It's Me Or The Dog (US)

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 16/Apr/2007 Jimi and Duke
2 1x02 24/Apr/2007 Penny, Fudge, Mouse, Blue Cookie, and Toby
3 1x03 30/Apr/2007 Teddy Pom Pom
4 1x04 07/May/2007 Pongo
5 1x05 14/May/2007 Lilly
6 1x06 21/May/2007 Diesel the Husky
7 1x07 28/May/2007 Pugsley
8 1x08 04/Jun/2007 Toadie and Smartie
9 1x09 11/Jun/2007 Rufus
10 1x10 15/Jun/2007 Pixie and Tyson
11 1x11 18/Jun/2007 Bailey
12 1x12 25/Jun/2007 Max
13 1x13 09/Jul/2007 Rex
14 1x14 16/Jul/2007 Tallulah
15 1x15 23/Jul/2007 Ben
16 1x16 30/Jul/2007 Red and Jasper
17 1x17 10/Aug/2007 Jodie Marsh
18 1x18 10/Aug/2007 Lucy
19 1x19 17/Aug/2007 Bumble and Doogle
20 1x20 17/Aug/2007 Buster and Morgan
21 1x21 20/Aug/2007 Jilly Johnson's Great Danes
22 1x22 24/Aug/2007 Teo
23 1x23 27/Aug/2007 Bailey Crufts
24 1x24 31/Aug/2007 Jimi and Duke Update
25 1x25 28/Sep/2007 Teddy Pom Pom Update
26 1x26 12/Oct/2007 Bailey Crufts
27 1x27 14/Oct/2007 It's Me or the Fat Dog

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
28 2x01 09/Feb/2008 Widget and Gizmo
29 2x02 16/Feb/2008 Harvey
30 2x03 01/Mar/2008 Jed
31 2x04 08/Mar/2008 Chaos
32 2x05 15/Mar/2008 Roxy and Rio
33 2x06 22/Mar/2008 Niles
34 2x07 29/Mar/2008 Zulu
35 2x08 12/Apr/2008 It's Me or the Fat Dog Update
36 2x09 19/Apr/2008 Lottie
37 2x10 26/Apr/2008 Peanut
38 2x11 03/May/2008 Toby
39 2x12 10/May/2008 Molly and Alfie
40 2x13 19/Jul/2008 Bumble and Doogle Update

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
41 3x01 11/Oct/2008 Boxed In
42 3x02 18/Oct/2008 The Prince of Chaos
43 3x03 25/Oct/2008 The Triplets of Terror
44 3x04 01/Nov/2008 The Fickle Five
45 3x05 08/Nov/2008 The Not So Great Dane
46 3x06 15/Nov/2008 The Chief of Jealousy
47 3x07 22/Nov/2008 The Wild and Wacky Weimaraners
61 3x07 18/Jul/2009 Top 10 Difficult Dogs
48 3x08 29/Nov/2008 The Monsterous Mutts
49 3x09 13/Dec/2008 Untamed and Untrained
50 3x10 20/Dec/2008 Boys vs. Girls
51 3x11 03/Jan/2009 Toilet Trouble
52 3x12 10/Jan/2009 Bullheaded Bulldog
53 3x13 17/Jan/2009 No Small Problem
54 3x14 24/Jan/2009 Bad Apple
55 3x15 07/Feb/2009 Pit Bull Predicament
56 3x16 14/Feb/2009 Puppy Love
57 3x17 21/Feb/2009 The Loves of His Life
58 3x18 28/Feb/2009 Hollywood Hounds
59 3x19 07/Mar/2009 Making Room for Baby
60 3x20 14/Mar/2009 Growing Pains

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
61 4x01 01/Aug/2009 Pool Party
62 4x02 08/Aug/2009 Summer Cookout
63 4x03 15/Aug/2009 Unhappy Campers
64 4x04 22/Aug/2009 The Dog Spinster
65 4x05 29/Aug/2009 Dog Days of Summer
66 4x06 02/Jan/2010 The Berry Bunch
67 4x07 09/Jan/2010 House of Horror
68 4x08 16/Jan/2010 Great Dane Devotion
69 4x09 23/Jan/2010 Tiny Tyrant
70 4x10 30/Jan/2010 Killer Instincts
71 4x11 13/Feb/2010 Operation: Baghdad Dog
72 4x12 20/Feb/2010 Dangerous Territory
73 4x13 06/Mar/2010 Nervous Newlyweds
74 4x14 13/Mar/2010 Weathering the Storm
75 4x15 20/Mar/2010 Man vs. Manny
76 4x16 27/Mar/2010 Ask Victoria
77 4x17 03/Apr/2010 Three Pampered Pups
78 4x18 17/Apr/2010 Lazy Dog Days
79 4x19 24/Apr/2010 Florence and Fiona
80 4x20 01/May/2010 Bulldog Battle
81 4x21 08/May/2010 Living on the Edge
82 4x22 15/May/2010 Feisty Females
83 4x23 22/May/2010 Puppy Special
84 4x24 05/Jun/2010 Double Trouble
85 4x25 12/Jun/2010 Bully Breeds
86 4x26 19/Jun/2010 The Un-Adoptables

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 5x00 Unaired This Dog is Ready to Implode
87 5x01 08/Jan/2011 Menace to High Society
88 5x02 15/Jan/2011 The Castle Goes to the Dogs
89 5x03 22/Jan/2011 The Terrier Takes Manhattan
90 5x04 29/Jan/2011 Bad to the Bone
91 5x05 05/Feb/2011 The Rocky Road
92 5x06 09/Apr/2011 The Woof Pack
93 5x07 16/Apr/2011 Bone of Contention
94 5x08 23/Apr/2011 Six Chihuahuas Under
95 5x09 30/Apr/2011 'Til Dogs Do Us Part
96 5x10 07/May/2011 Dakota Territory
97 5x11 14/May/2011 Taming Indiana
98 5x12 21/May/2011 Calamitous Canines
99 5x13 02/Jun/2012 Living in a Prison
100 5x14 09/Jun/2012 Episode #100 - Family Trauma
101 5x15 14/Jun/2012 Saving Snooki
102 5x16 23/Jun/2012 He Needs to Go
103 5x17 07/Jul/2012 Last Chance at Love
104 5x18 14/Jul/2012 Jersey Girls
105 5x19 17/Jul/2012 Where's My Treat?
106 5x20 24/Jul/2012 A House Divided
107 5x21 31/Jul/2012 Day Care Crisis

S04 - #126/Jun/2010Victoria's Outdoor SecretsN/A
S04 - #226/Jun/2010Victoria's Indoor SecretsN/A

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