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A Priest Walks Into A Bar - Recap

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The scene opens with a Father Gabe Andrews entering a strip club. He tells that he is only looking for a friend. He hears people talking about where the girls are and how it is someone’s job to get more. Gabe enters a room and finds Linda, a stripper getting ready to go on. He wonders why she is there and she wonders the same thing. He tells that she is better then this and that her friend is too. The men talk in the hallway and Cordie says that 3 girls ran off and that the other guy needs to get the girls there. Gabe tries to convince Linda to give up stripping and she tells him to either pay or let her go. Linda walks out and the men start fighting in the hall. A gun is pulled out and Linda is shot accidentally. Gabe drags Linda in and Flora, the other stripper is scared. Gabe tells that Flora needs to leave. He carries Linda’s body out and reads her last rights to her. The next scene he is meeting with an FBI agent Mike Faber and he is going to get a name change.

One week later, Gabe Andrews gets his name changed Gabriel Marion and is moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. U.S. Marshalls Mary Shannon is not happy that the priest is not there but settles. Marshal Mann tells that Father Gabe needs to stop being a priest. He is happy about this. Mary walks in her home and there is a candlelight dinner and Brandi tells that she and Peter are going to move in together. Mary toasts to Mary and Peter for their success. Mary is at work and Chief McQueen walks in and tells that there is change in procedure and that vacation time needs to be used up. Mary tells that she never takes the vacation but that her vacation time is slotted. McQueen tells that Roy Kiels died and he wants to have a memorial service for him.

Gabe is a bartender and is blending in nicely. Mary enters and tells that he has mail. He tells that he needs to do something on their walk back to his place. They go to a church and Gabe tells that he has been lacking something ever since giving up his position as a priest. Mary tells that she doesn’t believe in religion and tells that she doesn’t know what a sign is that Gabe is looking for. After leading Gabe home, Marshall, McQueen, and Mary toast to Roy Keils and talk about the different things that Roy put them through. However, the party is over when Marshall and McQueen have to meet his daughter, Gina. They try hard to find nice things to say about Roy and Gina tells that she doesn’t know a lot about Roy and says that it must have been a good thing to leave and go into witness protection. McQueen tells that Roy was a very good man and Gina is relaxed to know that.

Marshall and Mary enter the bar with some more mail for Gabe. This time Gabe freezes when he reads that Linda’s mom is missing him and needs him. Mary asks what’s wrong and Gabe dismisses it. But later in his room, he is speaking to a woman on the computer and tells that he isn’t allowed to contact her. Mary enters and tells Gabe that she knows something is wrong with him and thinks that Gabe is in love with the mom of Linda. She enters the apartment and sees that Gabe wasn’t talking to Linda’s mom, but to Flora the stripper. She tells him to pack his things. Meanwhile, McQueen visits Gina again and she tells that Roy was not a nice guy. She shows Roy’s stash of pounds of marijuana and other drugs. She tells that she doesn’t want to know anything more about her father. Back at Gabe’s place, Mary is helping him pack and tells Gabe that she can help Flora. Gabe tells that the letter was from Flora and that he is not going to give Mary any information to put her into witness protection. He calls it his sign that he received.

Jinx Shannon enters Mary’s house and tells that Brandi gave her a box of things and that she wants Mary to have. But it is filled with vacation brochures. Mary thinks that she is trying to force her to go on vacation. Her mom tells that the brochures are vacations that she never took and for Mary not to be one of those people. McQueen walks up to Gina again. He didn’t tell the truth of Roy because he didn’t want to ruin the girl’s thought of her dad. He tells Gina that Roy didn’t bring his wife and daughter into the witness protection because Roy knew that he was a bad guy and he didn’t want to drag them into it. Gina feels a lot better to know the news.

Meanwhile at Gabe’s motel room, Gabe is not there. They look on his computer and see that there is a bus route to Flagstaff, Arizona. In Flagstaff, Flora gets off the bus and Gabe is there. He talks to her about the money he gave her. Flora tells that she used the money that he gave her but she saw Cordie and his men after her. Mary and Marshall show up and take Flora and Gabe. They see Cordie and his men get out of cars and take cover. Two men show up and shoot at them. They return fire and both men are killed. One other man and Richard Cordie show up and Marshall kills one of them and runs after Cordie. After the gun fight, Flora is hurt. She got grazed by a bullet and Mary tells that she will be alright. Gabe sees one of the men asking for his hand. Gabe goes back to his roots and gives him his last rights.

In Denver, Colorado, at the hearing of Richard Cordie, Gabe gets sworn in. His name goes back to Gabriel Andrews. Two weeks later Mary enters with a present for Gabe and Marshal tells that presents are not allowed. But Gabe opted out of the witness protection and that it is alright. Marshal notices that Mary is in a happier mood and asks what’s going on. She takes the defense tells that she just needs to drink a few shots and “do” a cowboy. Marshall tells that her problem shouldn’t be solved with “doing” a cowboy but that she needs to find that one person. McQueen enters and Mary gives a letter from Gina to him. Mary calls him a dear man for telling Gina a lie about Roy not wanting his family hurt. The episode ends with Mary talking about the things that she believes. She is at the bar with Gabe and they talk about the fact that she won’t go to Mass. She tells that she is upset with Gabe opting out but Gabe is happy that Flora opted in. Mary gives Gabe his gift and gives the punch line to her joke. The scene changes with Mary on a tropical island. She is in Mexico with Mike Faber from the beginning of the episode. They kiss and the episode ends.