Ice Road Truckers

Thom Beers     Executive Producer89 Eps
Dawn Fitzgerald     Executive Producer 
Philip David Segal     Executive Producer35 Eps
Jeff Conroy     Executive Producer16 Eps
Philip David Segal     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Jeff Conroy     Co-Executive Producer20 Eps
Gayle Gilman     Co-Executive Producer16 Eps
Sarah Whalen     Co-Executive Producer16 Eps
Jeff Meredith     Supervising Producer16 Eps
Brandon Killion     Supervising Producer16 Eps
Adam Flacks     Supervising Producer17 Eps
Rob Butler     Producer16 Eps
Bryan Richert     Editor1 Eps
Michael W. Andrews     Editor1 Eps
John Parsons     Editor2 Eps
Ed Greene     Editor1 Eps
Don Pollard     Editor2 Eps
Thomas Henry Durant     Editor4 Eps
Mike Armes     Editor4 Eps
Jenna McFeely     Editor4 Eps
Steve Gilson     Editor1 Eps
Tudor Applen     Editor1 Eps
Brett Lyda     Editor1 Eps
Sam Fricke     Editor6 Eps
Rob Butler     Editor1 Eps
Kirby Williamson     Line Producer2 Eps
Shelia McCormack     Line Producer16 Eps
Edison Layne     Line Producer6 Eps
Kelly Moran     Line Producer1 Eps
Bruce Hanifan     Music75 Eps
Thomas Backer     Director of Photography2 Eps
Cameron Glendenning     Director of Photography16 Eps
Patrick Kligel     Director of Photography16 Eps
Eric S. Smith     Director of Photography1 Eps
Terry Woolf     Director of Photography1 Eps
Donald Bland     Director of Photography1 Eps
Clint Lealos     Director of Photography1 Eps
Gavin Brennan     Director of Photography1 Eps
Patrick Cummings     Director of Photography1 Eps
Dean Bushala     Director of Photography1 Eps
Mike Sanders (2)     Production Manager2 Eps
Sammy Yamada     Production Manager2 Eps
Rob Stacey     Coordinating Producer2 Eps
Adam Martin     Coordinating Producer1 Eps
Christian Huber     Story Producer1 Eps
James Rulon Beus     Story Producer1 Eps
Russ McGarry     Story Producer1 Eps
Andy Papadoplolous     Story Producer1 Eps
Tom Hietter     Story Producer2 Eps
David Story     Story Producer3 Eps
Diane Eaton     Story Producer1 Eps
Dave Freed     Story Producer2 Eps
Greg Griffin     Story Producer2 Eps
Michael Turner (1)     Story Producer1 Eps
Tamara Craig Thomas     Story Producer1 Eps
John M. Watkins     Story Producer1 Eps
Jeff Meredith     Story Producer3 Eps
Craig Constantine     Story Producer1 Eps
Brandon Killion     Series Producer2 Eps
Gayle Gilman     Series Producer4 Eps
Dawn Fitzgerald     Series Producer1 Eps
Josh Silberman     Field Producer16 Eps
Ben Staley     Field Producer16 Eps
Dan Youngman     Field Producer16 Eps
Eric Babisch     Field Producer2 Eps
Chris Goettsche     Field Producer2 Eps
Edward Gorsuch     Field Producer2 Eps
Chris Hanson     Field Producer2 Eps
Samuel Henderson     Field Producer2 Eps
Paul Sutera     Field Producer2 Eps
Danny Rowland     Field Producer16 Eps
Matt Rogers     Field Producer16 Eps
June Molgaard     Field Producer16 Eps
Aron T. Plucinski     Field Producer1 Eps
Dave Duce     Field Producer4 Eps
Tyler Furstman     Field Producer4 Eps
Chaz Morgan (1)     Field Producer4 Eps
Hugh Peterson     Field Producer4 Eps
Bradley Scott     Field Producer4 Eps
David Story     Field Producer4 Eps
Jeff Meredith     Field Producer14 Eps
Shawn Michaels (3)     Field Producer16 Eps
William Morrision     Senior Field Producer2 Eps
David De Angelis     Senior Field Producer2 Eps
Dave Duce     Senior Field Producer16 Eps
Rob Butler     Supervising Editor20 Eps
Kelly Coskran     Supervising Editor1 Eps
Thomas Henry Durant     Supervising Editor2 Eps
David Arnold (6)     Aerial Photography2 Eps
Roger Roddy     Supervising Field Producer4 Eps
Adam Martin     Co-series Producer4 Eps
Marc Bennett     Co-director Of Photography4 Eps
Patrick Kligel     Co-director Of Photography4 Eps
Adam Flacks     Supervising Story Producer3 Eps
Dave Freed     Senior Story Producer1 Eps