The Sleepover - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane watching a horror movie. She is alone and is scared. Billy plays a prank on her and scares her even more. They then decide to have a party and they send a mail to everyone announcing the party. The next morning, Ben calls and he wants to talk to Kate. But Jane tells him that she has gone for a bath. She tells Billy that she is finding it difficult lying to her mom and Ben. Billy tells her that she is doing this for Ben. Billy is finding it difficult to say a sorry to Zoe as she is still angry. Jane tells him that he should call her to the party. Just then the bell rings; it is Rita1 Jane panics as Rita is not supposed to know that Kate isn’t home. Well, Billy goes into the bathroom with Jane’s laptop and plays a sound file with a woman’s voice humming.

Rita tells Jane that she was there to check on her as she had promised Ben. She leaves telling Jane to let Kate know that she had come. At school, Billy talks to Zoe and tells her that she is the best thing that he has happened to him since the time he was out of detention. He tells her that when he saw her with Nick, he thought he is going to lose her and so he said what he did. Zoe wants him to apologize and he says that he is sorry. Billy and Jane check the guest list for their party and it is only three. It appears that Harper is throwing a party as well and that is where all are going. Harper tells them that the number of guests is getting a little out of control and that she would like to send the spill over to Jane’s party. And they are invited to come over to Harper’s party once theirs fizzles out.

At Donovon Decker, India tells Gray that Harrods will be pulling the plug if they don’t get Jeremy’s designs by Saturday. Last time Eli could pass his modifications at the preview; but this time Harrods wants Jeremy Jones and his designs. They need to find him. In the class, Nick tells Jane that the play was helping him keep his mind off his injury. But he quit because of the whole Zoe thing. He tells Jane that Billy did not ask him to quit but he did not even tell him ‘not to’. Meanwhile, Billy and Zoe are discussing about the party in the middle of a lecture. He tells her that he has been spending the nights at Jane’s house for over a week. Zoe doesn’t like that.

She wants to know what he tells his mom when he isn’t home and he says that he says the same thing that he has been telling her for years: I am sleeping over at Jane’s. Zoe tells him that it is unfair that she doesn’t get to be with Nick on stage acting but he can sleepover at Jane’s. She storms out of the class. Billy tells Jane about what happened and he cannot explain why Zoe thinks this way as he doesn’t know the way girls think. Jane decides to get to the bottom of this. At the office, India tells Eli that she hates the ‘new décor’ of Jeremy’s office which is now taken over by Eli. He tells India that she is very much like Gray; outside the icy exterior is a nice person who really cares about this place. Zoe is trying the dress for the play; the one that Jane was supposed to wear on her date with Eli. J

ane tries talking to her about Billy’s sleepovers at her place. Zoe tells her that she doesn’t have a problem anymore as there aren’t going to be anymore sleepovers. Jane is in class and, she gets a call from Jeremy. He is in London. She tells him that Donovon Decker needs him. But he doesn’t care. He called as he cares for their friendship. Rita tells Jane that she cannot use her cell phone during class hours. Billy talks to Nick and invites him to the party. Nick knows that their party is going to blow and he tells him that he will be there. Moreover, Harper’s parents chaperone all her parties. Billy has an idea. He sends a text to everybody in school saying that there will be no parents at Jane’s party.

At Decker, India is about to leave as she thinks her career is over as Harrods will not accept any other designs except Jeremy’s. Jane tells her that Jeremy called her and that he is in London. She doesn’t know where exactly in London and she tried calling him a number of times and she isn’t able to reach him. Harper is upset that no one is coming to her party and Billy rubs that in. at work, Jane tells Eli about Jeremy’s call. He tells her that he wants to take her for a movie. She tells him that she can’t come as she is having this party. Eli wants to stop by and Jane is reluctant. She can’t let him attend as he would find out that Jane is in high school and that she lied at work. Eli feels that he has done something wrong because of which Jane doesn’t want him to go to her party.

The three go to tell Gray about Jeremy’s call. Gray tells Jane to go to London. Billy is upset that Jane is not going to be at the party Jane tells him that she is going to miss the party but there is nothing much that she can do about it. Eli and India have a talk about their relationships; both seem a little upset about the fact that things didn’t really go the way they expected. Jane is in London. She calls Billy to ask about the party and he tells her that she has thrown the party of the century and she is not even there! Nick arrives at the party and Billy apologizes for his behavior and he asks him to get back into the play. Zoe arrives as well and she is still mad at Billy. She has come to the party to meet her friends. Nick leaves them alone.

Billy tells Zoe that he has told Nick to rejoin the play. But Zoe thinks that he did this so that he can wipe the slate and keep spending his nights at Jane’s. Harper is wearing Zoe’s costume for the play and she manages to tear it. Zoe and Nick go into a room to continue with their fight. Zoe tells him that his relationship with Jane is keeping him away from her. He tells her that he wants to be with her and he kisses her. Next, we see Eli and India in bed; they had sex. Rita arrives at Jane’s and sees that the front yard is in a mess. Billy and Zoe are inside and Billy asks Zoe to get into the shower and play the sound file. Rita tells Billy that apparently she seems to have a bad timing as whenever she comes, Kate is taking a shower.

But Zoe messes up and Rita goes into the bathroom to check and finds Zoe. Jane is in London and India tells her about the probable places Jeremy could visit. She goes to Jeremy’s uncle’s bar and finds Jeremy there. She tells him about the situation in the office and how much they want him back. But he tells her that he is done with Donovon Decker and will not come back. He leaves. Jane can do nothing to stop him. The episode ends at this point.