Invader ZIM


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A show I overlooked for far too long.Rating: 2 likes, 0 dislikes
I don’t know how I seemed to overlook this show for so long. This is a show I have just recently come to watch, and from the first episode I saw, The Frycook, I was hooked. There are several possible reasons that I may have become hooked on the series. Firstly is the humour, I love the humour, and I also have an automatic bias towards futuristic style comedies, this show certainly fulfilled its purpose in providing a futuristic style setting in modern day earth. Being a former fast food worker myself and watching the Frycook episode first I felt I could relate with the horrors of it, especially with the accurateness in which they portrayed it. The foodening reminded me of those horrible Saturday rushes therefore I was able to sympathise with those workers trapped in it.

I also like the multidimensional humour, its got the basic humour that a younger fan of the series might like, then behind the basic jokes, there might be an even deeper Joke which more analytical people might come to enjoy. I certainly noticed this with the human slave reference, where Zim takes a career test where he had to identify what he saw within several blotches. As he wanted to become ruler of the human race, he answered every single question as human slave. His career type was named as fast food worker. A younger fan might appreciate the humour in zim getting a Job description other then the one he wanted. A more aware fan might also link the result back to how zim was supposed to be still outcast as a fast food worker. It goes a step further with as I saw it as a nice reference to a fast food worker, a human slave. That is but 1 example of how the humour can be extended to be enjoyed by many.

The characters are also interesting. Gir certainly provides us with many laughs as Zim’s incompetent robot accomplice, much of his humour is reliant on great timing with his actions rather then just acting like a 2 year old. If I had 1 qualm though it would be that I would have liked more episodes where Gir fights or takes down an enemy other then Zim.

I also like the sort of dumb, sort of smart feel that the tallest are portrayed with. They mostly act quite laid back and a little substandard, yet around Zim, and those less intelligent they almost seem to have some sense in them, yet maybe the fact that most of the people they encounter are less then competent so we automatically draw a comparison.

Dib and Gaz are 2 of the most interesting non lead characters in the series. As in most other series the main protagonist has a nemesis, Zim has Dib, the only person in the world that realises that Zim is an alien. Sometimes one might feel sorry for Dib after all the work he puts into saving the human race he is just persecuted and considered weird and especially by his sister, who is always threatening him, yet the blame does not lie with everyone else as Dibs methods can prove inefficient helping his downfall whenever he tries to convict Zim. Gaz, Dibs sister also realises that Zim is an alien, but she also realises that Zim has a high level of incompetence and does not fear that he would successfully destroy the world due to that fact. For this reason she is happy to sit there playing her video game rather then help Dib save the world. Most of the Jokes involving Gaz have been a little flat, yet she is still a central character nevertheless.

It is this combination of interesting characters and multidimensional humour that grabbed my attention and although my only available viewing so far has been youtube, I thoroughly enjoyed my viewing experience. Great show, should be uncancelled.

Review posted on Wednesday, October 11th 2006 at 2:38 am