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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Brothers and Sisters

The National Justice Project tries to free a 32-year-old woman who was convicted of murdering her father while robbing his house to try and get more money for drugs.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Pidgeon as Charlotte Watkins | Harry Johnson (1) as Henry McDermott | Marin Hinkle as Jane McDermott | Ben Messmer as Andrew McDermott | Frankie Ingrassia as Lisa Debrizzi | Sabra Williams as Sandra Meese | Mark Anthony Samuel as Black Man | Brittany Ishibashi as Sou-Min | Scott Holroyd as Wade | Will Morales as Jose | Laura Carson as Admittance Nurse | Hart Boykin as Judge
Director: James Frawley
Songs: Beth Orton -- Ali's Waltz

2 :01x02 - Pilot

The National Justice Project takes on a case involving a man wrongly convicted of a robbery 13 years ago. The wife of this man introduces him to his son that he has never seen, and tries to convince him to use the NJP to his advantage.
Guest Stars: Larissa Gomes as Tina Vargas | Gomez Warren as Carlton | Brittany Ishibashi as Sou-Min | Marcus Brown as Dan Wainwright | Nicki Micheaux as Mara Wainwright | Graham Shiels as Ryan Axelrod | Rose Rollins as Victoria | Tomas Arana as Ben Dryer | Hector Elias as Tito Rodriguez | Jeanette O'Connor as Joy Zagala | Rebecca Pidgeon as Charlotte Watkins | Jonathan Julian as Gio Betterman | Jenny Eakes as Bobbi | Andy Umberger as Calvin Axelrod | Ron Perkins as Craig Zagala | Lawrence Turner as Dryer’s Partner | Micah Williams as Jordan Wainwright | Russell Hornsby as Luther Cain | Price Carson as Airport Security | Curtis Armstrong as Harris Sharp | John Balma as Father Thomas | Peter Jacobson as Yarmulke Jake Weisman | Alexa Fischer as Dr. Jill Hunter | Ryan Christiansen as Marine Lieutenant | Matt Gould (1) as Male Applicant No. 1 | Gerry Katzman as Male Applicant No. 2 | Julie Michaels as Florist | Victoria Chalaya as Intern | Robert R. Shafer as Prison Guard | Ken Suarez as Julian
Director: Mick Jackson
Songs: Mary Gauthier -- Mercy Now

3 :01x03 - Golden Boy

The National Justice Project helps a high school athlete who is pleading that he was wrongly convicted of a murder eight years ago.
Guest Stars: Rose Rollins as Victoria | Jessica Tuck as Gretta Etts | Peter Jacobson as Yarmulke Jake Weisman | Eddie Matos as Cruz Salgado | Scott Holroyd as Wade Houston | Mariana Klaveno as Carolyn | Kevin Sizemore as Responding Officer | Rick Ravanello as Detective Sutherland | Oleg Zatsepin as Store Owner | Amy Amerson as Kimberly | Cristos Andrew as Ray Lindo | Keno Deary as African- American Temp | Anne Johnson as Old Lady | Hector A. Garcia as Angel Romero (young) | Keith Burke as Row Guard | Brandon Ford Green as Hispanic Man | Mark Anthony Samuel as Black Man | Danny Martinez as Angel Romero | Brittany Ishibashi as Sou-Min
Director: Paul Holahan
Songs: Kate Havnevik -- Nowhere Warm, Marcy Playground -- Sex and Candy

4 :01x04 - Confessions

Jason Conti brings a case to the National Justice Project about a teenager who he believes is wrongly convicted of killing his sister.
Guest Stars: Johnny Savas as Victor | Christopher Cousins as Richard Kenyon | Kurt Fuller as Kenneth Long | Richard Gant as Judge Walker | Rich Hutchman as Douglas | Chris W. King as Dylan | Joel McKinnon Miller as Detective Lawson | Laura Ortiz as Ashley | Hunter Parrish as Kevin | Rebecca Pidgeon as Charlotte Conti | Salli Saffioti as Marie | Klea Scott as Cheryl Fullbright | Gareth Williams as Larry | Debra Wilson as Detective Powell | Lorna Raver as Bonnie Levin | Edward James Gage as Guard | Sammy Aaron as Gangbanger
Director: Steven DePaul
Writer: Terri Kopp

