Episode 4 - Recap

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Seven years ago

Claire arrives at the home of her friends Rachel and David, who have set her up on a blind date with Tom. She’s less than impressed him with initially, and Rachel tells her to just talk with Tom and avoiding being scary, funny, or interested in money. Claire starts off with a joke, and it doesn’t go well. David comes in and Tom tries to make small talk about the patio and the garden.

Everyone sets down for dinner and Rachel and David try to get Tom talking about his work as a research scientist. He finally tells Claire how much he makes, and she drops her fork. When she goes to get it, she notices that Tom has taken off his shoes and he notices her looking. The cab arrives a few minutes later for Tom, and he discovers that he’s lost his shoes. Rachel and David go to look for them and Claire admits that she hid Tom’s shoes to keep him from leaving. By the time David and Rachel find the shoes and come back to the kitchen, they discover that Tom and Claire have left together.

Later, Tom and Claire end up in bed. The next day, Claire calls Rachel to tell her they ended up together. However, when Tom goes to the bathroom, he discovers that his arms are covered in hair. When he checks again, the hair is gone and dismisses it as his imagination. Tom comes back to the bedroom and asks about the man’s robe hanging in the bathroom, and she says it belonged to an old boyfriend. They make love again...

Nine months later, Tom and Claire have twin boys. However, the obstetrician points out that the scans only indicated one child.


The truck carrying Tom in the containment box arrives at the institute. As the security men take it inside, Peter tells their other captive, Claire, that they have some questions for her. He explains that the box is a self-contained life-support unit, the safest place in the world. A warning klaxon goes off and Malcolm warns them that Tom is having a panic attack. The technician takes the box down while Peter has Claire come with him.

The Past

Tom arrives for work at the institute but discovers that his thumbprint has changed. He’s escorted to a security room to wait until Peter comes in and says that it was an equipment failure. Peter turns out the lights and takes him to the lift, but Tom catches a glance of a woman watching the room from behind a one-way mirror. As they go, Peter dismisses it as one of their American representatives, and has to use his personal security card to get them out. When Tom points out that he’s cleared for everywhere, Peter warns him that everything he knows is wrong. As they get in the lift, Tom warns that he’s claustrophobic but Peter says that he knows and ignores him.


Peter and a security man take Claire into the institute via the same elevator he used with Tom years ago. When Claire points out that putting Tom in a box doesn’t make Peter his friend, Peter says that it makes himself and a lot of other people very rich.

The Past

As Tom leaves for the night, his PA, Sally, tells him that she’s leaving the institute for good. She has some notes that Tom left her and warns him that she could sue him for sexual harassment. Tom has no idea what she’s talking about and looks at the notes. Two words are written over and over: “I’m coming.” Sally points out that they’re in Tom’s handwriting and he admits that it is.

Later, Tom plays squash with David and tells the doctor what he’s been experiencing. David dismisses it as paranoia brought on by stress. Tom keeps hearing someone knock on the locker room door and finally goes to answer it, but there’s no one there. David tells him that no one was knocking and advises his friend to take a holiday.


Peter takes Claire to the interrogation room and starts to leave, and she tells him to remember that he said “rich” when he put her husband in a box. As he leaves, Peter receives a call from Miranda, who is parked outside with Katherine and Min. She introduces herself and reminds him that the institute paid her to stop following Tom. Miranda points out that she knows Peter abducted Claire and ignores his denials. He hangs up and tells Freeman to check on Miranda. Peter’s assistant, Nicki, tells him that Miranda is calling on her cell phone and wants to talk to her boyfriend. Miranda continues their conversation and asks Peter to let them in. Min and Katherine call more of Peter’s women in the institute and all of their cellphones start ringing. When he still refuses to let Miranda in, Miranda asks for the real Winston Churchill. She hangs up and promises Katherine that she’ll introduce her to Churchill if she’s lucky. The gates open and they drive inside.

