Season 4

52 :04x01 - Batali vs. Cosentino

San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino faces Mario Batali. Judges: Ted Allen; Jeffrey Steingarten; Donatella Arpaia.

53 :04x02 - Cora vs. Myers

Los Angeles chef David Myers is the challenger against Cat Cora. Judges: Soledad O'Brien; Mo Rocca; Karine Bakhoum.

54 :04x03 - Flay vs. Bowles (Chocolate Battle)

Chicago chef Graham Bowles and Iron Chef Bobby Flay face off in a chocolate challenge. Judges: Ted Allen; Karine Bakhoum; Jeffrey Steingarten.

55 :04x04 - Flay vs. Crawford

Toronto chef Lynn Crawford faces off with Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Judges: Ted Allen; Mark Ecko; Jeffrey Steingarten.

56 :04x05 - Flay vs. Andres

Washington, D.C., chef Jose Andres and Bobby Flay compete. Judges: Tim Ryan; Rene Syler; Jeffrey Steingarten.

57 :04x06 - Morimoto vs. Hopkins

Atlanta chef Linton Hopkins is the challenger against Masaharu Morimoto. Judges: Cady Huffman; Michael Auslin; Akiko Katayama.

58 :04x07 - Flay vs. Kelly

A grill-off pits Iron Chef Bobby Flay against New York chef Peter Kelly.

59 :04x08 - Morimoto vs. Love

Texas chef Tim Love and Masaharu Morimoto compete. Judges: Akiko Katayama; Cady Huffman; Jeffrey Steingarten.

60 :04x09 - Batali/Abou-Ganim vs. Gadsby/Albert

Mixologists Tony Abou-Ganim and Bridget Albert compete alongside chefs Mario Batali and Robert Gadsby, respectively, to pair five original dishes with unique drinks.

Source: Food Network

61 :04x10 - Flay vs. Murphy

Chef Marc Murphy challenges Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

Source: Food Network