Ice Road Truckers

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 17/Jun/2007 Ready to Roll
2 1x02 24/Jun/2007 Destination: Diamond Mine
3 1x03 01/Jul/2007 Dash for the Cash
4 1x04 08/Jul/2007 The Big Chill
5 1x05 15/Jul/2007 Midseason Mayhem
6 1x06 22/Jul/2007 Driving on Thin Ice
7 1x07 29/Jul/2007 The Rookie Challenge
8 1x08 05/Aug/2007 Into the Whiteout
9 1x09 12/Aug/2007 The Big Melt
10 1x10 19/Aug/2007 The Final Run

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
11 2x01 08/Jun/2008 Edge of the Earth
12 2x02 15/Jun/2008 Mechanical Mayhem
13 2x03 22/Jun/2008 The Big Blizzard
14 2x04 29/Jun/2008 Arctic Whiteout
15 2x05 06/Jul/2008 Lost on the Ice
16 2x06 13/Jul/2008 Hundred Ton Haul
17 2x07 20/Jul/2008 Man Down
18 2x08 27/Jul/2008 A Trucker's Farewell
19 2x09 03/Aug/2008 A Rookie Fumbles
20 2x10 10/Aug/2008 Highway Maggots
21 2x11 17/Aug/2008 Man vs. Ice
22 2x12 24/Aug/2008 The Big Thaw
23 2x13 07/Sep/2008 The World Crumbles

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
24 3x01 31/May/2009 Deadliest Ice Road
25 3x02 07/Jun/2009 Rookie Run
26 3x03 14/Jun/2009 Canadian Invasion
27 3x04 21/Jun/2009 Blinding Whiteout
28 3x05 28/Jun/2009 Accident Alley
29 3x06 05/Jul/2009 Arctic Ice
30 3x07 12/Jul/2009 Wicked Weather
31 3x08 19/Jul/2009 Killer Pass
32 3x09 26/Jul/2009 Turn and Burn
33 3x10 02/Aug/2009 Ocean Run
34 3x11 09/Aug/2009 Busted Parts & Breakdowns
35 3x12 16/Aug/2009 Race for the Finish
36 3x13 23/Aug/2009 Arctic Thaw

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
37 4x01 06/Jun/2010 Breaking Through
38 4x02 13/Jun/2010 The Polar Bear Returns
39 4x03 20/Jun/2010 Facing Down the Blow
40 4x04 27/Jun/2010 Monster Storm Over Atigun
41 4x05 11/Jul/2010 Trapped on Thin Ice
42 4x06 18/Jul/2010 Danger at 55 Below
43 4x07 25/Jul/2010 Avalanche!
44 4x08 01/Aug/2010 Lisa's Monster Megahaul
45 4x09 08/Aug/2010 Blood on the Dalton
46 4x10 15/Aug/2010 The Ace vs. The Ice
47 4x11 22/Aug/2010 A Rookie's Nightmare
48 4x12 29/Aug/2010 The Dalton Strikes Back
49 4x13 12/Sep/2010 Convoy to Hell
50 4x14 19/Sep/2010 A Legend Meets His End
51 4x15 26/Sep/2010 Deadly Melt
52 4x16 03/Oct/2010 New King of the Dalton

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
53 5x01 05/Jun/2011 Pushing the Edge
54 5x02 05/Jun/2011 Ice Road Rage
55 5x03 12/Jun/2011 Wrong Turn & Burned
56 5x04 19/Jun/2011 Fire on Ice
57 5x05 26/Jun/2011 Under the Hammer
58 5x06 10/Jul/2011 The Braking Point
59 5x07 17/Jul/2011 A Banged-Up Job
60 5x08 24/Jul/2011 Meltdown!
61 5x09 31/Jul/2011 Road to Nowhere
62 5x10 07/Aug/2011 Rookie Rebellion
63 5x11 14/Aug/2011 Hittin' the Skids
64 5x12 21/Aug/2011 No More Mr. Nice Guy
65 5x13 28/Aug/2011 Ice Rogue Trucker
66 5x14 04/Sep/2011 The Heat Is On
67 5x15 18/Sep/2011 Judgement Day
68 5x16 25/Sep/2011 The Last Dash

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
69 6x01 03/Jun/2012 Aces and Jokers
70 6x02 10/Jun/2012 Sink or Swim
71 6x03 17/Jun/2012 Hammer Down
72 6x04 24/Jun/2012 No Way Out
73 6x05 01/Jul/2012 Desperate Measures
74 6x06 08/Jul/2012 Blood, Sweat, and Gears
75 6x07 15/Jul/2012 Hard Road Ahead
76 6x08 22/Jul/2012 Proving Ground
77 6x09 29/Jul/2012 Braking Bad
78 6x10 05/Aug/2012 Stacking the Deck
79 6x11 12/Aug/2012 Hurricane Alley
80 6x12 19/Aug/2012 Battle Lines
81 6x13 26/Aug/2012 Cold-Blooded
82 6x14 09/Sep/2012 Chopping Block
83 6x15 16/Sep/2012 Race the Melt
84 6x16 23/Sep/2012 The Final Showdown

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
85 7x01 09/Jun/2013 Collision Course
86 7x02 16/Jun/2013 Art Attack
87 7x03 23/Jun/2013 Fear the Crack
88 7x04 30/Jun/2013 Ice Rodeo
89 7x05 07/Jul/2013 World War Hugh
90 7x06 14/Jul/2013 Hail to the King
91 7x07 21/Jul/2013 Load Rules
92 7x08 28/Jul/2013 Art of War
93 7x09 04/Aug/2013 Haul of the Wild
94 7x10 11/Aug/2013 Jagged Little Hill
95 7x11 18/Aug/2013 The Wrecking Crew
96 7x12 25/Aug/2013 Winter Takes All

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
97 8x01 07/Jul/2014 The Gathering Storm
98 8x02 14/Jul/2014 Rushin' Roulette
99 8x03 21/Jul/2014 Into the Vortex
100 8x04 28/Jul/2014 Snow Bound
101 8x05 03/Aug/2014 The Storm Troopers
102 8x06 10/Aug/2014 The Lone Wolf
103 8x07 17/Aug/2014 Blazing the Trail
104 8x08 24/Aug/2014 Highway to Hell
105 8x09 07/Sep/2014 Flirtin' with Disaster
106 8x10 14/Sep/2014 Icing on the Lake
107 8x11 21/Sep/2014 Journey to the End of the Earth
108 8x12 28/Sep/2014 World's End

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
109 9x01 02/Aug/2015 Crossing Enemy Lines
110 9x02 09/Aug/2015 Icy Grave
111 9x03 16/Aug/2015 Trail Blazers
112 9x04 23/Aug/2015 New Cold Blood
113 9x05 30/Aug/2015 Power Trip
114 9x06 13/Sep/2015 Break On Through
115 9x07 20/Sep/2015 The Art Of Survival
116 9x08 04/Oct/2015 Mother Nature Scorned
117 9x09 11/Oct/2015 Hell Freezes Over
118 9x10 18/Oct/2015 Icy Alliance

S01 - #126/Aug/2007Then and Now8.3
S01 - #202/Sep/2007Off the Ice7.7
S01 - #309/Sep/2007On the Edge7.3
S02 - #401/Jun/2008Road to Season 29
S02 - #531/Aug/2008Road to the Finale9

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