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Reservations, I've Got a Few - Recap

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The scene opens with two FBI Agents arriving at an apartment. One of the agents goes inside the house and talks to Mrs. Du Jung. She tells him that her husband just left one day and did not even take his cell phone. But gauging her body language, the agent deduces that she is fabricating the story. She is about to tell him, when a whole team of FBI agents barges in. they tell her that the man she is talking to is not FBI. They arrest him and take him out. On coming out of the house, he realizes that his partner was not there and neither was the car. At home, Mark tells Mary that he has got some work and so he will not be able to be with Nora. But giving in to Mary’s request he agrees to take care of the baby but asks Mary to ask her mom to return as both of them are having a difficult time.

At the office, Stan updates Marshall about Teddy Fredrick, a former Navy guy turned enemy of the State and he is the same guy we see in the beginning. Teddy tells them that he wants to know the plans for his security as his partner is out there and she will find him. Stan assures him that they will keep him safe. Teddy says that all he did was track down the bad guys. But Marshall tells him that he did that for a guy named Abu Phatek and he heads a Jihad group. All that he did was locating the guys who ran away from Phatek. Stan tells him that they could protect him from all his enemies. He agrees. Marshall and Teddy are standing on the terrace and talking, when Teddy escapes. And yes he has skills! Mary and Marshall follow him. Stan tells them the exact location of Teddy’s car. They find the car; burnt down, maybe Teddy blasted the car. Marshall is upset and Mary’s attempts to make him feel light don’t seem to work. They enter an area that they have no jurisdiction. Just then a local cop comes in and arrests them for trespassing and yes, now they are going to be busted. They have entered the Indonesian tribal land without any warrant.

Stan tells Marshall that it is going to be fine as they are going to “make nice” with these guys. Mary goes to call Mark to check on Nora. The guy from the local PD comes and asks them to brief him about what was going on. He tells them that even if he could let them loose, they will have to take his people as they don’t know this land. Mary is about to protest but Marshall agrees. The Chief tells them that Heather will ride with them as she is the best they have got. Heather tells them that the direction he went in is one and half day by foot and then he could disappear in the National Park. But they have got something Teddy does not; horses. So that could make them faster as no cars can run on that terrain. The trio sets off. On their way they notice that the tracks stop midway and Marshall figures out that Teddy was there. Just then Heather receives a call and tells them that there has been a shooting and it sounds bad. The three ride back. They arrive at the spot where the shooting took place and find that the Indian Chief was shot. The med team arrives and takes the Chief to the hospital.

Marshall tells Stan that this could be Teddy’s partner who did it. But Stan tells him that it were the former members of Jihad who have done this. Marshall tells Stan that Teddy is headed towards the National Park and that he needs to leave to catch Teddy. Meanwhile, at the office, Delia is talking to some guy, and trying to get more information, as Teddy’s file is too thin and she says that they need more information. Marshall is supposed to visit his girlfriend. But he calls her and updates him about what happened. He tells her that he will not be able to make it. Heather is surprised that Marshall is not hitting on her. Mary calls Mark and he is at a pub. She tells him that he will need to take the baby to her place. He says that he will manage and is busy flirting with the girls at the pub. Delia thanks her friend Charles for all the information he gave her.

She calls Stan and tells him that she’s got an update. She tells him that Teddy wasn’t just a SEAL but he was Task Force Blue and also that this guy’ straining is off the charts. She tells him that if he wants to protect Marshall politically then he would need a white wash from DC; and Stan knows just the right person-Campbell. Meanwhile, checking the track marks, Marshall infers that Teddy’s partner is close. Heathers figures out that it looks like these guys aren’t trying to arrest Teddy but to protect him. Heather declares that she and Marshall would go and check where the track leads and asks Mary to stay back. Marshall seconds it. But Mary is angry and doesn’t want to go with that idea. She says that she is a cop an she intends to do her duty. They trail ahead and find a dilapidated barn at a distance. They go down to the house. They find two sets of tracks and no sign of struggle.

They decide to spend the night there and start in the morning. Meanwhile Stan is still at the Indonesian station and he talks to Campbell and appraises her about the situation and want s her to help the situation before it blows back on him. At the barn, the three call it a day. There is spark between Heather and Marshall that is evident. He admits to her that Teddy escapes in his presence. Heather too has a confession. She tells him that she volunteered to take him out as she found him cute. The next morning, the three set out again. They arrive at a spot, a movie set, where few western movies were shot. Mary and Marshall are talking and don’t notice that Heather has almost reached the set. Heather rides in first. Teddy’s partner has found him, and she knocks Heather down. Teddy tells her not to kill Heather. They untie Heather’s horse and set it free and flee from the spot. Marshall and Mary are riding around the area. All of a sudden a shot is fired and Mary falls off her horse; but she is alright.

Marshall finds Heather and she is on the ground with her hands tied and mouth gagged. She tells them that their fugitive and his partner did this to her. Marshall realizes that the partner is not there to kill her. Heather tells them that the duo would be air borne in 10 minutes. She says that they shot her father and now she is going after them. She whistles and her horse comes running back! She pulls out a revolver from the back of the saddle. Just then a helicopter arrives. Teddy and his partner come out from their hiding and move towards the helicopter. Just then Teddy sees a man step out and is stunned. He was set up by his partner. Next instant there is a cross fire and Heather gets a clear shot at Teddy’s partner. They arrest Abu Phatek and Teddy.

At the tribal Chief’s office, one of Susan’s men walks in and orders the release of the U.S. Marshals and also declares that Teddy would be kept in the regular prison. Stan also requests to the guy to keep Marshall’s name away from all this when the report comes up. The officer is surprised to hear that Teddy managed to jump off the roof! Marshall is in the clear. Mommy comes home to Nora. Stan and Delia share a drink at the office, and Delia senses that their office is on the chopping blocks. Marshall comes home to his girlfriend and she is all excited to hear the story and he starts with the roof. The episode ends.