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Jack of All Trades: The Floundering Father

One of the founding fathers has been kidnapped. While on a mission to build a great and powerful weapon, Benjamin Franklin has gone missing. Jack and Emilia are ordered to hunt down the kidnappers and rescue the famed inventor.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: 1309
Airdate: Saturday February 05th, 2000

Guest Stars
Stuart DevenieStuart Devenie
As Governor Croque
Stephen PappsStephen Papps
As Captain Brogard
Hori AhipeneHori Ahipene
As Blackbeard
Shemp WooleyShemp Wooley
voiced Jean-Claude
John SumnerJohn Sumner
As Benjamin Franklin
Main Cast
Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell
As Jack Stiles / The Daring Dragoon
Angela DotchinAngela Dotchin
As Emilia Rothschild
Episode Notes
Emilia builds a submarine.

The infamous Blackbeard does work for Governor Croque.

Episode Quotes
Jack: What is all the racket? For the love of God, it’s an indecent hour.
Emilia: It’s 4:00 in the afternoon.
Jack: Apology accepted.

Emilia: Franklin was born to British parents who clearly infused him with proper traits of ingenuity, self-discipline, and culture.
Jack: Oh, really? Well, let me ask you a question. If his parents were so thrilled to e a couple of English muffins, why were they willing to suffer a four-month-black-plaque-rat-infested ship cruise just to get the hell out of there?

Jack: Wait a minute. You can’t pass for a French soldier with those jubblies. You gotta hide them.
Emilia: It may surprise you to know, Jack, they’re not detachable.

Emilia: Ten of your American dollars says God is a woman.
Jack: Well, that explains why we’re always trying to please her and nothing we ever do is good enough.

Emilia: Jack, Jack, Jack, you must learn to think three-dimensionally.
Jack: Oh, I do. What are you, 36-24-36?

Ben Franklin: May I suggest that we make like shuffleboard players and get the PUCK out of here.

Jack: Anyone ever tell you you got a dirty mouth?
Blackbeard: Ya, your mother when I was showing her how to wax my plank.

Episode Goofs
Emilia’s submarine wouldn’t most likely be able to go forward because of the paddles wheels. While the lower half would push water back the upper half would push and equivalent amount of water forward causing it to remain in place.

Cultural References
(Referring to Benjamin Franklin.)
Jack: See, that’s why he’s on the c-note, baby.

The c-note, of course, is the hundred dollar bill. The problem is that Benjamin Franklin didn't appear on the hundred dollar bili until 1928.

Blackbeard: Then after a quick dip in the local gentlemen’s establishment, I discovered the painful sensation of lowing fireballs out of me Long John Silver.

Long John Silver is a fictional character in the novel Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson. It wasn't published until the 1880's though.

Jack: here we are in a splashy entrance and all your proper English mind can concoct is, “Your carriage awaits”? This is Ben Franklin, not Cinderella.

Cinderella is a classic rags to riches tale that has roots in literature that date back to first century BC Greece. The most modern and now common version has Cinderella the step-daughter of a mean woman who gets a magical makeover and swoons a young prince.

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