The Lookbook - Recap

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The scene opens with Jane getting ready for work and is confused with her outfit. She decides to keep the belt which makes Lulu insult it at school of course. Jane goes up to Nick and second guesses her decision and walks into class and sits next to Billy. He welcomes her with a smile. Later at work, Jane finds a pair that Carter was missing. He says that he does not like the belt on her. He says that he has heard rumors that Gray might not have a job. She gets to her office and gets a call from Gray. She says that she is not in Istanbul and that she is really in Paris. She tells Jane that she needs a “Lookbook” from her to give to Donovan Decker. She says that she has booked Jane on the next flight to Paris in the evening. Jane says that she is unsure about it and says that she doesn’t think that she will be able to go. However, Gray isn’t interested in her excuses and says that she both gets on the plane and gives her the “Lookbook” or else she will be fired. Jane gets the “Lookbook” from the courier and says that she will do what Gray asks.

Tommy’s girlfriend wakes up Billy who Tommy introduces as Xandra. Tommy asks Billy’s opinion of her. He says that he has arranged a deal that allows them to sell drugs and says that he needs $500. Billy turns him down. Meanwhile, Jane gets up and asks Ben what he is doing tonight. He says that he doesn’t know yet. She tells him that she is going to stay over at Lulu’s place. He buys it and she leaves. At school, Lulu goes up to Billy, but he dodges her affection. She picks up on it and asks what the issue is. He says that this whole thing is new to him and then second thinks it. He says that he needs a re-do. She kisses him and she says that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and she doesn’t care what others think. Billy agrees. Jane goes up to Billy and sees that she is happy. She says that she is because she gets to go to Paris. She says that she needs one favor though. Billy tells Lulu about the fact that she has to tell Ben that Jane is over at her house. She doesn’t know about what it would look like on her reputation. Seeing that it upset Billy by saying that, she says that she doesn’t care about the social ramifications. Ben gets to class and has a dodge ball in his hand. He is the P.E. coach and today they are going to play the game.

Jane gets in and Ben tells her to put the book down and to get into the game. She says that she can’t because it is for her Internship and that she can’t let it out of her sight. He tries to not look bad in front of the other students, but Jane won’t listen. He tells her to sit it out. Jane sits next to Nick and she asks how his date was. Nick tells her that she left. Ben says that Nick needs to either get into the game or leave when he sees them talking. Ben goes up to Rita and asks if he is going to Karaoke Night. He says that Jane is staying at Lulu’s and that he doesn’t want to be bored. Rita doesn’t believe that Jane and Lulu are friends. She mentions that she has been talking to Nick Fadden and suggests that Ben talk to Jane about “The Talk”. He says that he needs to fix this. Jane is looking at the “Lookbook” and Billy comes up and says that he can’t believe that she gets to go to Paris. She says that this hopes that this saves Gray’s job. He says that he is working on convincing Lulu to tell the lie. Ben goes up to Nick and tells him to take it easy if he “finds himself at bat” tonight. He is confused. Lulu yells out a thank you to Ben for allowing Jane to stay at her house. Ben realizes that Nick and Jane are not together and tells him to forget what he said.

Jane gets to work and Jeremy and Carter are talking. He says that Diaz, the creative director, is gone and that Gray might be too. Jane goes up to them and India shows up. She excuses herself. India says that it is like Christmas came early for her. She says that everything is going according to plan. Jeremy is confused and India says that Gray and Jane are on their way out. Jane gets to her office and makes sure that she has everything. However, when she looks for the “Lookbook”, it is missing. She frantically searches for it, then calls Billy. He says that he can’t talk. The teacher tells him to hang up, but after finding out the “Lookbook” is missing, he decides to take the detention to help out Jane. He goes outside and asks her where the last place she was. Jane goes up to employees and feels that she knows who took it from her.

She goes into India’s office and watches as she puts a folder similar to the “Lookbook” in a cabinet and locks it. She lies and says that she needs a pen and India throws it. Jane goes into Jeremy’s office and asks him to distract India so that she can get into her office. He agrees and gets India out. She is unsure of his motives and Jane searches in the cabinet as Jeremy talks about their “arrangement” that they have. He doesn’t make any sense and Jane finds out that the “Lookbook” is not in there, but India as a child is. She ignores it and gets out of there. Jane calls back Billy and tells him that she is freaking out. He says that he will look at school and she needs to look at work. They search for it and as Jane is crawling on the floor, India comes up and says that she likes Jane on her knees. Jane lies and says that she lost a contact lens. She pretends to find it. India tells her not to touch her. Jane tries to find it and Carter tells her that she has looked everywhere. She is upset and Carter offers her shoes to make her feel better.

Later, Carter is standing outside with two cups of coffee. Billy comes up and Carter says that he is going to need caffine for this. Billy finds Jane in the shoes and says that she needs to think harder where she was as well. She remembers that she was in a cab. They go to the taxi yard and search through the many cabs. However, they have no luck. She gets back into work and is ready to call Gray. India comes up and says that Jane must be excited for Paris. She tries to lie and say that she has no idea what she is talking about. India shows her the “Lookbook” and tells her that the cab driver dropped it off at the front desk an hour ago. She tells Jane that she doesn’t need Gray’s “Lookbook” to destroy her. Jane is relieved and gets off to Paris. She arrives and is fascinated with Paris. Back in America, Tommy tells Billy to get up and says that he needs a getaway driver for their heist. However, Billy tells him that he is not interested. Tommy tries to convince him, but the answer is still no. Jane is stuck in traffic and gets a message from Gray. She runs around Paris to meet Gray. She drops the “Lookbook” and a man picks it up and gives it to her. She thanks him and says that she has to go. The man watches her leave.

Jane goes up to Grey and tells her that she is there finally. Gray tells her that she is two minutes late and that she missed Donovan Decker. She tells her that she is sorry. Gray tells her that she was appointed as Creative Director and that she has big plans for her and Jane. She smiles and tells Jane to go out and enjoy Paris before she has to go. Jane boards a fairy and takes the boat ride around Paris. She calls Billy and he asks how Paris is treating her. She tells him that she is having a blast. He tells her that Tommy tried to get him to go with him to do an illegal act and Jane says that she is sorry to hear that. She says that he will never believe where she is standing now. Jane walks up to the Eiffel Tower and the episode ends.