The End of The Line - Recap

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The episode begins with Billy and Tommy in the jail. Ben is not talking to Jane. Jane wants to explain and she tells him that she was trying to help. She tells him that she did it to help him with the payments. He tells her that she is making more than him and that she has to stop working. Meanwhile, Ben and Jane arrive in the jail to bail out Billy as their mother wasn’t going to come. Tommy is still in the prison. At the office, Gray tells her team that the entire office is going to be locked down until the collection goes on the ramp the next evening. But then Gray is freaking out that Jane isn’t to be seen anywhere and she wants to know where she is. Beau Bronn is n the office and has come to meet Gray. He has brought her flowers and the divorce papers; wishing her both, good luck and goodbye.

Gray tries calling Jane. But Ben wants Jane to inform her that she is quitting. She lies once again and tells Ben that she has informed them that she has quit. But as soon as Ben leaves the room, Jane uses her laptop to speak to Gray. She tells her that she is having some personal issues ad that she will make it to the show on time. Jane tells Billy that she hasn’t quit and that if she doesn’t make it to the show the next day, they will throw her out. But she is also worried that Billy has to appear in court the next day as well and she finds all this too complicated. She asks him as to how he landed up being a getaway driver for his brother. He tells her that he was upset and so he called Tommy to pick him up from the camping site and he narrates everything that followed. But Jane realizes that there is more to all this.

Finally, Billy tells her that he saw Lulu and Nick kissing. Jane confronts Nick. He tells her that he was upset when he heard India telling her not to have sex with the wrong guy. Jane tells him that absolutely nothing happened with the wrong guy as she was too busy talking about him with India. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. Next, Ben is taking the lecture on sexual education and Nick apologizes to Billy saying that he screwed up. But Billy doesn’t accept his apology. He had warned him never to hurt Jane. Billy gets up and tells Ben that he needs to leave the class before he does something he regrets. Billy meets Jane and tells her that he is upset about the court thing. She assures him that everything is going to b fine. Jane suggests that Billy should work on his appearance before going to court. But Billy says that he doesn’t want to as this is him. Just then Gray calls.

Billy tells Jane that she should go to work and that he will handle Ben. Ben goes to Tommy and asks him whether anyone from the family would come to court for Billy. But there is going to be no one. So now it is just Ben who is in the court for Billy. But they are in for a shock. The Judge is Lulu’s dad. Billy tells the court that he had made his own decision and there is no one else to blame. The Judge sentences him for a couple of months in youth detention. At work, Gray is attending an interview and the reporter tells her that her collection is similar to that of Bronn’s. Gray handles the situation but later she freaks out. Jane arrives at the office. She tells Gray that she might have let the look-book out of sight for a while when she was in Paris. Everyone blames her. But Gray tells them that they should spend their available time in redoing the collection and spread the blame later.

At home, Ben finds out that Jane is missing and has gone to work. Ben is upset with the fact that she lied again and he goes to get Jane back from work. Meanwhile, Jane has a suggestion; she tells the team that they should add a little punk to their present collection as they don’t have time to do anything new. They all like the idea. She is inspired by Billy. Billy is desperately trying to call Jane to inform her that Ben is on his way to Donovan Decker. But she isn’t answering her phone as she is busy at work. Jeremy wants to know Jane’s personal issues that she has been having lately. He tells her that he isn’t what he appears to be and he indirectly hints that he is interested in her. India sees Jeremy holding Jane’s hand. Just then something strikes Jane and she leaves the table. Jane walks into India’s office and tells her that she first stole her wedding dress and now she leaked Gray’s designs to Bronn.

Gray over hears this conversation and fires India. Jane tells Jeremy that India is the one who has been leaking all the designs. Next, they are at the fashion show and the collection turns out to be fabulous. Jane feels lucky to be a part of all this. But on the other hand Billy is still trying to reach Jane. Tommy arrives to meet Billy. He tells him that he is going away for a while. He tells Billy that he might not be the best older brother but he knows that Billy loves Jane and that he should let her know. He tells Billy that it has always been Jane. Billy too realizes that and he rushes to tell her the same. At the fashion show, Jane is a hit. Ben is at the show as well. Gray tells Ben that Jane has a bright future ahead of her. Jane tells him that she is sorry but she had to finish what she had started.

He realizes that this is Jane’s dream and that he will not let her give it up. But he tells her that she can’t lie to him anymore. Jane thanks her darling brother for everything he has done for her. Billy is on his way to meet Jane and his car breaks down. He leaves the car and decides to run to the venue. Meanwhile, at the venue, Jeremy thanks Jane. He is about to tell her something and his phone rings. He tells her that he needs to take care of something and asks her to stay there till he returns. He wouldn’t be long. Jeremy steps into a limo and we see Bronn sitting inside. Jeremy tells him that he cannot do it anymore. It was Jeremy who leaked the designs and India got falsely accused.

Meanwhile, Billy doesn’t know how to express his feelings. All he says is “It’s you Janey”; and before he could say anything else, Jeremy arrives. Jane is stuck in between Jeremy and Billy and she doesn’t know what to say. The episode ends at this point.