Drag Me to Hell - Recap

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The episode begins with the drag queen contest at a club, in New Orleans. The final contestant is Ms. Armed Kandy. Alongside we see a drug deal taking place. The owner of the club does not approve of the merchandise and gets into a fight with the dealer. Just then Kandy walks in and the owner asks her to run. The dealer shoots the owner. Now, three weeks later, Kandy aka Douglas Hampton, is in the WITSEC protection program and he is renamed as Douglas Harvey. Next, Mary is at a café. Just then a guy, Kenny, arrives. He is a single dad and has a son named Oliver. As they continue with their conversation, Joanna walks in and Mary leaves. Next, at the office, Douglas is being told that Jack Ducey is the guy who killed Ray Parker, the owner and is the senior most gut in Tremaine Connard’s drug cartel.

The officer tells him that without the protection program, he would be their next target. Douglas tells them that he doesn’t have a problem with the program but he is upset that he has to give up being Kandy. Marshall tells him that Connard would have every drag club covered and hence he could be easily caught if he becomes Kandy. Next, Marshall tells Mary that he got engaged to Abigail and it looks like Mary doesn’t approve of it. Marshall takes Douglas to a dress shop; his new job. Douglas is unhappy. Marshall introduces Douglas to Jacob, the store owner, who wants him to start work immediately. Next, Mary sees Raph and she is surprised. She is glad to know that he is back. They decide to meet for dinner. Mary agrees. He tells her that his wife will be excited to meet her; and now Mary is shocked. Next, Marshall informs Mary that Douglas got arrested for assault. He called Marshall and Abigail set his off free with just a warning.

Mary goes to drop Douglas home. She finds a wig. She is furious as they had warned Douglas that he cannot dress up the way he used to. He tells her that it is just a wig and that he has kept it as a token. He is not wearing it. He tells that that not only has he lost Kandy, but also his son Spencer, who he hasn’t seen for a long time. He tells her that he knows that he would be a good father. it’s just that he didn’t realize it when he was eighteen. He apologizes for what happened. She tells him that she is aware of the fact that this program is very difficult for a lot of people, but she also knows that it is do-able. Next day, Mary arrives at work and tells Marshall that she has got Douglas a new job. She hasn’t slept the whole night as Nora kept her awake. She feels that having a baby is the best way of birth control; as one gets an insight of the difficulties on has to face while raising the kid. She tells him about her dinner date with Raph and his wife. Marshall is surprised. He feels that Mary agreed for the dinner as she is curious to know about Raph’s wife and whether she is pretty or not.

She hates the fact that Marshall knows her so well. Next, Mary finally meets Raph’s wife. Raph’s wife tells Mary that she knows a ton of great single guys and that she can hook Mary up with one of them. Mary tells her that she has found someone and she is seeing him for now; guess she is referring to Kenny. Raph tells Mary that he is surprised that she has a baby as he always knew that she didn’t want one. He feels that maybe she didn’t want to have a child with him. She tells him that Nora was a happy accident. Raph says that he is happy the way life turned out for him. Just then Mary receives a call from Marshall saying that Douglas is not answering any calls and also he isn’t at his apartment. Mary thinks she knows where Douglas could be. They go to a club. And Kandy is now Cybil. Just then a guy notices that Kandy is back and he mails his video to people.

Marshall and Mary confront Douglas. He tells them that Cybil looks nothing like Kandy and that this is his world. Marshall tells him that this club stocks Verve, which means that Connard has access to this place. Next, Fred arrives at the office informing the rest that Connard’s men know that Douglas is in Albuquerque and that they are headed to find him. they tell Douglas that they have to move him again. Next, Raph arrives at Mary’s apartment and thanks her for being nice to Victoria. It meant a lot. He has these games tickets for her and Marshall, but Mary tells him that they have stopped it a while back. She tells him that Marshall got engaged. He is surprised and asks her if she was ok with it as Marshall and she were very close. She tells Raph that Marshall is her friend and work partner, nothing more than that.

Next, Marshall and Mary are at the railway station with Douglas. Just when Douglas is about to board the train, Stan arrives and stops him. Stan tells the marshals that since Connard is narrowing down on Albuquerque, they have arranged for a sting operation, so that they can take down Connard for good. They need Douglas for that. And Douglas is happy and he says he is in. Mary protests. Fred tells Mary that Douglas can be miles away and that he won’t be in danger. Douglas knows a lot about the drag world and that it would be of great help. In fact, an undercover agent would be in Douglas’ place. They want someone who can pass as Douglas, and Mary has a name to suggest-Marshall. Douglas is getting Marshall ready; doing his makeup. Stan arrives. He appraises the team about the operation. The entire team is at the club. Stan and Delia are in the van and checking the surveillance cameras constantly.

Marshall is on the stage and is singing. Mary spots Connard’s men. She alerts Stan. Marshall has finished his performance. He leads Connard and his guy into the ally. Just as the DEA announces itself, they get away. But Delia’s got this one. She opens the van door right into Connard’s face as he runs by. Marshall pins down Connard’s partner. In the courtroom, Douglas thanks the team for everything they did for him. He wants to meet his son and he is assured by the team that once he is relocated in the new city, they will arrange a meet. Next, Mary hands over the game tickets to Marshall and tells him that Abigail should be his new partner. Marshall is taken aback a little, but then he thanks her and leaves.

Mary calls Kenny. They spend the night together but Kenny cant sleepover as his child is at home. He has to leave. Next, we see that Douglas meets his son. At home, Mary hears the doorbell ring. She thinks its Kenny who has come back to get his t-shirt. But its not. On her doorstep is her daddy. He tells her that he is in trouble. She tells him that she has dreamt of this moment a million times. Each one different but they always ended the same. He goes for a hug, but Mary cuffs him and reads him his rights. The episode ends.