To Steal a Battleship - Recap

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Al arrives at the airport in Kronborg, Denmark, and makes his way through customs. A chauffeur informs him that Noah is waiting for him and escorts him out of the terminal. However, an attractive blonde grabs Al and kisses him. He greets her as “sweetheart” and she says she has a surprise for him. She tells him that there’s a man in the phone booth behind him and kisses Al again. The Blonde says that the man has a gun and will shoot Al if he doesn’t do what she tells him. She tells Al to get on a plane and he agrees as long as she comes with him. They go into the terminal together and the armed man, wearing a disguise, follows them, while the chauffeur sees Al being lead away and goes after him. The Blonde takes him to the gate and gives him a ticket to Geneva. The armed man comes up and tells Al to get going, and the thief heads down the boarding corridor.

Noah is at a private office when the chauffeur arrives and tells him that Al got back aboard the plane, but not with the Blonde. As the SIA director prepares to order a search, Al comes in and asks what happened to the chauffeur, who hastily leaves. Noah demands an explanation and Al explains what happened and that he slipped out the rear of the plane, but admits he wouldn’t recognize the gunman. Noah takes him to a car and explains that Al’s target is Bjornsen, a major diplomatic VIP with access to NATO defense secrets. Bjornsen is attempting to sell them and his government wouldn’t believe any charges against him. The papers are somewhere in Bjornsen’s massive villa, and the SIA’s floorplans don’t indicate where the safe is. Noah is taking Al to a hotel where he’ll meet with the local SIA agent, Irena Damos, at the Kronborg Hotel and exchange passwords.

At the hotel lobby, Al approaches an attractive woman and gives her the code phrase. She walks off and Irena identifies herself, and leads him to a table. Irena gets down to business and says that Bjornsen and his wife are hosting a fashion show the next day. She designed the clothes for it and obtained an invitation for Al posing as an American fashion photographer. Al explains that he doesn’t have the plans for the villa and Irena promises to go over them with him. She asks about the trouble at the airport and wonders if it’s Bjornsen and if so, how he found out about Al. Al continues flirting with her, much to her disgust, and tells her to go to the villa and introduce himself. If they’re surprised to see him, Irena figures that means Bjornsen was responsible. However, Al figures it was someone else but Irena insists, saying she’ll make all the decisions.

Al drives to the villa and two German Shepherds come running up. The guard lets Al through and he’s escorted to Mrs. Bjornsen. She says that she’s surprised to see him because she was informed he cancelled his visit. Before she can explain, her husband calls her away and whispers something to her. Mrs. Bjornsen then presents her husband and his bodyguard, Dimitri. They confirm Al’s identification and then tell him that he will arrive when specified and restrict himself to the area around the fashion show, and leave immediately thereafter. Once Bjornsen and Dimitri leave, Al asks Mrs. Bjornsen where she heard that he wouldn’t be arriving, and she explains that someone called and said that his magazine was sending another photographer. She doesn’t remember the name but does confirm that the caller said he was at the Kronborg Hotel.

Back at the hotel, Al meets with Irena and they have drinks. She wants to find out who tried to send Al out of the country but Al reminds her that the man was in disguise. Al suggests that they go for a country drive and go dancing, but she refuses. As they talk, Al spots the Blonde outside, wearing a designer swimsuit, and points her out to Irena. They follow her to the hotel pool where she appears to be looking for someone. Al approaches her and grabs her when she tries to run, threatening to shove her into the pool and ruin her suit. The Blonde caves and points out the gunman, George, who is seated at a table.

They go over and George greets Al by name. He’s holding a gun beneath a towel and says that he’ll have to get rough. Al knows George as a fellow thief and old friend. George has him sit down and they talk, and Al calls Irena over to introduce George as a “business acquaintance.” He tells her to inform their mutual friend that George was the one behind the airport abduction. George sends the Blonde away, saying he can’t afford her, and admits that things are tight. He then explains that a friend of his in Paris overheard Al order airplane tickets using the alias of Collins and figured he was up to something. George tells Al to get lost because he’s after the Bjornsen Necklace and was there for it first. Al recognizes it by name and suggests they consider a merger since he figures George knows where the safe is. George does, but refuses to team up. He tells Al to leave and walks away.

Later, Al meets with up with Noah and tells him about George, warning that he’s clever and resourceful but doesn’t know about the NATO papers. He admits that George won’t trade or let himself be paid off because he has ethics. Noah gets a call informing him that Bjornsen has sold the papers and a courier is on the way for a pickup the next night. Al figures that George has made a diagram of the safe and asks Noah to get him out of the country while he searches his luggage.

Back at the hotel, Al points George out to two SIA agents posing as police officers and they inform him that he’s no longer welcome. Al then breaks into George’s room and realizes the Blonde is taking a shower in the bathroom. He opens George’s suitcase and finds the plans hidden inside. The Blonde finishes and comes out, and Al kisses her, shuts her into the bathroom, and makes his escape.

