The Replacement - Recap

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The episode begins with Ben telling Jane that she s going to be late for school again. Jane is nervous about the fact that she is seeing Billy after two months and she fears that he might have changed. She tells Ben about what Billy told her on the night of the fashion show. But she doesn’t want to believe that Billy had romantic feelings for her. He is her best friend and she doesn’t want to ruin it. Ben tells her to go and pick up Billy and that the two of them would figure things out. She goes to pick up Billy. They hugged each other; they missed each other. On their way back, Jane asks him about the detention center but Billy doesn’t want to discuss it. Both of them are feeling awkward about what happened. But neither of them is talking. Billy isn’t happy being back at school.

He is surprised to know that, Lulu and Nick, are an item. So, now it is just the two of them. Jane also tells him that after India got fired, gray has been leaning on her even more and it is crazy at work. She also tells Billy that she isn’t dating Jeremy as he suspects. Next, Jan meets Rita and Rita tells her that she is disappointed with her grades as they are slipping. She tells Rita that she will get her tracks back at school. At Donovan Decker, gray fires Suzy, the fifth replacement for India. Gray tells Jeremy that she is thinking that she is considering Jane to take up India’s position. Jeremy is at a loss for words. Rita tells Ben about Jane’s progress and Ben assures her that Jane would do better as his love life depends on it.

At the office, Gray announces that Harrods’, a luxury brand is showing interest in Donavon Decker and that she needs all hands at deck so that the executive from Harrods’ is impressed. So there is a lot to do for the next two days. Jeremy tells Jane that Gray is planning o offer Jane India’s post. Jane is shocked and is unsure about it. Billy is against Jane taking up the new post as she would have to compromise with her schooling. Jane tries to talk to Billy, but he keeps shutting her off. Ben fells that the Principal knows about their affair. Lulu talks to Billy and wants to know what is he been up to. Lulu wants to get back with Billy; but Billy tells her that it is not possible. Nick apologizes to Jane for all that happened. Jane is too preoccupied with texting Gray and she also isn’t concentrating on her lab experiment.

She wants Ben and Billy to cover up for her; but this time the two refuse to help her. She tells them that she will find a way and she leaves. At the office, Jane runs into Eli. He is Gray’s nephew. Jane is surprised to learn this and also she feels that he could be India’s new replacement. She tells Jeremy about it. Later she tells Gray that she thought that she is the one running for India’s position; and Gray affirms that news. At school, Rita finds out that Jane has gone home. She asks Ben about it. He tells her that Jane had cramps; ladies stuff and he did not want to discuss it. Rita doesn’t believe him and so she asks Billy about Jane. Billy tells her that Jane had a cold and hence she has gone home. Jane notices that Eli is still in the office. She asks Jeremy as to why would Gray trust her with India’s post. Jeremy tells her that it is because she can handle it.

She tells him about the problem she is facing with Billy and then she suddenly realizes that Billy is upset as she isn’t spending time with him as she is too busy with work. At school, the students ignore Billy and they walks away from him. Jane texts him saying that she is sorry and wants to talk to him. But he doesn’t reply. Jan tells Jeremy that she will not be able to compete with Eli as he is charming and moreover he is Gray’s nephew. But Jeremy tells her that Gray would not hire anyone she has to be nice to. Jane agrees on that one. At school, Ben is trying to avoid Rita. Rita confronts him and asks him as to why he is avoiding her. He tells her that he is trying to keep their affair discreet as she wanted. Rita wants to know why he lied about Jane as Billy told her that she is having cold. Ben fumbles once again and he tells Rita that Jane had cold and cramps together. He tells her that he is going home to check on Jane.

Rita tells him that she too will go with him and if she doesn’t find Jane in bed then they are going to have some serious issues. Ben tells Billy that he needs to get Jane home as soon as possible. He tells Ben that saving Jane is no more his problem. Ben tells Billy that he understands that the two are going through a rough patch and that he does not want his sister to give up on her dreams. He is sure that Billy too wouldn’t want that to happen to Jane. Billy agrees. Ben pretends that he has a lot of work and he will leave in a while. He has already stalled for twenty minutes so that Billy could get Jane home. But Rita walks into his office and tells him that they will leave in the next twenty minutes. Billy reaches Jane’s office and signals her to come outside.

Gray is about to announce about the replacement for India’s post. Jane interrupts and tells her that she isn’t ready to take up such a huge responsibility. Gray agrees with her and hence she declares Eli as the replacement. Jane asks Billy what he is doing at her office. Billy tells her what happened at school and also that Rita is on her way home. Ben tries his best to delay their trip. But Billy gets Jane back right in time and Rita finds Jane in bed. Rita feels bad and tells her that she will be fine soon. Rita then apologizes to Ben saying that she was too harsh about the Jane thing and she feels that she shouldn’t have done it.

He tells her that she is the best guidance counselor that he has known. He is also relieved that Jane didn’t fall into trouble. Jane tells Billy that she is embarrassed about declining a job that she wasn’t even being offered. She didn’t want to lose her teenage years and she definitely didn’t want to lose Billy. Billy tells her that he was too lonely for the past two months and she too missed him a lot. When she asks Billy about the fashion night, he tells her that they are best friends and that is what is more important. Jane agrees. At the office, the style director of Harrods' arrives. And guess who it is…INDIA! She asks for Jane. She wants to catch up! The episode ends at this point.