5 :01x05 - Another Country

The National Justice Project tries to free an African-American who was charged with the murder of an unborn child that happened during a burglary involving a violent struggle with the pregnant mother.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Novikoff as Foreperson | David Kagen as Supervisor | Louisa Abernathy as Sympathetic Juror | Kendall Clement as Irritated Juror | Deena Dill as Kelly | Joel Spence as Brett Phillips | Kamil Beale as Lester Green | Sarah Danielle Madison as Julie Frost | Jim Jansen as Dr. Winfield | Lisa Banes as D.A. Margaret Mannheim | Karimah Westbrook as Kendra Smith | Christie Lynn Smith as Leah Sanders | Allen Maldonado as Donald Brooks | Brian Goodman as Russell O’Brian | Sean O'Bryan as Clark Sanders
Director: John Contner
Writer: Jeff Melvoin
Songs: Amos Lee -- Colors

6 :01x06 - The Ten Percenter

The National Justice Project's new case, which involves a young woman who was convcited of an execution-style murder of an elderly married couple, hits a road block when they find out that David Swain is involved with the former prosecutor of that case.
Guest Stars: Kathleen York as Locallo | Erika Alexander as Alyssa | Tara Karsian as Mary Beth | Jon Sklaroff as McCourt | Dorothy Constantine as Fran | Ramon Hilario as Doug | Jeff Leaf as Burglar 1 | Brian Petrucelli (1) as Burglar 2 | Christine Elise as Detective Jill Robbins | Tyra Hughes Brisco as Flora | Edmund L. Shaff as Jelkes | Peggy Lord Chilton as Sandra | Monica Garcia as Female Guard | Jacqueline Wright as Cherise | Patrick Hume as Mike Mason | Donna Cooper as Assistant DA | James C. Victor as Darryl | Annie McKnight as Female Ex-Con
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Henry Robles
Songs: Lizz Wright -- Hit the Ground, The Roots -- The Seed, Bird York -- Wicked Little High

7 :01x07 - Cost of Freedom

The National Justice Project tries to prove that their client was wrongfully convicted of a bank robbery murder years ago.
Guest Stars: Benjamin Brown as Damian Pascal | Vyto Ruginis as Elliott Thompson | David Clennon as Garner | Brad Hunt as Paul Buckner | K’Sun Ray as Tyler Buckner | William Shockley as Mickey Young | Valerie Dillman as Marcia Barkin | Lance E. Nichols as Wise Man No. 1 | Stephen Rockwell as David Wolfe | Patti Tippo as Ellyn | Frank Novak (1) as Bank Guard No. 2 | James Ingersoll as Captain Furini | Kerry Michaels as File Clerk | Damien Leake as Albert Brenner
Director: Paul Holahan
Songs: Jose Gonzalez -- Crosses

8 :01x08 - The Public Burning

A mentally impaired man is seeking out the help of the National Justice Project. He was convicted of murdering a priest at the church that gave him a home, and the National Justice Project is now trying to prove his innocence.
Guest Stars: T.K. Carter as Frank Benner | Charlayne Woodard as Sister Gloria Quinn | Madison Mason as Eli Stillwell | Roberto Alcaraz as Father Ortiz | Benjamin Brown as Damian Pascal | Don Creech as Fred Lisco | Nicholas Sadler as Larry Duffy | Lindsey Stoddart as Marie Wanland | Ron Kolodziej as Death Row Guard No. 1 | Bruno Amato as Death Row Guard No. 2 | Julanne Chidi Hill as Reyna Wallace | Alicia Lee as Legal Aide | Daniel Graves as Justice Castaldi | Loanne Bishop as Rita Stillwell | Elizabeth Sjoli as Sexy Lawyer | Patrick Pankhurst as Court Clerk | Keith Pillow as Assistant Attorney General
Director: Marita Grabiak

