Season 2

4 :02x01 - Dirty Wars

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5 :02x02 - Crawls from the Walls

In Tennessee, a farmer fights against a home invasion of deadly spiders. In Georgia, a family gets creative after several failed attempts to rid their home of bed bugs. And in Pittsburgh, a couple battle against the cockroaches in their neighborhood.

Source: Animal Planet

7 :02x04 - Hostile Takeovers

Scorpions invade a dream home; a California family cope with blood-sucking parasites; a college student becomes ill while dealing with opossums in her home.

Source: Animal Planet

8 :02x05 - Night Terrors

A family is plagued by a tide of rats entering their home from an unknown source. A single mother is forced to move her family into a tent in the yard when a bug infestation overruns their home. And, an apartment's walls are home to dozens of opposums.

Source: Animal Planet

9 :02x06 - Under Siege

The owners of a summer camp battle a bed bug infestation that's plaguing campers. A young family fight their apartment management over a spreading roach infestation. And a woman's home is overwhelmed by an exploding rat population.

Source: Animal Planet

11 :02x08 - The Most Horrifying

Highlights from Season 1 include infestations of spiders, rats, cockroaches, bats and snakes.

Source: Animal Planet

12 :02x09 - The Nastiest Battles

Highlights from Season 1 include infestations of bedbugs, spiders, rats, ants and mice.

Source: Animal Planet

13 :02x10 - Midnight Terror

Roaches invade an apartment in waves; opossums won't leave a family's home; a man tries to stop a stinkbug infestation.

Source: Animal Planet

14 :02x11 - Surrounded

A rental home is surrouned by stink bugs.

17 :02x14 - Creeping Terror

A family's broken air conditioner could have deadly consequences; an invader that's killing animals outside a couple's home may come inside.

Source: Animal Planet

18 :02x15 - No Escape

Large spiders take over a house; a pregnant woman battles bats in her neighborhood; a couple discover a huge bee colony in their home.

Source: Animal Planet