The Merry Wives of WITSEC - Recap

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The episode begins at a lacrosse tournament, where we see a couple cheering for their daughter. Just then the father gets a call and he tells his wife that he needs to do some urgent delivery. He leaves. Next, at the hospital, the doctor thanks him for his prompt delivery. The doctor pays him his fee and the bonus and leaves in a hurry. The rep is a little curious about the situation but decides to leave. Just as he is about to leave, he hears a loud noise and turns back. He sees the patient walk out with a bandage that ran right in the middle of his chest to his torso. He panics and makes a call and the doctor asks him not to. The rep is John Arnett and today he is in WITSEC’s protection.

Next, Mary and Mark are going through a list of nannies for Nora. Next, at the office, John is present with his family. He is being told that the doctor, Whitman, was known for harvesting organs and illegal dealing with them. He specialized in kidneys. Marshall questions John about supplying the anesthetics. But John tells him that he is a sales rep and it is his job to. He had no clue about Whitman’s activities. John feels that the WITSEC protection would be really good for him and his family; but Bonnie is upset that she will not be able to play lacrosse anymore. Next, Marshall needs Mary’s help for his big anniversary surprise for Abigail. But Mary finds the idea ridiculous as they are still dating. Mary also tells him that there is something fake about this family. Marshall receives a call from Stacy, John’s wife saying that they are in trouble as John is hanging up her calls.

Marshall tells Delia to check John’s call records. But just then they see John leaving with his car; a different one. He asks her to run the plate and Marshall follows John. They find out that he has another family. They confront him. So, turns out that Mary was right after all. He tells the team that he has been living a double life for seven years. Mary is assigned to this case. So, this wife’s name is Eve and she knows him as John Wilson, the name given to him by WITSEC. Marshall is pissed and Stan asks him to get some air. Stan asks Mary to tell Eve about WITSEC but not about his other family. Mary and Marshall meet Eve. They tell her that her husband is a witness for a federal investigation, and hence the secrecy is a part of the whole thing. She begins to freak out but Mary calms her down. Next, Mary has to break the real news to her, about Stacy and her kids. It was less fun that Mary was expecting. Next, both the wives are at WITSEC.

Stacy isn’t able to handle it and lashes out at John. John tells them that he loves both his families and that he wants to start all over again. Stacey and Eve are not happy with the idea that they all have to live together as a family under one roof. But they have to go through therapy together and WITSEC has arranged for their accommodation in the same hotel. Meanwhile, its Mark’s mom, Joanna, who is going to babysit Nora. Next, Mary calls Marshall as she is about to pick up some food. Just then she sees Stan and Leah together. She is shocked and is constantly updating Marshall about their “activities”. Next, they arrive at the hotel where the wives are kept. It seems that one of them made a call to the therapist and told him that she is going to give up John’s location. The team gets a hold of the calls before the therapist could get it, as the FBI is monitoring the families constantly. They hear the call. The voice is morphed. Both the wives claim that they would never do that to their husband.

They both loved him. Marshall tells her that no man deserves it. Mary is surprised that his feelings towards John have changed. Mary tells him that he too is facing the same problem; a blonde work wife and a brunette girlfriend. Marshall is surprised that she called herself his work wife. Just then they hear both the wives fighting. They intervene and cool them off. Just then Eve blurts out something about Bonnie. Casey tells her that she did punish Bonnie for that and has taken away her phone. Marshall takes the phone and records his voice. He finds out that the same voice morphing software is present on that phone. Marshall and Mary go to Bonnie’s room. They find that she is gone. Stan tells the team that it is not only Bonnie they need to find but all the people she called. Marshall confirms that the voice modification on the phone matched exactly with the call that was made to the therapist.

Just then Delia calls Stan and tells him that she has picked up John from work. Stan assures Casey that they will use all their resources to find her daughter. She is still not ready to believe that Bonnie did this. Mary tries to get more information from John regarding any friend or place that Bonnie is likely to visit. John tells them that after Bonnie came to know about all the things, she was terribly upset and wouldn’t speak to him. Just then, the rebellious kid in Mary has a haunch. She guesses that Bonnie could have gone to a lacrosse match as that was a place she was told not to go and she was angry at her father. She calls Marshall and tells him that they need to take a ride. They go to the match. They find Bonnie watching the match. John rushes to his daughter. She is upset and tries to run. She is upset that John made her mother cry for hours. She tells him that she will never forgive him. They bring back Bonnie. Casey is happy to see her daughter safe and sound. All of them get to stay on the program.

But Johns’ visitations to meet the families would be limited and structured. Marshall tries to connect Mary’s anger to what her father did to her family. But she tells him that he at least took some time off before starting a new family and he never asked for a second chance. Just then Marshall reminds her of a reservation she was supposed to make for him and Abigail. She tells him that she was unable to make one despite the thirty nine messages she left them. Mary suggests another place. The place is big and Marshall is surprised to know that she can get in on a Friday night. Next, Abigail and Marshall are at a shooting range. Even she calls Mary his work wife. When Abigail calls for her paper target, she finds a ring on it, Marshall gets down on his knee and proposes.

Abigail is ecstatic and accepts it. Next, John sees his family leave. He has both the wedding rings in his hands. We then see that the wives are spending some time with each other along with the kids. Abigail and Marshall are spending an intimate evening and we have Mary trying to reach Marshall. The episode ends.