The Backup Dress - Recap

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The episode begins with Gray telling Jane about the dress Donovon is designing for Nina Garcia from Marie Claire. Gray is leaving for Paris and she tells Jane that she wants that dress to reach Nina for her event on time and without any screw ups. Eli tells Jane that he has made dinner reservations for their first date and with Gray out of town, they should take their chance. Billy arrives to meet Jane. She is wearing her new dress and she looks beautiful. She tells him about her date with Eli and that he is taking her to one of the fanciest restaurants in New York. Billy asks her as to why is Ben sleeping on the couch. She tells him that since the time Dakota proposed to Kate, he has been staying with them and has occupied Ben’s room.

Kate still hasn’t given him an answer. At school, Rita tells Amanda that they should stop fighting for Ben and that it is very childlike. She tells Amanda that she has won and that she could have Ben. In his office, Ben is working on his spine as the couch is ruining his spine. Jane tells him that hopefully all this will end soon as all that Kate needs to do is give Dakota an answer. Ben tells her that if Kate says a no then he will leave and if she says a yes then they both will leave. Either way he gets his bed back. Jane doesn’t want Kate to leave. Ben too doesn’t want her to leave. Jane then goes to meet Billy and tells him that she is surprised that he is volunteering for the drama club. It seems that it was Zoe’s idea as they would get more time to hang out together.

Zoe and Nick are practicing for their play tonight and Amanda thinks that they have great chemistry. They then kiss each other, which is a scene in the play. Amanda points out to Billy and Jane that Zoe and Nick would make a great couple. Jane reassures Billy by telling him that it is nothing. Jane has brought the dress along with her to school as she will not have time to go home and change after work. Kate is helping Amanda in the play by working on the costumes. Jane arrives to meet Kate and asks her if she has given Dakota an answer. But she feels that she is not ready for a lifelong commitment. Next, Steve arrives to meet Ben. He tells Ben that he wants him to go for a try out; this could be his second chance. He tells Ben that if he gets selected then maybe he might need a relative who could take care of Jane. Ben is happy.

He goes back to his office and finds Amanda waiting for him with lit candles in the dark. She is trying to ‘light up the mood’. She asks him to come over to her place tonight. But Ben tells her that he is not over Rita yet. Meanwhile, Billy tells Jane that he is uncomfortable about the kiss between Zoe and Nick and he feels that the whole Lulu-Nick episode is about to be repeated. Jane assures him that they are just friends. Ben tells Rita that he has got a second chance and he is nervous about performing well. Rita thinks he is talking about Amanda and she tells him that he should just do it if he feels like; he need not ask her permission. But Ben was actually talking about his try out. Next, Jane is talking to Eli on the phone and she finds that her dress is missing. She then sees Zoe wearing the dress.

Jane had kept her dress with the other costumes that Kate was working on for the play and Zoe thought that this was made for the play. Kate thinks that Jane has made this dress to help her. She is happy that the Cinderella dress is gorgeous. Ben arrives for the try out and he tells Steve that he is feeling too old. Steve asks him to relax and accepts whatever the result is going to be. Amanda rewrites the dialogues and asks Zoe and Nick to learn them by heart by the next day for the play. They are not able to cope with it and also that they are falling behind with their homework. Jane tells Carter about her date with Eli and also what happened to her dress. Carter shows her the dress that arrived for Nina Garcia and he tells her to stay away from it.

Billy wants to spend time with Zoe tonight but Zoe tells him that she can’t. Jenkins tells Amanda that due to budget cut, her job is in jeopardy as they are about to fire her. He tells her that the vote has to be unanimous and that Amanda has to win over Rita to get her vote if she wants to keep her job. Nina’s assistant arrives to pick up her dress. Jane is surprised to see another dress and the assistant tells her that it is the backup dress just in case anything goes wrong with the main dress. She tells Jane to keep it as she is sure that nothing would go wrong with the dress that Donovon has designed. She leaves. Jane is happy as she has her dress for the date. Eli loves the way Jane looks in that dress and he can’t stop mentioning it. Amanda talks to Rita and tells her that Ben and Rita are soul mates and that she can’t get in their way.

She tells Rita that she should let Ben know how she feels about him and that she should claim her man. During the dinner date, Jane is shocked to see Nina at the same restaurant wearing the identical dress. Dakota tells Kate that he loves her and that he needs an answer today. Jane is distracted and Eli wonders what is wrong. Nina waks by their table and Jane hides under the table. She tells Eli the truth and that Nina’s dress has toi be one of the kind and no one else should be wearing anything similar to that. Eli has an idea; he gives Jane his blazer and Jane hurriedly walks out of the restaurant. But on her way she runs into a waiter and he spills the wine on Nina’s dress. Eli and Jane run out of the restaurant. Nina calls Jane and asks her for the backup dress. Jane uses one of the hotel sheets as a dress and covers it with Eli’s blazer.

She then hands Nina the backup dress. Nina is happy with Jane. Zoe and Nick are practicing the new lines and Billy thinks that there is something going on between them. He interrupts them and tells Zoe that she is a colossal waste of time. Nick tells him the truth and Zoe is angry that Billy doesn’t trust her. Eli and Jane get out of the hotel and they kiss each other. Dakota is ready to leave as he did not get his answer. Jane walks in. He tells Kate that if her answer is yes then there is a ticket waiting for her. Kate is upset. She pretends that she is upset about the costume. She then tells Jane that she has always been afraid of commitments. She tells him that she can’t keep doing this and she has to go to him so that she can be a better mother.

She promises that she will not disappear and will talk every day. She rushes to the airport. Nick tells Billy that he is quitting from the play. Ben arrives home and tells Jane that he might have a chance to play in the majors. He is packing as he has to go to Ohio and the bus leaves in an hour. He says that this is his second chance and that he wants to thank Kate for it. He is able to leave just because Kate is around and he doesn’t need to worry about Jane being alone. Jane does not tell him that Kate left for Colorado.

She tells Ben that Kate is out with Dakota and that she will inform her about his trip. Rita comes to meet Ben. Ben tells her that it is a good thing that they aren’t together anymore; had they been together, he wouldn’t be getting on the bus to Ohio. Rita doesn’t tell him about the way she feels; instead she wishes him good luck. Ben leaves. Jane is alone at home and she plays the music and starts dancing. The episode ends at this point.