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Season 2

37 :02x01 - The Most Horrible X-mas Ever

A robotic snowman named Sludgy is telling the children of the future a story about the most horrible Christmas ever. He speaks back on how ZIM, GIR and Minimoose were on the streets trying to get money from people, though their attempts weren’t too successful. However, after witnessing a bunch of humans give money to a man dressed as Santa Claus, ZIM decides to exploit the humans’ weakness of Santa and he formulates a master plan to use Christmas to his advantage and take over the world. However, Dib refuses to let that happen and he plans on exposing the false Santa Claus for what he really is, though he receives some unexpected assistance from his family.
Guest Stars: Richard Steven Horvitz as Crowd Choir / Slaves | Candi Milo as Clara / Woman in Crowd | Dee Bradley Baker as Santa Gerg / Man in Crowd | Jeffrey Jones (1) as President Man
Director: Steve Ressel

38 :02x02 - Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars

ZIM is ecstatic because the Almighty Tallest are very close to Earth and they’re capable of coming there in order to see him. However, the Almighty Tallest aren’t interested in seeing ZIM and they’re more interested in squishing some rebels that have suddenly attacked them. However, when ZIM formulates a plan to take control of The Massive in an attempt to force the Almighty Tallest to come visit him, he puts the lives of the Almighty Tallest in jeopardy as the rebel group decides to exploit the opportunity to attack and possibly destroy The Massive while she’s most vulnerable. Tallest Red and Tallest Purple do everything they can to take back control of the ship, though they aren’t too pleased when they discover that ZIM is behind the events that are taking place.
Guest Stars: Wally Wingert as Prisoner #777 / Resisty Computer | Olivia d'Abo as TAK's Ship
Director: Steve Ressel

39 :02x03 - Mortos der Soulstealer

In hopes of putting an end to ZIM’s schemes, Dib summons a supernatural creature named Mortos der Soulstealer, who steals souls in order to gain more power. However, when Mortos proves to be less professional than Dib had expected, he tries to coax him into unleashing the full might of his power against ZIM. Meanwhile, ZIM and GIR are attempting to unleash their next evil ploy to take over the world, though Dib doesn’t quite understand what exactly it is that they’re supposed to be doing.
Guest Stars: Wally Wingert as Mortos / Darlene O'Booboo
Director: Steve Ressel

40 :02x04 - ZIM Eats Waffles

Dib finally managed to get video surveillance inside of ZIM’s home and he is more than willing to share his discovery with the rest of the Swollen Eyeball Network. However, when it appears that all ZIM is doing today is eating some of the waffles that GIR has been making for him, the Swollen Eyeball Network refuses to take Dib’s claims seriously. However, it doesn’t take long for some bizarre yet unrelated events to take place that causes ZIM’s day to be anything but ordinary.
Guest Stars: Danny Cooksey as Pizza Man, Agent Disembodied Head | Richard Steven Horvitz as FBI Officers
Director: Steve Ressel

41 :02x05 - The Girl Who Cried Gnome

ZIM is surprised when a girl scout comes to his home in order to sell him cookies, so he activates his garden gnomes and they proceed to remove her from the premises. However, when the girl gets her leg stuck in a hole on his property, the entire world starts to watch the event and ZIM is worried that the extra attention could jeopardize his mission. Dib contemplates trying to use the extra media attention to his advantage as well, though when ZIM makes the first move and attempts to trick President Man into doing something that could destroy the world, Dib must do everything he can to convince President Man to try a more reasonable rescue mission.
Guest Stars: Richard Steven Horvitz as Old Man | Eliza Schneider as Moofy | Jeffrey Jones (1) as President Man | Jocelyn Blue as Greg
Director: Steve Ressel
Writer: Rob Hummel

42 :02x06 - Dibship Rising

Dib decides to upload his personality into the Irken ship that he had stolen from Tak. However, when the ship starts to think its human and that it is the real Dib, he must find a way to get the ship to realize that he is nothing more than a ship. When ZIM realizes what Dib has done, he decides to exploit the opportunity in order to override Dib’s ship and force it to destroy Dib, though Dib feels that he may just be able to reason with the ship, since it does have his exact personality.
Guest Stars: Olivia d'Abo as TAK's Ship | Jocelyn Blue as Pedestrian
Director: Steve Ressel

43 :02x07 - Vindicated!

After a dodgeball accident, Dib is forced to go to the guidance counselor, in which he expresses to the counselor that he’ll just mock him and call him crazy if he told him what happened. However, when the guidance counselor carefully listens to Dib and even agrees with him, the two decide to team up in order to catch ZIM and prove that he’s an alien. Dib runs off in order to prepare for their plan and to trick ZIM into arriving at the prepared location, though the guidance counselor proves to have his own tricks up his sleeve.
Guest Stars: Fred Tatasciore as Mr. Dwicky
Director: Steve Ressel

44 :02x08 - The Voting of the Doomed

The school elections are taking place and ZIM decides to run for the position in order to be one step closer to acquiring world domination. However, Dib doesn’t want to let that happen and he decides to help Willy, ZIM’s competitor, win the election through telling him what exactly he needs to say. As Election Day draws near, the two groups start to say more and more outrageous things in an attempt to curry the favor of the voters, though neither of them realizes what horrible fate lies in wait for them if they actually do win the election.
Guest Stars: Mo Collins as Zita
Director: Steve Ressel

45 :02x09 - Gaz, Taster of Pork

When Dib discovers that one of his old spell drives has two points left on it, he decides to try to cast a spell on himself in order to try to gain some abilities to defeat ZIM. However, when he’s uncertain what the spells do, he decides to cast one on Gaz in order to try to see what happens with her, in order to determine if he wishes to cast the spell on himself. When Gaz awakes the next morning, she discovers that everything she eats tastes like pork, though when she discovers that Dib is responsible, she demands that he finds a cure or risk an eternity of suffering her wrath.
Guest Stars: S. Scott Bullock as Mr. Elliot | John Garry (1) as Mysterious Mysteries Anchor
Director: Steve Ressel

46 :02x10 - The Frycook What Came From All That Space

When Sizz-Lorr captures ZIM and takes him back to Foodcourtia in order to continue his banishment, ZIM decides to do what he can in order to escape. However, since his last escape from the planet, several new security features have been installed that may actually prevent him from ever getting back to Earth. As the Great Foodening is drawing near, ZIM must try to fight back Sizz-Lorr and escape from the planet or risk losing his valuable position as an Irken Invader. Meanwhile, GIR lets Dib into ZIM’s house and Dib tries to figure out more about the Irken race and its leaders.
Guest Stars: Wally Wingert as Alien Customer #2 / Taxi Station Announcer | Mo Collins as Zita | Jim Wise as Sizz-Lorr | Eric Trueheart as Eric the Blob
Director: Steve Ressel
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 30, 2001
Ended: August 19, 2006
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