Monk Miroku's Old Mistake - Recap

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Miroku is up to his usual antics with Sango when the group feel and earthquake. They quickly investigate learning that the quake was caused by a demon. Miroku questions the villages near the shrine dedicated to calming the demon when the villager recognizes him, and asks him if he has returned to marry into his family!

The next scene has the group at the villager's home where they are discussing the villager's proclamation. Miroku is drawing a blank until the villager's beautiful daughter Shima enters the room. He remembers her and tells her how beautiful she has gotten.

It seems that two years before Miroku sold the family some high priced herbs to cure a sickness that kept Shima bedridden. He told them to boil the herbs in clean water and drink it every day. Typical for Miroku, he then gave her his usual "Bear my Child" line which was misunderstood as a marriage proposal by the girl and her family.

It seems that the demon Nushin also wants to marry Shima and wants her to be "pure". So the parents and the girl are anxious for Miroku to marry the girl quickly. Sango says nothing but it is very clear that she is not happy.

In the meantime the others are outside waiting for the demon to come to the house. They feel another quake when the demon appears. He is a well dressed, fish-faced demon who calmly states he has arrived to collect his bride. Inuyasha rudely informs him that Shima doesn't want him but it's clear Nushin is enamored with the girl. While Shima hides behind Miroku her father rushes forward to beg the demon's forgiveness. It seems that the man used the water from the lake for his daughter's medicine and wished on the lake's shrine never dreaming anyone was listening. When Nushin said he would help his daughter he promised Nushin her hand in marriage. Realizing her father's promise Shima tells Nushin she is sorry but she can't possibly become his bride (she implies that she is already 'bound' to Miroku and is no longer 'pure').

Nushin is heartbroken and changes form to a giant catfish and tries attacking the home. Inuyasha attacks Nushin.

Meanwhile Miroku turns to Sango expecting her to help but she tells him he's on his own. She then implies their marriage was never going to work out anyway.

Inuyasha punches giant Nushin in the nose, turning him back to his regular size, causing him to cry. Shima asks him if he's giving up on her.

Meanwhile Miroku is still trying to calm Sango when Inuyasha interjects that it isn't like he started womanizing yesterday and Kagome tells him to shut up because it never feels good when a guys ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture. Shima jumps in front of Sango and tells her not to blame him it's her fault and Sango runs off telling him not to follow her. Kagome asks him if Miroku is going to do something but he says she won't listen to him anyway, and that it's distressing that she has so little faith in him. Kagome and Inuyasha then ask if he's not at fault for the situation and Miroku can't answer.

It is then that Nushin takes off with Shima saying that she will live with him at the bottom of the lake. Miroku and the others chase after him.

Meanwhile Sango is sitting next to the lake with Kirara. She is upset that Miroku didn't come after her. She then sees Nushin in his catfish form fly by. She pauses for a moment and it's obvious that she's debating whether or not to save Shima when he drags Shima under the water. Sango then hit Nushin under the water and grabs Shima pulling her out and saving her. It is then that Miroku and the others arrive.

Miroku calls out to Sango as she is grabbed by one of Nushin's whiskers. She tells Kirara to take Shima to safety as she tries to use her hiraikatsou but it is knocked away and she is dragged under. He brings her back up and tells her he will drag her to the bottom and make her his concubine which angers Miroku. He jumps into the lake yelling that Sango is his woman! He then sucks the entire lake into his wind tunnel and attacks Nushin, changing him back to his humanoid form. Miroku chucks him away and chases after Sango.

Shima then comes to the realization that hers was an unrequited love and admits to the others that she and Miroku never 'bound' together. She just didn't want to be Nushin's bride. Sango asks Miroku why he didn't just tell her what was going on and Miroku tells her he was taking advantage of her kindness. She tells him she was happy he saved her and all is forgiven. That is until it is implied that there were other woman...