The Second Chance - Recap

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The episode begins with Ben complaining to Jane that it wasn’t right that she let their mother stay the night over. He doesn’t want her around. But Jan tells him that she wants to get to know her mother better. Ben asks her if she managed to find out what their mother has been up to all this time; but Jane said that she avoided the topic. They find their mother in the kitchen, trying to make some breakfast for her kids. But she is unable to find the utensils. Ben taunts her that the utensils were moved eight years ago. During their conversation, they find out that their mom had been in Italy for a while but then she said that she will talk about it later. Next, Billy picks up Zoe from her house (the fake one) as she still hasn’t told him that she lives in a mansion.

He suggests that they should have lunch and watch a movie after school; something like a date. At school, Jenkins tells Rita that Amanda Clarke is their new drama teacher. Rita hates this. Jane’s mother drops her off at school. She reminisces about her days. She talks to Jane about the guys in her life and asks Jane if she is seeing someone. Jane mentions Eli, but she tells her that she isn’t sure about anything. Her mother reminds her that it is 2012 and that she should ask Eli out. Just then she sees Billy and gets out and meets him. She is glad to see him and invites him for dinner and leaves. Billy is shocked to see her and asks Jane about her mother’s time she spent away from them. But Jane taunts him that she couldn’t tell him anything as he has been busy with Zoe and had no time for her. Billy realizes that Jane is a little touchy today.

Jane tells Billy about Jeremy and she tells him that she doesn’t know how to handle this. She tells him that she is stressed out and that she fears India now. Zoe arrives to talk to them. Jane tells her that she is wearing a nice jacket; but she also notices that Zoe is wearing an expensive bracelet. But Zoe tells her that it is a rip off. She leaves for class. Billy tells Jane that Zoe is not at all rich and she can’t afford a thousand dollar bracelet. But Jane tells him that she knows that the bracelet is expensive as Gray has one of those and she doesn’t care how Zoe acquired it. Jane then meets Ben and tells him to stop driving mom away from home. She tells him that she wants to know her mother; but Ben tells her that Kate Quimby is unpredictable. At the office, Jeremy tells India that he confessed to Jane.

India tells him to straighten out the mess; else she will take him down. Kate arrives at school and tells Ben that she would like to have dinner with her children. But Ben refuses. He tells her that Jane cannot join as she has gone for her internship. She tells him that Jane should to be doing that as she might miss a lot of her studies. Ben doesn’t want any parenting advice from her. He wants to know when she would be leaving. She tells him that Jane should get her chance to her mother. Ben gives her time until the weekend. At the office, Jeremy tries to talk to Jane. Jane wants him to tell Gray. But Jeremy tells her that he has a lot of work to do. Jane insists that he tell Gray or she would. Later, Carter is looking for Jeremy; Gray wants to meet him with the designs. Jane doesn’t know where he is.

Carter tells her that all the designs are gone and it appears that Jeremy has taken them with him. They need to find Jeremy. Jane goes to the hotel Jeremy live in; but the door person tells her that Jeremy left two hours ago for JFK. At the practice ground, Nick arrives with a sling on his shoulder. He has a torn ligament and he tells Ben that the doctor has told him that he can never pitch again. At the office, Jane tells Eli that Jeremy is gone and the representatives from Harrods’ are going to come in the evening to review the designs. Eli doesn’t know anything about the designs as Jeremy hadn’t let him in on the designs. But he suggests that she talk to India as she is the only one who knows the designs and can recreate them by evening. Jane talks to India and apologizes for whatever happened on the fire.

But India is enjoying this and tells Jane that tells her that she wouldn’t recreate the designs. Jane points out to her that if she Decker does not manage to produce the designs on time, India too could lose her job at Harrods’ as she is the one supervising the designs and her bosses would be angry at her if they don’t find anything to preview in the evening. India hates Jane. But they work together on the designs. Billy and Zoe are playing darts and he questions her about the bracelet. She maintains that it is a rip off. At the office, Jane is shocked to see Kate talking and laughing with Gray. She is also tensed. She borrows her mom for a minute and tells her the entire truth about how she lied about her age at work. Kate is surprised but she says that she understands. She has brought dinner for the entire office.

Jane wants her mom to leave from there but Gray invites her for the party in the evening. Jane doesn’t think it is a good idea. At the party, Kate performs a number and Jane is slightly embarrassed. But then she tells her mother that it was a tensed day and she didn’t mean to take it out on her. Eli arrives and introduces himself to Kate. Kate tells Jane that he is nice and that she should ask him out. Eli tells the women that whatever it is that they are planning, he is in. the representatives from Harrods’ like the collection and India is surprised that they are applauding. Jane tells her that they make a great team. Meanwhile, Billy drops Zoe to her house (the fake one). Zoe feels that something is off but he doesn’t say anything and drives away.

But he notices that Zoe has left her purse behind and turns around to return it to her. He sees Zoe walking away from where he dropped her and going the other way. He follows her. She realizes that she doesn’t have her purse on her and so she tries getting into the mansion through one of the windows. He thinks that she is stealing and so he too enters the house. But she tells him that his is her house and that she lied to him because of Lulu. She reminds him of how he kept saying that he will never fall in love with a rich girl. She admits that she really likes him and she wants to be in the ‘us’ zone. He tells her that she should have told him directly that do all this; he kisses her. at the party, Kate takes credit for having done a great job in raising Jane. Jane is disappointed when she overhears her mother lying to Gray.

At the rack, Amanda tries to flirt with Ben. But Rita arrives and warns Amanda to stay off as Ben is hers. Amanda points out that Rita is already on the bench. Well, game on! Meanwhile, at the party, Jane confronts her mother with all the questions she has. But Kate tells her that this isn’t the right time. Jane then walks over to Gray and tells her the truth. She leaves from the party. At home, Kate tells her children that there is no excuse that she can give for what she did. She says that she felt she was too young to be a mom and so she left; but that doesn’t mean she expects her children to forgive her. But she does want to stay with them and get to know them. She wants to start fresh. Ben and Jane agree to give their mother a second chance. The episode ends at this point.