Al shows Irena the plans and they determine the best way in past the alarms. He figures George was going to plant a silence device before he looked for the necklace. They locate the safe but the plans don’t identify which of ten identical rooms on the tenth floor that it is in. Al spots a display case on the plans and Irena explains that it contains a rare golden model of a Viking longship. They figure that it’s in the same room as the safe and all they need to do is find it to find the safe.

When Al returns to his room, he finds the Blonde waiting for him. George is also waiting with a gun and explains that the phony police ran into real police. He asks for the floorplans and tells them to hand them over or he’ll shoot. Al finally directs them to a hiding spot under the rug and offers to get them, but George goes for them instead. When he kneels to get them, Al shoves a chair at him. They struggle while the Blonde eats an apple and watches them demolish the room. Al finally gets the upper hand and George offers to show him the safe and split the take. After a moment, Al agrees.

The next morning, Noah calls to tell Al that George got away. Al explains about their deal and insists that there’s no catch, but Noah refuses to support actual thievery. He insists that stealing the NATO papers is political expediency but Al tells him they don’t have a choice and hangs up. Irena comes in using her own key and gets a washcloth for the blood from the fight. She tells Al that Bain has sent the things Al asked for, including an invitation for the fashion show. Al ignores her and orders breakfast for two, but she tells him to order it for one and walks out.

Later, Al and George head out and George discusses a full-time partnership. However, the Blonde comes over to kiss Al and George knocks him out. He then tosses Al into a car and drives off. They tie him up, toss him in some bushes, take his invitation, and drive for the Bjornsen villa where the guard lets them in.

Al wakes up and frees himself, and starts walking down the road.

At the reception, George takes photos and the Blonde asks for a drink. He ignores her as best he can and asks the servant where he can finds Mrs. Bjornsen. George confirms that she’s not wearing the necklace and figures that it’s in the safe. Irena spots them and asks where Al is, and doesn’t believe George’s denials. When she threatens to expose him, he threatens to expose her and walks off with the Blonde. Once they leave, Irena calls to tell Noah that Al hasn’t shown up. They figure he’s been shanghaied and Noah tells Irena that the courier will arrive that night to make the exchange.

Al climbs over the wall of the villa and slips pass a kissing couple. He meets Irena inside and confirms that George is heading for the safe. She tells him about the courier and tells Al to find the safe, and he figures that George is near it. Al spots the Blonde, grabs her, and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t tell him where George is. She gives in and tells Al that George is going to the safe, but she doesn’t know where it is. The courier arrives and Irena spots him, while the Blonde tells Al that the safe is in the room above the terrace. Irena is out of ideas and agrees to follow Al’s lead. He grabs the camera bag with his kit and they go out on the terrace. According to George’s plans, the alarm wires are at the base of the building near the terrace. They find George’s silencing system and a guard comes over, and Al kisses Irena as cover. Once he leaves, Irena refuses to play games and Al says that it’s in the line of duty. There are two rooms above the terrace and Al tells Irena to watch Bjornsen and let him know if he moves.

While Irena goes back inside, Al shuts down the silencer on the alarm system. The alarm goes off and George, trying to open the safe, runs off. Bjornsen reassures his guests, explaining that it’s a test, while two of Bjornsen’s men run out of the room. Irena goes outside as Al spots a light come on in one of the rooms. He tells Irena to stage a diversion while he climbs up to the room with the safe. Inside is the room with the model longship. Dimitri and another security man confirm that someone tried to open the safe and the other man goes back to Bjornsen. Al goes over to the room’s second window and sneaks in, and then knocks Dimitri out. The thief then locks the door and goes to work on the safe.

Irene sees the second security man return and tell Bjornsen, who assures his wife that the thief was frightened off and her necklace is safe. When Bjornsen prepares to take the courier upstairs to get the NATO papers, Irena screams and begs the diplomat for help, claiming there was a man with a gun out on the terrace. Bjornsen shoves her aside and goes upstairs with the courier.

Upstairs, Al gets the safe open and studies the necklace. He takes it and discovers that the only thing in the safe is a small golden oar. Realizing that it’s a key, he inserts it into the model longboat, opening a secret compartment containing the papers. As Al removes them, Bjornsen discovers that the door is locked and starts banging on it. Al gets out just in time and climbs back down to the terrace. However, George is waiting for him with a gun and takes the necklace. Once George runs off, Al smiles in satisfaction and whistles for Bjornsen. He points out George and the diplomat unleashes the dogs. Al and Irena watch as George runs for it and Al hands over the papers.

Later, Al is going to catch his plane when George and the Blonde spot him. The Blonde kisses him and George secretly pickpockets Al’s plane ticket. He then explains that he managed to escape the dogs but had to abandon the necklace. Once George leaves, the Blonde tells Al that George took his ticket. Al knows, and says that he wanted George to take them so he could be with the Blonde.