The Surprise - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane waking up and seeing the breakfast table full of delicious breakfast. Ben hands her a balloon and wisher her Happy Birthday; the most important day of the year. Just then Billy enters with a huge gift and tells Ben that he is taking Jane out for the night. They start arguing and the balloon Jane was holding bursts. Jane wakes up with a start. It was a dream. But it is her birthday today. When she gets out of her room, she finds out that Ben doesn’t remember her birthday. Billy arrives with a gift; but he says that it is for Zoey. It is a kind of an inside joke. Ben has plans for the evening with the boys from school and Billy too is busy. Jane is upset that no one remembers her birthday.

At school, Ben tells Nick that one of the guys from the Majors’, Steve, is coming to see Nick pitch. Nick is happy. Billy tells Zoey that he is pretending to have forgotten Jane’s birthday. He wants to give her a surprise at the end of the day. It is actually Ben’s idea. He sees Jane coming and he hands over Jane’s gift to Zoey. Zoey doesn’t want to be dragged into this. Jane meets Zoey and it is a little awkward. Rita comes to meet Ben. Ben tells her about his surprise party for Jane. He feels that Jane has been working so hard and so she deserves something big; but for the time being they are pretending to have forgotten her birthday. Ben is going through some mails and he finds a birthday card in it. It is from their mother for Jane. At Donovan Decker, India tells Jeremy to spy on Gray by getting an access to her schedule and the details of her meetings.

And if he doesn’t do this, then she might have to tell Gray about Jeremy leaking the designs to Beau. Jane arrives and Jeremy tries to offer help in maintaining Gray’s schedule. But Jane tells him that he is working on one of the most important collections and that he needs to concentrate on it. She thanks him for offering help. In the field, Steve is impressed with Nick’s pitch. It reminds him of Ben. At the office, Birdie tells Gray about a discrepancy she found in Jane’s file. Jane is curious to know why Birdie came to meet Gray. She fears that she must have found out the truth about her. She asks Gray. But Gray tells Jane that she doesn’t need her and that she would handle all her calls. Jane is upset and walks out. When she walks out, she finds everybody in the office staring at her. She is nervous.

India reminds Jeremy that the clock is ticking and that she needs the password to Gray’s computer. Jane tells Eli that her career is about to implode. Eli tells her that she needs to be off the blast radius and so asks her to run some errands with him. He tells her to leave her phone behind. Rita asks Ben if he has informed Jane about her mother’s birthday card. But Ben tells her that he doesn’t want Jane to know about it. After all these years after their mother abandoned them, she has no right to send Jane a birthday card. Gray asks Jeremy for information about India. Eli and Jane are having fun running errands. Jane is happy. When they return to the office, they find the office empty. Just then everyone jumps out shouting “SURPRISE”. It seems like not everyone forgot her birthday and now we know what Birdie meant by discrepancy. Jane is happy and thanks them.

They have thrown her a birthday party. Birdie tells her that Eli had been a great help as he was the one who kept Jane away from office, so that they could arrange for the party. Jane is disappointed with the “fake date”. At Ben’s surprise party, Billy sees that the room is full of people and half of them don’t even know Jane. Harper has invited these people. Ben wanted the room to look full. Billy is unsure about this. Harper instructs the crowd that they should shout surprise when Jane walks in. they do as instructed, but it is not Jane who walked in. it is Lulu. Nick isn’t happy to see Lulu and Lulu is angry that Nick didn’t tell her that he is coming for the party. Lulu sees Billy with Zoey and she decides to hang around for a while. India arrives at the office and she finds out about Jane’s birthday party. Jeremy is drunk. Jane goes to talk to him.

He is so drunk that he begins to blabber about India’s blackmail. India arrives and takes Jeremy along with her. Jane finds it weird. India takes Jeremy into a room and tells him to get his act together. He tells her that he is tired of her threats and that he is ready to confess. He tells her to go and call Gray. She locks him up in the room for him to sober down. At Ben’s party, there is another false alarm. But this time it is Amanda Clarke, the prom queen from Ben’s college. Rita begins to get slightly jealous to see Ben interacting with her. Nick and Lulu are at the bar and Lulu’s attention is focused on Billy and Zoey. She is not paying attention to Nick. Nick tells her that their relationship is over. Lulu is fine with it.

She goes over to Zoey and tells her that whatever is going on between her and Billy, it is not going to work out as Billy is in love with his best friend and nothing can change it. At the office, Eli tells Jane that the whole thing started as a fake date but later on he started enjoying the date. He wants to do it again. And this time it is going to be a real date. Just then Jane hears someone banging the door. It is Jeremy. Jane is surprised to find Jeremy locked in. she wants to know what is going on. He tells her that he was the one who leaked the designs. Jane is shocked to learn this. Ben arrives at Donovan Decker. He is upset when he sees the party that has been thrown at the office. He tells Jane that he was planning a surprise and now clearly it backfired. Jane reminds him that she hates surprises. He realizes his mistake. He gives her the card their mom sent for her. But she doesn’t open it.

She tells Ben that the day has been hard enough and she doesn’t want it to get any more difficult. Ben tells her about the party at the rack. She is ready to go. Billy goes to drop Zoey. He apologizes for Lulu’s melt down. He tells her that he realized that simple people like them are not supposed to date rich girls like Lulu. He offers to walk Zoey to her door. But she tells him that her dad is waiting for her. Billy leaves. After he is gone, Zoey walks away from that house and goes towards a mansion and pulls out the keys from her purse. She enters the door. She too is very rich; the kind Billy wouldn’t want to date. Ben and Jane arrive at the rack. But they are too late. Most of them have left. But a voice wishes Jane “Happy Birthday”; turns out, it’s their mother. The episode ends at this point.