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All's Well That Ends - Recap

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The episode begins at a photo shoot. The manager expects Casey to do something that Casey is not very happy about. She needs five minutes of alone time, where we see her go to the rest room and break into tears. Just then she hears some voices outside and peeps to see what’s happening. Casey sees a Russian man shoot a girl. She panics and she makes a noise. The mobster comes for Casey with his guns drawn. When he opens the door, Casey blinds him with a spray and escapes. Casey is now in the WITSEC protection program. Abigail and her father are waiting for Marshall. Meanwhile, Marshall is with Mary at a funeral house. Mary says that she has three days to figure out what to do with her father and she does not even know him.

Next, Mary and Jinx are going through some old memories of with her father. Just then Brandi arrives and Mary is surprised that she is pregnant. Brandi doesn’t want to tell who her father is. Jinx wants to have a small gathering for their father. But Mary is against that idea. Next, Abigail and Marshall are talking a walk. She is angry that he cancelled an appointment with the minister. She says that she is tired of the role Mary plays in his life. She thinks that he doesn’t get what he is doing. She tells him that until he figures it out, there would be no more appointments with the ministers and that they should stay away for a while. Next, Mary arrives at the office and updates Marshall with all the happenings at her home. She is her usual self.

Moreover, she doesn’t like her new witness Casey. Marshall tries to discuss his issue with Abigail. But as usual Mary is busy talking and not listening to him. Casey is being told that her life would change and it wouldn’t be easy. Moreover, because of her, thousands of lives have been saved from the mobster, Petrov. She tells them that outside her identity, she is useless. She has always done things that have been told to her. Stan tells her that they would help her settle. Next, Marshall tells Mary that they need to schedule a time to talk. Mary knows that it would be something serious. Just then Stan asks Marshall to come into his cabin; alone. Delia tells Mary that Marshall has seniority and he will be the first to be transferred to Denver.

She tells her that Albuquerque WITSEC is going to be shut down. Next, Mary has a sleep over at Kenny’s house. She tells him about her father’s death and the ‘fake wake’ that Jinx is planning. Kenny offers to come along as her date. She tells him that it is too early for him to do that and it would be like skipping steps. Meanwhile, Stan is with Casey, at her new job as a waitress. She tells him that it is going to be hard for her and she still misses mom. She is upset and gives Stan a hug. At the fake wake, Mark tells Mary that he is planning to move in. Marshall arrives. Jinx gives her speech. She is about to sing and that light go out. Marshall and Mary go to fix the fuse box. Marshall is still trying to tell her about Abigail. But just then they find the small flowery suitcase her father had slipped into the basement in the last episode. She opens it and finds loads of cash in it is around 160,000 dollars, according to the payout receipts. There is a note and according to it all this money is for Nora.

Mary plans to give the money away but Marshall tells her that her father has given the payout receipts to prove that the money is legit. Maybe he had come back to reconcile with her and his family. He tells her to keep the money as it belongs to Nora. Next, Casey calls Stan and she sounds terrified. Mary rushes to the restaurant. Abigail and the other cops are already there. Mary sees that Casey has been beaten up. She tells them that the guy hit on her when she was in an ally, smoking, and when she said a no, he hit her. Mary arrives at the office and Marshall tells her that the guy from the treasury told him that every single note is legit and none of the serial numbers were reported stolen. Mary tells him that Abigail behaved coldly with her at the site. He tells her that they need to have a talk.

He tells Mary that he loves the relationship they share and that every time she calls him he will come to her. But this is causing problems and he wants Mary to release him. Mary tells Marshall that she wants him to marry Abigail as she makes him happy and Mary likes to see him happy. She agrees to not bother him much. They agree to start with their new lives; Marshall first. Next, Delia tells Mary that she has been trying to get in touch with Casey all morning, but she isn’t reachable. Mary reaches Casey’s apartment. She finds her lying on the bed; and it seems that she has taken an overdose of pills. Casey is taken to the hospital. Next, Stan is promoted as Deputy Director. The WITSEC stays and their new Chief would be Marshall. Next, Mary meets Casey at the hospital. Mary tells her that she has to learn to protect herself, as her mother is no more around to protect her from the world.

She tells Casey to let go off her past and move on. She says that she believes in her and thinks that she is a smart girl. Casey tells Mary that she would be a great mother. Mary tells her that motherhood makes her happy. Next, Mary decides on what she wants to do with her father’s ashes. Brandi is taking care of Nora, as she would like practice. She sent Joanna home. Brandi has decided to keep the baby and stick around. She admits to Mary that she is terrified of facing Peter once again. But she is ready to face it and that she would now stop running away from things. Mary welcomes her sister. She tells her that since she has decided to keep the baby, there are a few things that she would like to discuss.

Next, we see that Mary goes to the race course her father used to be at. She scatters the ashes on the race course. We then see that Marshall and Abigail finally meet the minister. Brandi is getting an ultrasound done and Mary is happy to see the baby. Casey has joined college and started with a new life. Next, the whole team is present at Stan’s farewell party. Mary is glad that things have worked out well with Marshall and Abigail. Marshall too is glad that Mary has brought Kenny along and she is introducing him to her friends. Marshall raises a toast to all the new beginnings and to the new Deputy director. He wishes him bon voyage and a fond farewell. The episode ends.