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The Wedding Dress - Recap

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The scene opens with Jane designing a dress and Nick and Billy in the same car together as Billy nurses a black eye. India has flowers and Jeremy walks up to Jane and asks her if she really wants to do this. She says that she does. The scene goes back 24 hours earlier where Nick is talking to the students at a Pep Rally. Jane is there got Nick of course. Afterward, Nick goes up to Jane and kisses her. Billy walks off, but Jane says that he can stay. Nick apologizes for Cam’s behavior. Jane plays mediator and says that the three of them can hang out. They try to get out of it, but Jane says that Billy is his best friend and Nick someone they are trying to still figure out. Jane asks Billy if he has talked to Lulu and he says that he hasn’t. He tells Jane that she has a train to catch. In the car, Jane sees a picture of her mom and says that is the best picture of her. Jane tells Billy that they will see her at 8:00pm.

At the studio, Charlotte Whitmore is in trying on a wedding dress that Donovan Decker designed for her. Carter is Star Struck and asks why they are designing wedding dresses. They are not happy because this is the moment of truth. Charlotte says that she doesn’t know about the dress. Jeremy asks what she doesn’t like. She goes through the different employees and asks their opinions. Jane comes in and Charlotte asks for her opinion. She hesitates and Charlotte picks up on this. She walks up to Jane and asks what she doesn’t like about the dress. Jane looks at Jeremy and India who tell her to tell the “truth”. Jane calls the dress too fussy and says that she doesn’t like it. Charlotte tells them that Donovan Decker has little time to come up with a new design or she is going to a different designer. Gray yells at Jane about the mistake that she made. She tells her that Donovan can’t design another dress and that Jeremy is going to have to do it. Gray meets Betsy who asks her about the Whitmore Wedding Dress. Gray lies and says that it is stunning.

Billy gets to the bar and Nick is confused when Billy says that Jane is normally 15-minutes late and Billy is the one who showed up late. He says that he doesn’t want to talk about that and is not very friendly with his conversations. At the studio, Jeremy is freaking out about the design and tells everyone to leave when they come up with nothing that is useful. Jane, Carter and India tell him that they are there to help him. He thanks them for their support. Back at the bar, Billy orders nachos and gets a text from Jane. She says that she isn’t coming and Billy breaks the news to Nick. He asks if Billy’s girlfriend has ever done this to him and make him wait. Billy catches on that Nick just called Jane his girlfriend and he realizes that he did too. Nick says that he is going to leave, but Billy says that the purpose of this get together was to get to know one another. Billy says that Nick already knows that he likes Nachos and says that he likes to play pool. He asks Nick to play a game with him and he says that he will play one game.

Back at Donovan Decker, Jeremy is still stressing and India goes up to him and says that she can help him, but he says that it is little out of her expertise. Meanwhile, Jane starts to draw the dress. At the bar, Nick admits that Billy is better at pool then he is. Billy mentions Lulu and Nick asks what happened with them. He tells Billy that he will never know what Lulu thinks of him until he asks. The waitress comes up and asks if they want a drink. Billy says no, but Nick says that he will take a beer. He shows his fake ID and Billy says that was one of his best work. A man comes up with flowers and Carter gives them to India. The flowers are from Richard, a man who clearly likes India. Carter tries to pry, but she tells him to leave. She tosses the flowers away and says that she is not interested in Richard and says that she is interested in someone else. Jane walks away from the finished product and India comes in and steals Jane’s design.

She takes it Jeremy and is about to tell that it is Jane’s, but after hearing that it is brilliant, she takes the credit for it. Back at the bar, Billy is hustled by Nick and says that he should have known that he was going to be hustled. He calls Nick a liar and Nick defends himself and says that he is amazing at baseball. Billy says that everything is handed to Nick and mentions Nick’s car. He agrees that he has it good, but says that he doesn’t know anything about him. Nick sees that two men from the team that they are playing are there. Adam and Adam come over and Billy says that is confusing. Adam tells Nick that he likes the pitches right where he wants it. They challenge them to a game of pool and make it interesting.

Jeremy asks for a call to arms as they put together the dress. After the game, Billy tells Adam and Adam that they can continue if they want. Adam tells Billy that they want their money back. Adam punches at Billy, but hits Nick instead. Nick accidentally hits Billy in the face. However, when they are about to fight, another Adam comes up and is very tall. They decide to run. Jane walks up to Jeremy and sees the dress. She asks where he got this and he says that it is India’s. However, Jane says that the dress design is hers. Jane tells Jeremy that India took the design. India defends herself and says that she can’t believe Jeremy doesn’t believe her. India tells Jane to prove it. Jane says that sketch is hers and she will prove it. Gray calls in and says that she loves the design. Jeremy says that this is the dress they are making whoever it belongs to.

Billy and Nick hide from the 3 Adams. Billy says that he can’t believe that Nick hit him and Nick admits to never being in a fight. Nick asks why it is important that they meet. Billy says that she wants him and Nick to be friends. They find things in common. Jane is still upset and Jeremy says that they need a fit model. Jane puts the dress on and says that this is her design and says that she can prove it. She shows the picture of her mother to Jeremy and he says that he can see the dress. She says that she didn’t realize that it was her inspiration and Jeremy apologizes. Jeremy asks why India would do this and tells Jane that she looks just like her mother. He apologizes again and tells her that they need to tell Gray. Jane says that all that matters is that Jeremy knows that it was her dress. They get to work in getting the right fit for Charlotte and work through the night. Jane is happy with it and Jeremy asks her if she is ready. She says that she is.

After showing the dress, they toast and they celebrate. Carter tells Jane that she should tell Gray. However, Jane says that is not her and Carter calls her admirable. India says that all she wanted was them to succeed. However, Jeremy doesn’t like that and tells her that it is over between them. India goes back to her office and calls him Richard. She tells him that she got the flowers and says that she would love to have dinner with him. Jane texts Nick that she is on her way and India tells her that she is going to have to stay with Jeremy to make sure that Charlotte likes it. She says that she wanted the credit and has to take the fall when Charlotte doesn’t like it. Nick and Billy get to the game and Billy tells him that it was fun hanging out with him. Charlotte comes in and sees the dress and starts to cry. Thinking the worst, Jane says that there was a lot of work that went into it. Charlotte says that it is perfect and classic. She takes it. Nick sees that Jane is there before the game starts and she asks him about his lip. He says that it is a long story, but it is alright. They kiss and the episode ends.