's had twin boys. Dr. Jalis comes out and tells them that Angela had a baby girl. The agents smoke cigars and then go to see Angela and bring flowers. As they talk, the nurse takes the baby. Angela admits that she can't go back to the States because her child doesn't have a father and things would be rough for both of them in the States. Kelly warns that Tiba is on her trail and that she can't walk away, but she tells them to get out. The nurse returns and tells them that visiting hours are over, and the agents promise that they'll be back as soon as they can.

The agents come back later. While they wait, Kelly admits that they're being forced to take away a mother and child but Scott insists that they're there to save her. As they go inside, Ferenc shows up and draws a shotgun on them. He takes them to a café and a thug throws drinks on them. Ferenc explains that they'll make it look like a drunken brawl followed by a shooting and isn't convinced when they suggest there's an alternative. They're not sure what so they attack their captors. A couple of incoming customers get drawn into the fight while a crowd gathers. Kelly grabs Ferenc's passport and runs out with Scott. Neither one of them have heard of Ferenc and they figure that he's working for Tiba.

The agents get to the hospital and discover that a man came for Angela and her child and took them away. They check with the nurse and she brings Jalis to answer their questions. All he knows is that the bill was paid and that Angela considered them friends. Kelly and Scott go back to the café and spot two of the men that attacked them earlier. They feign ignorance until Kelly shows them the stolen passport. The agents apply some pressure and the bigger of the two man says that they can find Ferenc in Tosca at a gift shop.

In Tosca, Ferenc admires his child and Angela tells him to take his hands off of her. He begs Angela to come back to him but she tells him to get out of his life. Ferenc thanks the older man, the owner, for taking in his child and the owner thanks him for the privilege. He warns Ferenc that Angela may not want him back and the younger man leaves. Kelly and Scott drag him into an alleyway and tell him to keep Tiba off their back while they get Angela out. Ferenc insists that he doesn't know Tiba but Scott points out that they can easily kill him and make it look like an accident.

A man enters the shop and Kelly goes in after him while Scott watches Ferenc. The newcomer hits on Angela and Kelly tells him to move on. When the man threatens Kelly, the agent punches him in the guts and hauls him out. They confirm that the man is actually from Peoria like he claims and is visiting with his wife. When Kelly threatens to tell the man's wife what he was doing, he quickly runs off.

In the shop, the owner is playing with the baby and asks Angela who helped her with the customer. She claims that she doesn't know. When the owner picks up the baby, she knocks his wig askew and Angela realizes that he's Tiba. As he brushes off his wig, Tiba suggests that she give up her information willingly and live happily ever after. Angela points out that she could lie to him and that it would take him months to confirm what she's told her. Tiba admits that they're at a standstill but suggests that she could have a life of luxury with her daughter. Angela still refuses and vows to kill him if he threatens her child. He admits that her information is useless and he should kill her, but he has to retire soon. Tiba dons his wig again and tells Angela to get ready to leave and offers her his car. However, he then runs out to his car and sabotages the brakes.

Ferenc suggests that they make a deal and explains that he's the baby's father. He offers to give them information on his own people and the agents consider the offer. Angela drives by in Tiba's car and the agents run into the shop. Ferenc follows them and demands answers, and Tiba says that Angela went to a place in the country. He draws a gun and says that Angela went to the country, but Ferenc is sure that he wouldn't have let her go. Kelly distracts Tiba while Scott and Ferenc disarm Tiba. The agents go out and buy a taxi from the driver, and Ferenc runs out and tells them that Tiba admitted that he sabotaged the brakes. He insists on going and the agents take him along.

Angela drives into the hills and the agents pull up behind her. They spot the leaking brake fluid and try to get her attention, and then pull up alongside her. She pulls away when she realizes who is after her, and they argue about what to do. When Angela reaches a curve and tries to brake, she realizes that her car has been sabotaged. Kelly pulls ahead of her and slows down, letting her bump into their car until she comes to a stop. Ferenc runs to help her and Angela asks him to get the baby out. As they consider their child, the couple take each other's hands.

Later, the agents take Angela and Ferenc to the American embassy to be married by a justice of the peace. However, Angela says that she's not sure if she's ready. Ferenc promises to go back with her and Kelly tells her she's getting married because she said she wouldn’t go home until her husband had a child. Angela says that she's ready and Ferenc eagerly thanks his new pals before escorting her into the justice of the peace's office.