Girls, Interrupted - Recap

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The scene opens in Echo Park, California 6 months ago where a girl is warming up to sing on stage. A man comes in and talks to a woman named Sage. He tells that the label likes Lita, the girl singing on stage, but the things that happened in London are not good at all. Sage gets upset and walks away. Lita comes up and asks what the label wants and she tells her to forget the label and storms off. Lita follows her. She goes in an alley and sees her mom drive off. She hears a commotion and it is two guys killing another guy. She bangs on the door for Max, her drummer, to let her in. He does in time, but the men get a picture of Lita. Sage and Lita Lorne go into WITSEC program and get the names Kenna and Britt Parnell. Mary is at an adoption agency and talks to Marshall about how she didn’t tell Mark about the baby and says that he wouldn’t care to the adoption. She meets with the Social Worker and she shows files of potential families who are looking to adopt a baby. She is shocked that she gets to pick them and the Social Worker tells that she is going to need the father’s signature.

Mary takes the files to work and laughs at the family profiles. Stan tells Mary to go home and rest. She tells that she doesn’t need to, but Stan tells that she doesn’t have a choice. She gets home and talks to Marshall. She calls it prego-ism and says that it is not fair. Brandi comes in with the dog and he has a bumble bee costume on. Mary tells that is inhumane and Brandi says that it is fun. Mary tells that she has to go through and pick a family for the baby and Brandi asks if Mary is really sure about it. She says that she is. Marshall calls back and tells that he has something for her. A witness named Carlos Ramirez has a message for his family that he can’t deliver. She hangs up and Stand takes that as a yes. Suddenly, Britt calls and tells that Kenna got them into trouble and she needs them now. Mary is on the road with the dog and calls Carlos that she is coming. Meanwhile, Stan and Marshall arrive at Britt’s and she says that Kenna is a nightmare. She put her blue streak in her hair. She tells that no one is going to notice. She tells that she has a choir concert and Stan tells that it is off limits to sing in public, but Marshall tells that he will go and keep an eye on her. Marshall calls Mary and she tells that he shouldn’t let her sing. He says that he has it covered. He realizes that Oscar, the dog, is with her. Oscar starts scratching and runs off when Mary opens the door. She realizes that she is going to have to chase after him.

Marshall gets to the school and talks to Kenna. He says that he used to play the Obo and says that he found something else to do when his father took his Obo away. He says that the blue streak was her signature and she tells that maybe she is a fan of Lita. Marshall says that people won’t buy it. She gets out on stage with her choir. She shows off her blue streak when she does her solo. Marshall gets nervous. Meanwhile, Mary is trying to find Oscar and Marshall calls and tells that Carlos has gone a little hippie and calls himself a Shaman. Mary finds a family living out in the desert and asks them if they have seen a dog. They tell that they have and lead her to him lying in the “energy garden”. Back at WITSEC, Stan tells that singing in public is out of bounds and that it can’t happen anymore. Delia comes up and tells that Kenna’s lawyer wants to talk to him. Mary talks to the family in the desert and the wife tells that Oscar is bloated from eating the wrong food. The husband offers a cleanse and Mary laughs and says no thanks. She asks how they live out there and they tell that they are happy and the children are happy too.

Back at the Marshall’s Service, Kenna has a lawyer and says that she wants to file for emancipation. Stan and Marshall tell that Kenna is going to have to move now because Kenna contacted a lawyer and that she doesn’t have a choice. Mary calls and says that the neighbor of Carlos says that she hasn’t seen him for three days. Marshall tells Stan and they go through the precautions and Stan says that Vasquez, the man after Carlos is no where around. Stan says that Mary is a big girl and can take care of herself. Mary drives up to Carlos’s ranch and Oscar tears off again. Sherriff Taylor meets her and says that they searched the house and can’t find Carlos. However, Oscar barks and Marry see that he found Carlos. He says that he knows that Mary has a message and says that he has been on a vision quest. Stan and Marshall meet with Kenna, Britt and the lawyer. She says that Britt’s spotty record of drug use and alcohol. Britt comes clean and says that she started partying when Kenna signed her label. Britt apologizes, but Kenna is not interested. Marshall asks to talk to Kenna.

Mary talks to Carlos and he says that he is a changed man and that he knows that his mother is dead. Mary is shocked that he knew and Mary doesn’t believe the vision quest. Mary leaves and Carlos asks if he wants to hear his message from the vision quest. She says that she doesn’t and attempts to leave, but she has a flat tire. Meanwhile, Marshall asks about the drug use and Kenna tells that Britt was horrible, but then when they entered the program, she has cleaned up her act and says that what she did to her wasn’t right and asks if she can say goodbye to the choir members. He says that she can’t. Stan shows a video of Kenna on YouTube. Back at Carlos’s, Mary tells that she doesn’t want to hear the message and Carlos says that she has a very important choice to make. He tells that Oscar is Mary’s “spirit guide”. She laughs and Carlos says that she needs to let the spirits guide her. Back at WITSEC, they find that a radio station aired that Lita is in Albuquerque. Britt calls and tells that Kenna took off. Mary leaves Carlos and calls Marshall. One of the men Kenna is supposed to testify against, missed his court appearance. At the moment, the man is watching Kenna with her friends. He follows her inside and Kenna notices him and she runs off.

Marshall, Stan and Mary get to the school and Oscar takes off. Oscar finds the man and distracts the man. Stan and Marshall arrest him. Afterward, Mary cuts off the blue streak with Kenna’s permission. Marshall asks if Kenna will reconsider and Kenna tells that she had her shot. Mary tells Kenna that she needs to forgive her. Marshall gives Mary a hard time about her wisdom to Kenna and asks what happened to her. Mary tells that she needs to get rid of Oscar and Marshall tells that Abigail and him could take him. Marshall asks about Saturday and Mary blocks. The episode ends with Kenna and Britt in St. Louis, Missouri with Kenna singing to children, Marshall takes out his Obo and Mary coming home to find that all the folders to the adoption agency are torn besides one. Mary tells that she isn’t going to listen to him.