Series 2

7 :02x01 - The Talented Mr. Alan

Alan is bouncing back! While watching the counter, at the BP petrol station, for Michael, Alan comes across his old teacher -- now the headmaster -- who suspects Alan is working there. But Alan persuades him not only does he not work there, but also his remarkable story of bouncing back is something the children would love to hear about, and thus schedules a talk for them.
Guest Stars: Andrew Burt as Frank 'Sweaty/Kacky' Raphael | Danny Cunningham as Builder | Simon Ludders as Builder | Jacquetta May as Siobhan | Ian Puleston-Davies as Phil Wiley

8 :02x02 - The Colour of Alan

Alan's new company, Apache Productions, is on the hunt for a new client, which they find in Dante's, a fireplace company. The burning issue is can Alan successfully deliver a light-show and pyrotechnics without it blowing up in his face?
Guest Stars: Steve Brody as Piet Morant | Tim Dantay as Builder | Simon Ludders as Builder

9 :02x03 - Bravealan

Alan has an alter-ego, and his name is Dan! While chatting with Michael at the BP garage, in walks a man who walks, talks, and acts just like Alan! This connection leads Alan to be asked to give a speech at a 'bravery' awards ceremony. Can this match made in heaven last forever?
Guest Stars: Nigel Lindsay as Bob Fraser | Stephen Mangan as Dan Moody | Phoebe Nicholls as Karen Colman | Vicki Pepperdine as Patricia Lessing | Jane Robbins as Ceri Moody

10 :02x04 - Never Say Alan Again

It's the bank holiday weekend! Whatcha doin'; who's with ya? Alan plans to have a Bond marathon, watching all the 007 films back to back with Michael... at least that as until Alan's jealousy emerges over 'Tex': one of Michael's customer-friends who's into American things.
Guest Stars: Tim Dantay as Builder | Peter Serafinowicz as Tex | Michael Wardle as Gordon

11 :02x05 - I Know What Alan Did Last Summer

Alan has to prepare for a visit from Inland Revenue, who are doing a routine check; but are Alan's nerves up for the task? This hairy situation leads to a row between him and Sonia, as Alan wants her to be 'little shut up Sonia': zip!
Guest Stars: Angela Catherall as Tax Inspector Monica | Daniel Cerqueira as Andrew | Tim Dantay as Builder | Jo Enright as Tax Inspector Catherine

12 :02x06 - Alan Wide Shut

Religion, thy name is Alan. Alan is guest on Prayer Wave, a radio talk show, where he is asked to speak about his book, Bouncing Back. With the prospect of working for the station, Alan invites the host to Lynn's baptism, where Alan does his best to impress; and make an impression he does indeed!
Guest Stars: Rob Brydon as Baptist Fan | Danny Cunningham as Builder | Tim Dantay as Builder | Simon Ludders as Builder | Julia Davis as Kate Fitzgerald | Rebecca Front as Tessa McPherson | Michael Wardle as Gordon