The Bonus Check - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane calling Gray and telling her that Jeremy refused to help. Gray is upset. She tells Jane that she had sent her all the way to Europe because Jeremy was her friend. Jane feels sad as she thought that Gray sent her because she was the most qualified. She goes back to the pub and tells Jeremy that she is there to say a goodbye. She knows how it feels to be used as a puppet. Jeremy realized that she reported back to Gray. Jane tells Jeremy that she doesn’t care about the past; he is her friend and that she will miss him. Jane leaves. Jeremy runs up to her; he says that they need to get the designs to Harrods on time! Jeremy goes in with the designs.

Moments later Gray messages Jane saying that they loved the designs. Jane arrives at Donovon Decker and the entire office is present to greet her. Gray hands over a well deserved bonus check to Jane. Jane tells Billy that she is going to make the first down payment for a new car; this could be good for the both of them. He told the guys at the party that Jane is making out with some “dude” in the bathroom. But then after all the good news, it is time for the bad news! The costumes for the school play got destroyed during the party. But that’s not all; Rita knows that Jane has been home alone for two weeks! Rita talks to Jane. Jane convinces her not to tell Ben about it as he would return back home and that could put an end to his baseball career.

Rita tells her that until they figure something out, she is moving in with her. Jane tells Billy about the recent development! Billy apologizes to Jane telling her that Zoe wasn’t trained well for code red. Jane wants to know what happened between him and Zoe that night. But Billy tells her that Zoe crashed on the couch. Billy then tells Nick that he did not tell Jane the complete truth. But Nick tells him that Jane is his friend and he shouldn’t be lying to her. Meanwhile, India meets Eli and tells her that whatever happened between them was a tragic mistake. Eli agrees and tells her that he is just starting things with Jane and he does not want any complications. At school, Jane is surprised to see that Ben is back. He asks her where their mother is?! She tells him what happened.

Ben tells her that he can’t leave her alone and she tells him that Rita is moving in with her. The kids at school tell her that the party was great and Ben is surprised. Carter calls Jane. He tells her that Donovon Decker donates an obscene amount of charity and this guy wants Gray to go to some of their events and Gray hates it. he wants her to break this news to her. Jane tells Amanda that all the costumes are ruined and with some extra cash, she can fix them. But there is no extra cash. Amanda tells her that she can’t have a play without costumes or lights and so she is going to have to cancel the play. Meanwhile, Gray asks India to rejoin Donovon Decker; this time as lead designer. India accepts the offer, but on the condition that she gets to hand pick her own team.

At school, Jane goes from being the most popular to the most hated as the play gets cancelled. Jane decides to give her bonus check for the play and says that it is a charity thing from Donovon Decker. Amanda snatches the check from her. Jane takes the costumes to the office. She wants Carter to fix them for her; he owes her one! Ben meets Rita. He tells her that he is not back to the team and so he doesn’t need Rita to move in. he says that baseball was his dream six years ago. He likes his life the way it is now and that he wants her back in his life. Amanda goes to Donovon Decker and hands over an invitation to Carter for the play. Rita walks on to the field and kisses Ben in front of the students. Ben gets his reply. Eli, Jane and Carter finally manage to fix the costumes. Eli wants to go to the show with her, but Jane is reluctant.

Eli tells her that he slept with someone else but doesn’t say who. He tells her that he is frustrated with her as he doesn’t know anything about her outside the office. She tells him that there is someone who knows her well; her complicated best friend. Eli thinks that she should be with him and he leaves. Jane arrives to talk to Billy but Zoe arrives and Jane leaves without telling anything. Harper tries to take Zoe’s part by planning to hurt Zoe. She slips some beads on the stage, hoping that Zoe will step on them and slip and break a leg. But unfortunately, it is Nick who breaks his leg. Amanda doesn’t know what to do without their Prince Charming and she decides on Billy. Billy is nervous about the show and Jane tells him that he will be fine.

He then tells Jane that things have gotten pretty serious between him and Zoe and that he had not been completely honest with Jane. He tells her that Zoe and he ‘spent the night together’ after the party. He tells her that he really likes Zoe. Billy hopes that nothing goes wrong and Jane assures him that whatever had to go wrong has gone wrong already. But guess she is wrong! Gray and Eli arrive for the show!! Eli seems to recognize the costumes and Cindy’s glass slippers. Gray loves the costumes. Eli looks really unsure about what to think; he is confused. Meanwhile, India is in London; she is there to meet Jeremy. She tells him that Gray wants her back and she wants him to come with her. He tells her to let it go. Jeremy tells India that thanks to Jane he has finally realized what he should be doing with his life.

He tells her that he is moving to New York and going to start from scratch. India is glad to join him. But Jeremy doesn’t want her to. He thinks they are better only as a romantic couple. Zoe is about to walk on to the stage. She apologizes to Jane for making a fuss about the whole sleepover thing. She tells her that she realizes that Jane and Billy are just friends and there is nothing for her to worry about. Prince Charming and Cinderella kiss on the stage; it is a passionate kiss. Jane looks upset and Ben realizes what is going on. They get a standing ovation.

Billy meets Jane backstage after the show and she tells him that he did great. They hug each other. He then leaves with Zoe. Amanda arrives and tells Jane that there are some people who would like to talk to her about the costumes; Gray and Eli. Gray is surprised to see Jane while Eli had kind of guessed it. The episode ends at this point.