Season 6

In Depth: Compulsive Gambling

The face of gambling has changed dramatically through the years. More and more we find women have been drawn into this addiction. Whether it be sitting in front of a slot machine for hours on end, playing the poker tables, or online gambling, while leaving their children unattended all the while piling up debts. No longer a game, these ladies try to keep their compulsion from their families, followed by hitting rock bottom and lose everything. Some even serve time in jail. We will go inside this compulsion, examining the shame and fear that keeps it hidden, and the surprising casualties caught up in the gamble.

77 :06x01 - Janet

Janet was molested at age 6, bullied by the other kids, which made her self-conscience of her looks. At the age of 18 she married a drug dealer and was made a rich woman. But he was sent to prison, leaving her behind with no income and 2 children to raise. She turned to drugs and drink and had a number of affairs. Once her husband found out of one affair he divorced her. She remarried and had 2 more kids, but started missing her luxurious lifestyle and drank heavily. Now she drinks heavily, threatens to kill herself and puts herself in life-threatening situations.

78 :06x02 - Nicole

When Nicole was a child she was molested, resulting in her eating disorder which made her unable to swallow. She weighed only 68 pounds when she was16 year old and a feeding tube was needed to be added by a doctor. This was suppose to be a temporary thing, but after 16 years the tube is still in place and she still can't swallow foods or liquids. She also abuses prescribed drugs and neglects her 2 children. If she refuses to find help, her husband says he will divorce her and take away her neglected daughters.

79 :06x03 - Brittany

Brittany's sister Terry, was raped five years before she was born and was only 9-years old. She has always struggled to keep a perfect image in her mother's eyes. But at the age of 12, Brittany was molested and she began taking drugs and sneaking out at night...anything to shake Terry's shadow. She now shoots up Dilaudid six times a day, begs family members for money and prostitutes herself. Brittany's mother scrambles to give Brittany enough money for her fix. Both desperate to get her daughter healed and on the verge of bankruptcy, it's time that Brittany has an intervention.

80 :06x04 - John C.

John knows he has type one diabetes yet refuses to keep a close monitoring of his blood sugar levels or using insulin. Known as an outcast and social misfit, all ohn wants is to be considered normal, and pretends to be so by eating anything he wants. He's been hospitalized and in a coma several times. His parents agree they need to stop enabling his self-destructive ways, but are afraid to kick him out of the house fearing he will die.

81 :06x05 - Tressa/Josh

A follow up episode featuring Tressa and Josh. Tressa was an Olympic hopeful who's career was ruined by her meth addiction. Now eight months sober, she's working hard to stay on the right path and rekindle some of that lost potential. Going back home for her mom's wedding brings up those old feelings of her past addictions. Josh was obese, weighing in at over 500 pounds. Now he's dropped 200 pounds and is planning to surprise his family with a visit, the first since the intervention.

82 :06x06 - Casie

Casie was once a successful hairstylist, but is now living in a small town with a $500 a week meth habit. As a child she grew up around her mother's drug addiction. Having low self-esteem, Casie became a bulimic and a drug addict. Her career, money and husband are all gone now. Her mother has been trying to make up for Casie's difficult childhood by enabling her, which caused her to lose her marriage too. Even Casie's boyfriend is an addict, and is trying desperately to keep her alive, but her addictions are bringing everybody down with her.

83 :06x07 - Anthony

Anthony has always been made to feel worthless by his father. His parents divorced and his mother remarried, but she still turned to drugs and alcohol when she became unhappy. This helped Anthony get hooked on the same things since the age of 13. Then Anthony's younger brother died from leukemia and his downward spiral continued, and now he drinks half a gallon of vodka each day and will take any drugs he can find.

84 :06x08 - Lana

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85 :06x09 - Angelina

At the age of eight, Angelina's family broke up over money issues. Her mother started using cocaine and prescription pills as a means of easing her stress. Angelina became her brother's legal guardian just after she graduated from high school, and became overwhelmed having to care for both her mom and brother. Angelina wound up spending her whole trust fund of $350,000 her own OxyContin addiction. Then Angelina turned to cheaper drugs and heroin to support her habit.

86 :06x10 - Chris

Chris was born into a traditional Catholic family who upheld their values, but struggled with his sexuality until coming out at 18. Now that he has turned 34, Chris feels being gay cheated him out of things he had wanted such as kids, marriage and feeling included in his family. Chris is an alcoholic, who drinks from the moment he awakens to ease the tremors, abuses his partner and can't keep a job. His father thinks he can stop drinking just by sheer will, but his mom feels genetics has caused his alcoholism. Can the family overcome its divisions and work together for Chris?

88 :06x12 - Nik and Tiffany

Nik is 35 and is loved by his five sisters and his teenage son, which is the only thing which holds this family together. Nik is a college graduate and at a young age, became the director of a multi-million-dollar casino chain. But four years ago he suffered a back injury and became hooked on OxyContin, which caused him to his recent fate of being a homeless man. Now he has become hooked on heroin, lost his job, his home, and custody of his son. Next there is the story of Tiffany, a tall, beautiful brunette who maintained a perfect GPA in high school and even played varsity basketball. But her childhood was filled with her parents arguing along with drug and alcohol addictions. At 19 she married to escape her home life, but her controlling husband forced her to move back in with her mother. Feeling worthless, Tiffany has turned to alcohol. She has been hospitalized many times for alcohol abuse and suicide attempts.

89 :06x13 - Sandy

Sandy was living the American dream, married with four beautiful daughters and owned a home she and her husband built themselves, and only in her late 20's. But today she is unrecognizable. She spends her days taking prescription drugs and drinking vodka, and relying on her daughters to monitor both her diabetes and drinking. Her speech is slurred and has been hospitalized several times. Her family has only one option left--an intervention.

90 :06x14 - Sharon

Sharon is a 51-year-old grandmother and a compulsive shopper who keeps spending money on plastic surgery to feel better about her looks. She also has bruises along her thigh stomach from punching herself and repeatedly hits her head with a hairbrush. She is getting worse by having a feeling she needs to drown one of her Chihuahua's. She has yet to hurt one of her dogs but her daughter is afraid to leave her alone with her own grandchildren. Sharon's dangerous compulsions need to stop.
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Lifestyle
Status: Returning Series
Network: A&E ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 06, 2005
Episode Order: 8
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