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Season 3

43 :03x01 - Saturday Night in Venice

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Guest Stars: Jack Betts as Garrison
Director: Jack Arnold

44 :03x02 - Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars?

On the Riviera, Alexander Mundy is mistaken for "George," a legendary spy, by three foreign agents seeking to buy plutonium.

45 :03x03 - The Beautiful People

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Guest Stars: Teri Garr as Maggie Philbin

46 :03x04 - The Great Casino Caper

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Guest Stars: Fred Astaire as Allister Mundy
Director: Jack Arnold

47 :03x05 - Flowers From Alexander

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Director: Bruce Kessler

48 :03x06 - The Blue, Blue Danube

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Guest Stars: Bill Cort as Whitman
Director: Bruce Kessler

49 :03x07 - The Three Virgins of Rome

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Director: Jack Arnold

50 :03x08 - Payoff in the Piazza

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Guest Stars: Carla Borelli as Queen Consort
Director: Gerd Oswald

51 :03x09 - The King of Thieves

Alexander Mundy, desperately trying to rescue a kidnapped girl, turns for help to the king of Rome's petty crooks.
Director: Bruce Kessler

52 :03x10 - A Friend in Deed

Guido Cadarenzi has so much faith in the ability of alexander Mundy to survive that he names Mundy as the thief who stole the Sorcean file listing the names of the dreaded Brotherhood.
Guest Stars: Walter Mathews as Antonio
Director: Bruce Kessler

53 :03x11 - The Second Time Around

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Guest Stars: Alice Ghostley as Miss Prillo

54 :03x12 - The Old Who Came in From the Spy

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Guest Stars: Bernard Fox as Mr. Miles

55 :03x13 - To Lure a Man

Alexander Mundy agrees to lure Mr. Jack of the SIA to his apartment after Red spy chief Teknikov threatens his date.
Guest Stars: Read Morgan as George | Frances Stevenson as Third Woman | Joseph Cotten as Mr. Jack | Christina Sinatra as Ellen Peters | Wilfrid Hyde-White as Technikov | George Murdock as Devon | Peter Brocco as Franz Stanus | Troy Melton as Edward | Lora Kaye as First Woman | Lucy Bush as Second Woman | Elizabeth St. Clair as Arlene
Director: Barry Shear
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

56 :03x14 - The Scorpio Drop

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Guest Stars: Eduard Franz as Mr. Johnson | Dennis G. Turner as Freddie Millard
Director: Robert Gist
Writer: William Bast

57 :03x15 - Nice Girls Marry Stockbrokers

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Guest Stars: Geoffrey Holder as Paul Trion

58 :03x16 - The Steal-Driving Man

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59 :03x17 - Touch of Magic

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Director: Gerd Oswald

60 :03x18 - Fortune City

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61 :03x19 - Situation Red

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Guest Stars: William Conrad as the Countdown
Director: Joseph Sargent

62 :03x20 - To Sing a Song of Murder

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Guest Stars: Beah Richards as Sister Martha Gowen | The Fifth Dimension as Themselves

63 :03x21 - The Suzie Simone Caper

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Guest Stars: Murray Matheson as Harry Fulham | Susan Saint James as Charlene "Chuck" Brown | Jane Morgan (1) as Suzie Simone
Director: Don Taylor (1)

64 :03x22 - An Evening With Alister Mundy

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Guest Stars: Lynn Kellogg as Gabriella
Director: Jack Arnold

65 :03x23 - Beyond a Treasonable Doubt

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Guest Stars: Read Morgan as Wilett
Director: Barry Shear
Writer: Norman Hudis

66 :03x24 - Project "X"

Al Mundy matches wits with a mad scientist aboard a plane to a scientific meeting in Melbourne. Alexander Mundy is assigned to guard Professor Howard Moses, one of several scuemtists summoned to a meeting in Melbourne and slated to die en route. The passengers aboard the plane are advised, via the movie projector, that the scientists must die because they have polluted the earth. Eight meet death and Moses is designated the next victim as Al and stewardess Ellen Porter search for the sudden death machine.
Guest Stars: Wally Cox as Professor Howard Moses | John Colicos as The Man | Keye Luke as Dr. Tanu | Christina Sinatra as Ellen Porter | Lloyd Bochner as Dr. George Kingsford | Katherine Woodville as Laurie MacGuire | Hanna Hertelendy as Mme. Kovney | Ben Astar as Dr. Dubleski | Richard Loo as General Wong | Kenneth Tobey as Captain Benny
Director: Jack Arnold
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 09, 1968
Ended: September 14, 1970
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