9 :01x09 - Victims

The National Justice Project decides to help a convicted rapist, where only some of the members side with the victim, who is standing by the testimony of the eye-witness.
Guest Stars: Brian White (2) as Scott Burrows | Alexandra Ryan as Activist | Bianca Kajlich as Angela DiMarco | Sharif Atkins as Ty Furlong | Margaret Laurena Kemp as Regina Furlong | Peter Jacobson as Yarmulke Jake Weisman | Jennifer Alexis McPherson as assistant | Meta Golding as Lucinda Bates | Pragna Desai as Rashmi Gupta | Chris Freeman as Captain Garza | Morocco Omari as Bruce Thompson | Paulette Braxton as Nadine | Rachel Winfree as Nurse Bethany | Roxanne Beckford as Jada | McKinley Freeman as Ray | Anthony Holiday as Omar
Director: Kevin Bray
Songs: Beth Orton -- Ooh Child

10 :01x10 - Badge of Honor

Jason Conti must enter the world of his former police officers when the National Justice Project takes on a case where they re-investigate the case of a cop accused of killing another cop.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Pidgeon as Charlotte Conti | Benjamin Brown as Damian Pascal | Rose Rollins as Victoria | Philip Anthony as Paul Dolan | Andrea Grano as Denise | John Pyper-Ferguson as Michael Solletti | Tim Guinee as Richard Rocca | Brian Leckner as Gowen | Henry Vega as Mr. Sifuentes | Josh Cruze as Ruben Cubano | Jorge Pallo as Jorge Rodriquez | Kipp Shiotani as Asst. D.A. | Lou George as Judge Mandelbaum | Yvette Nipar as Agent Tara Fazekas | Maya Elise Goodwin as Christy | Elizabeth Tobias as Waitress
Director: Peter Medak
Songs: Dire Straits -- Brothers In Arms

11 :01x11 - Lovers

The National Justice Project gets some evidence that might clear the name of a young couple that was convicted of a crime after they hear the taped confession they receive.
Guest Stars: Brady Smith as Jake | Bahar Soomekh as Neena | Tim Guinee as Richard Rocca | Emily Wing as Serenity | Julie Dretzin as Tracy Meyers | Brooke Bloom as Rachel | Michael Papajohn as Clay | Peggy Blow as Judge Lynch | Sabra Williams as Sondra
Director: Miller Tobin
Songs: Denison Witmer -- Songbird, The Troggs -- Wild Things

12 :01x12 - Side Man

One member of the National Justice Project, Brianna, becomes involved with a man who is serving 30 years because he stole a case of vodka, which ends up also being his third strike.
Guest Stars: Sean Allen Rector as Spencer | Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Billy | Tim Guinee as Richard Rocca | Peter Jacobson as Yarmulke Jake Weisman | Beau Billingslea as Mickey Bettis | Aaron Skyy as Randy Mitchell | Charley Rossman as Phil Lewicki | Moe Irvin as Errol Fisher | Richard Gilbert-Hill as Keith Sylvester | Jamal Duff as Convict Burgess | Evan Arnold as Mr. Mylonas | Adam Weisman as Martin Lewiki
Director: Paul Holahan

13 :01x13 - Crossing the Line

The National Justice Project head to San Diego and Mexico after a murder case from Sonya's past ends up in their hands.
Guest Stars: Al Vicente as Felix | Marisol Padilla Sanchez as Lupe | Stacy Hall as Outside Guard | Susie Park as Yee | Taji Coleman as Courtroom Guard | Antonio Elias as Eduardo | Charles Dougherty as Judge Murphy | George Perez as Xavier | Marlon John as Detective | Peter Jacobson as Yarmulke Jake Weisman | Kim Robillard as Curt Walters | Yesnia Guzman as Maribel | David Figlioli as Bowden | Anthony Tavera as Kid | Yancey Arias as Ignacio | Ramon Franco as Larralde | Tom Billett as Captain | Julie Sanford as Judge Benson
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Henry Robles
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 01, 2006
Ended: March 31, 2006
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