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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Gets Invincible

The Philadelphia Eagles are holding tryouts for the public, and Mac and Dennis use this as an opportunity to prove who the better football player is. Dee joins the competition, determined to outplay both of them. Charlie and Frank also get in on the events by tailgating the tryouts. Unfortunately, their plans are disrupted by the McPoyles, who are there to support their brother.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x2
Production Number: IP03010
Airdate: Thursday September 13th, 2007
Network: FX
Special Airtime: 10:30 pm

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Comedy Central) Aug 09, 2009

Guest Stars
Jimmi SimpsonJimmi Simpson
As Liam McPoyle
Nate MooneyNate Mooney
As Ryan McPoyle
Artemis PebdaniArtemis Pebdani
As Artemis
Geoffrey OwensGeoffrey Owens
As Middle Age Black Guy (McNabb Imposter)
Faizon LoveFaizon Love
As Coach
Bob RuschBob Rusch
As Doyle McPoyle

Co-Guest Stars
Thesy SurfaceThesy Surface
As Margaret McPoyle
Philip NewbyPhilip Newby
As Nebbish Guy
Main Cast
Charlie DayCharlie Day
As Charlie Kelly
Glenn HowertonGlenn Howerton
As Dennis Reynolds
Kaitlin OlsonKaitlin Olson
As Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds
Danny DeVitoDanny DeVito
As Frank Reynolds
Episode Quotes
Dennis: (to Dee) Well, there are plenty of other sports that women can try out for.
Mac: Yeah.
Dennis: Like, uh, cooking and, uh...
Mac: Complaining to your—to your friends about your boyfriends.
Dennis: Yeah, playing—playing at ballet, and, uh...
Mac: Cleaning, displaying, uh, cars at auto shows in tiny bikinis.
Dennis: Yeah, and when you get older, you can play bridge together.

Frank: (about tailgating) No, this is gonna be exactly like Woodstock.
Dee: Oh, is it? Ooh, are you planning on getting yourself locked in the bathroom of your cousin's Winnebago for three days?
Frank: Shut up about that. I survived on hand soap and toilet water for three days. The memory haunts me.

Mac: You see how many yahoos are trying out?
Dennis: Oh, yeah, yeah. I've seen a lot of people wearing capes.
Mac: There are like fifteen guys wearing capes.
Dennis: You've seen that? Why would you wear a cape? What advantage does that give you?
Mac: Absolutely none.

Frank: How you feelin'?
Charlie: Annoyed.
Frank: There's nothing kicking in yet?
Charlie: What are you talking about, the beer?
Frank: No, the acid.
Charlie: I did not take any acid, remember?
Frank: Oh, yeah, you did. (laughs)
Charlie: What are you talking about?
Frank: I put a shitload of it in your beer.
Charlie: (shouting) What? Is that what all these little pieces of paper were floating in my beer? I drank all that shit, dude! There was like a ton of acid in there!

Coach: You're up, man.
Dennis: Oh, uh, hittin's not really my thing, Coach.
Coach: Spoken like a true champion. You just might make the team!
Dennis: Awesome, really?
Coach: (laughing) Jesus Christ.

(after Dee has kicked the football incredibly far)
Mac: Maybe it was a lucky kick.
Dennis: No. No, those stork-like legs, they act like pendulums, and on the bottoms of those pendulums, feet like wrecking balls.

Charlie: (dressed head to toe in green spandex) Wait, wait! When the hell did I put Green Man on?
Dennis: I don't know.
Frank: That lizard talks!
Charlie: Where? Where? I don't like lizards!

Frank: (to Charlie, dressed in green spandex) Lizard, am I standing in poop?

Cultural References
Fat Guy: They're holding tryouts for the public. Like in that movie, Invincible.
Charlie: Oh, was that the one where the guy from the New Kids on the Block makes it on to the Eagles?

Invincible, as referenced here and in the episode title, is based on the true story of Vince Papale, a bartender from Philadelphia who earned the chance to play for the Eagles after participating in open tryouts. Papale is played by Mark Wahlberg, who was briefly in the '80s boy band New Kids on the Block. Though he quit the group early on, his older brother Donnie remained a member.

Frank: (about tailgating) No, this is gonna be exactly like Woodstock.

Woodstock is a music festival that was originally held in Bethel, New York in the summer of 1969. Hundreds of thousands of people were in the audience for the three-day event. It is notorious for its general and excessive debauchery.

Mac: (about the McNabb impersonator) Was that the guy from The Cosby Show?
Dennis: Was that the guy from The Cosby Show?
Coach: That's not the guy from The Cosby Show.
Mac: Yeah, he was married to Sondra.
Dennis: Elvin! Elvin!
Mac: Yeah, they had Raven-Symoné, That's So Raven!

The guy they're referring to is Elvin Tibideaux from the '80s sitcom The Cosby Show. In actuality, it really was Geoffrey Owens, the actor who played Elvin on the show.

Mac mistakenly states that Elvin and his wife Sondra were the parents of Olivia, the character played by Raven-Symoné (who recently starred in her own sitcom That's So Raven). However, Olivia's parents were Martin and Denise Kendall.

Episode References
A faint tattoo is visible on Charlie's left arm. This is from the episode "Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad," in which Charlie gave himself a tattoo with an unbent paperclip. It reads "BADNEWS."

(Liam holds out his fist and insists that Charlie bump it)
Charlie: (resisting) I'm not bumpin' you, all right? I don't—I never bumped him once and I'm not gonna bump him—
Frank: All right, whatever. No bumping.

Charlie previously denied Liam a fist bump in the episode "Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass."

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