The Runway - Recap

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The scene opens with Jane waking up to her alarm. She gets an outfit out and starts to make it unique. She goes out to meet with Billy and tells him that he is driving. He can’t believe that she is going to keep up the double life. He says that it is a little dramatic. She says that she loves her job. They get to school and they see decorations advertising the High School Formal. She tells Billy that she would like to see him in a tuxedo and agrees. Jane gets a call from her work. She goes to the bathroom and tells them that she is on her way out now. As she rushes through the hall past Nick and he says hello to her. Oblivious, she gives a half-hearted “hello” back and leaves out the door. She and Billy drive over to her work and she runs into work and grabs her package from London.

She gets into her office and Gray is on the phone. She tells Jane that the investors loved her presentation and that she is going to have to go to the Spring Preview this Saturday. She tells her that the line needs to get out and says that she is going to be in charge of getting it all together. She says that she had plans for Saturday Night, but she can cancel. Gray asks Steffano if he thinks that Jane can handle it and he says that he does. Gray hangs up the phone and Jane is not too sure if she is going to be able to do this. Jane talks to her co-workers, Carter and Harper and they tell her that she has to do this. She leaves and India comes in the elevator. She yells at someone over the phone and leaves. The co-workers are horrified. Jane sits down at her desk and Jeremy comes up and says that they should go on a “proper” date. She turns him down. She calls Billy and asks him what she should do. He says that she has to do what she has to do because it is the career that is taking her away from the Formal this Saturday. He says that he has to go when Nick comes up. He asks if he and Jane are a “thing” and Billy says that he isn’t going to allow some “meathead jock” take advantage of her because she is his best friend. He excuses himself when he sees Lulu and her father come up.

Back at Donovan Decker, Jane is trying to get the line ready and Carter comes up and tries to compliment her efforts. India overhears her saying that she is inexperienced and goes over and says that she is over thinking things a bit. She says that the work isn’t “safe” as the investors want it to be. Back on the course, Billy meets Lulu and Judge Pope and says hello to Lulu. She brushes him off and says that she doesn’t want to golf course. They go around the course and Pope says that Billy gave him the wrong club. Pope says that he knows Billy and says that he was in his courtroom. Billy says that is his brother and not him. Pope tries to hit the ball again and hits it to the right. Billy steps up and hits the ball on the green. Pope is not impressed. Back at Donovan Decker, Jeremy comes up and says that she has potential for design. She avoids him and runs off.

India tells Jeremy to come to her and asks if he is avoiding her. She asks if they can get together and he tries to decline her proposal to get together, but she uses her “charms” and persuades him. Jane talks to Gray and shows her the collection of “safe” and she tells her that it is wrong. Jane realizes that India lied to her. She says that she can do this and says that she wants to try again. Gray agrees to allow her to do it. Billy gets ready to close up and Lulu says that she wants to talk to him. She says that her father is over protective and leans in and says that she wants him. He kisses her and Nick catches them. The next day at school, Billy is distracted and he sees Nick and leaves Jane. He runs up to him and he asks if he told anyone. He says that he doesn’t get it. He says that he won’t tell as long as if Billy puts in a good word for Nick. She tells him that it is too good to be true and says that she doesn’t have time to worry about him right now because she has a fashion preview to prep for and it takes her time away from the other things.

India comes up to Jane and tells her that she is not the first to come in and to go out. She tells her that she is not going to listen to India because she just wants her to fail. Lulu talks to Billy and says that no one can know about this and says that she doesn’t want Nick to tell anyone. Billy says that she doesn’t have to worry because it is over. Jeremy meets Jane in her office and gives her his advice and expertise to it. They have fun dressing the mannequins and he says that she did it. She corrects him and says that they did it. Jeremy leans in to kiss Jane and she says that he has a girlfriend. She says that she saw him with India. He says that it is over between them. She says that it didn’t look like it was over and says that she saw them the other day. They laugh and talk through the night.

The next day, Billy calls Jane and is frantic. She tells him that she is getting up now. Ben comes up and says that he has an interview and they play “Paper, Rock Scissors” to settle who gets the bathroom first. Ben says that Jane got a letter. She sits down in shock. Billy comes in and asks what is going on. She says that she got her first paycheck of $1,000. She says that they are rich! She tackles him and Ben walks in on them. He says that they are getting weirder and weirder. Later, Ben is waiting outside the office when Rita Shaw comes up and tells him that he can’t be lingering. He says that he remembered her name this time and says that he has an interview for Assistant Athletic Director. In class, Jane looks at Nick. He looks back and smiles. She turns away. Nick talks to Billy and asks what is going on with Jane. He says that he is not a “meathead jock” as he said before. He tells Billy that he would never tell anyone about Billy and Lulu. Billy says that Nick just needs to talk to Jane to get her attention. Nick goes up to Jane and asks her if she is going to the dance on Saturday. She stumbles through her words and tells him that she will be there. However, she looks at the invite to the Preview and realizes that it is not going to happen.

She talks to Billy about it and says that she cannot miss the Preview. He says that she needs to skip the dance. She says that she has to go. He says that she can’t be in two places at once. She has a plan. She says that she will dance and race back and forth. She says that it will all work out. The night of the dance, Ben goes in and sees that Jane is wearing their mom’s dress. He says that their father would be proud of her. She adjusts the dress to meet her expectations. He says that she looks incredible. Billy gets there and picks up Jane. They get there and she says that she is nervous. He says that he’s got her back. Meanwhile at the Spring Formal, Jeremy looks around for Jane. However, she is not there. Nick goes up to Jane and says that he is glad she is there. They dance and he says that he is lucky because he gets to dance with the prettiest girl. She asks why now though. She tells him that their “7 Minutes in Heaven” when they were in 7th grade. He says that she has changed. Jane looks at her watch and rushes to the bathroom to change.

She gets to the Preview and they get the girls ready. She runs back to the formal and sits next to Nick. Lulu and her friend sit down with them. Jane feels uncomfortable and asks to dance. Lulu blames it on getting hit with a baseball. Jane continues the double take and getting dressed in two outfits while getting ready for the Preview and getting the guy. However, in the mix up, she gets on the Formal dress instead. Gray goes up to India and tells her to keep her eyes off her job. She tries to tell that is not the case, but Gray sees through her. The show is underway and Jane comes in. Jeremy asks about her dress. He asks who designed it and she says that she did. Carter comes in and says that one of the dresses is ruined. They decide to showcase the dress that Jane is wearing. Afterward, Gray says that Jane is definitely cut out for the fashion business. Jane runs back to the dance, but it is over. She walks out and Billy is waiting for her. The episode ends.