The Past

Tom and Claire take a holiday to the beach and leave the twins with Rachel and David. Claire calls Rachel and among other things, mentions that Tom’s eyes go jet black every time that they have sex and finds it sexy. A motorcyclist, Jake, rides up and starts flirting with Claire, and Tom comes over from getting ice cream. Several of Jake’s friends come over and Jake refuses to take no for an answer. He offers to prove that Tom isn’t her husband, takes one of the ice cream cones, and pushes it into Tom’s forehead. Jake says that no husband would let him do that, but Tom refuses to fight back. After a moment, Jake starts dabbing ice cream on Claire’s lips. Claire asks Tom to help, but he tells her to let Jake do it. Jake puts ice cream on her coat and licks it off, and then drives away. Tom removes his smeared glasses and his eyes briefly turn black, and he hears music in his head.

That night, Tom is at the hotel when the lights flicker. He sees Jake and others out on the pier and catches a reflection in the window of someone behind him walking past. When Tom turns, there’s nobody there. Claire comes up behind him and they sit down. Tom hears the music in his head again and mistakes it for the music from the ice cream van. She tells him that there were too many people with Jake earlier, assuring him that she doesn’t want the kind of man who gets into fights. The waiter brings three glasses of champagne, and tells them that Tom asked for three glasses. Tom tells him to take the third glass away and Claire goes to get them a table in the restaurant. Once she leaves, Tom hears the music again and goes back to the window. The waiter has him sign for the drinks as the lights flicker, and starts to leave. He notices that Tom didn’t sign his name and turns back, only to discover that Tom has gone out the window. Puzzled, the waiter looks at the bill, which only says, “I’m here.”

Jake leaves his friends to take a piss in an alley and sees someone come up behind him.

Claire and the waiter go to the Jackmans’ hotel room but find no sign of Tom. The waiter insists that he went out the window, but Claire says that it’s impossible.

A bloody, beaten Jake crawls across the pier and Hyde stands in front of him, saying he doesn’t know why he wants to hurt him or even who he is. Smiling, he breaks Jake’s hand and then says that he just has a few finishing touches to dispense with.

Jake’s friends are partying and finally see Jake on the end of the pier. They also see Hyde on top of him and soon realize that Jake is begging for help.


Security men escort Claire to the conference room. Meanwhile, Peter meets with Miranda, Min, and Katherine, and Miranda shows him a photo of Churchill. Claire is brought in and is surprised to discover that Katherine works for Tom. Miranda explains to Claire that she married Dr. Jekyll, the famous literary character, who in real life lived and then died without children. When Peter points out that Tom was apparently born in 1967 and abandoned by his parents on a railway station in Belfast, Miranda suggests that Tom wasn’t born at all.

Before Peter can pursue the matter, he gets a call and steps out to take it. It’s Malcolm, who says that they’re ready to begin. Peter asks about “her,” and Malcolm says that she’s jetlagged. He warns that there’s no guarantee, but Peter wishes him luck. Malcolm then turns to Ms. Utterson and the others, and tell them that they have to clear the room. Utterson, the woman who told Tom she was his mother, agrees.

The Past

The next morning, Tom wakes up below the pier, covered in dried blood. Hyde has written the words, “I’m coming back” in the sand. Tom goes to the hospital and then calls Claire, and admits he has no idea where he disappeared to. Despite the experience, he says that he feels fantastic even though he doesn’t know why. Tom tells Claire that he doesn’t need his glasses anymore. She tells him to check his wallet and asks where she can pick him up. Tom reaches into his pocket and discovers that it contains a severed human ear. He has a brief memory-flash of himself-as-Hyde, biting off Jake’s ear and howling at the sky in triumph. Tom quickly goes to the restroom and tries without success to flush the ear down the toilet. Once he manages to get it to go down, Tom washes his face off in the basin and imagine it filled with blood. He catches a glimpse of Hyde in the mirror but his alter-ego disappears when looks straight at him. Tom leans close to the mirror and asks who or what the mysterious figure is.

Claire arrives at the hospital a little while later, but Tom slips away without her seeing him. He then finds an estate agent to sell him the apartment that where he’ll set up his facilities to contain Hyde. As he prepares the apartment, Tom ignores Claire’s attempts to call him.

When he’s ready, Tom puts the apartment keys and his wedding ring in an envelope, mails it to himself, and then goes in and locks the doors behind him. He then sets up a video camera and lies down.


Miranda informs Claire that Jekyll died in 1886 in Edinburgh. Six months later, a newly-formed company took possession of all of Jekyll’s notes and experiments. The company, Klein & Utterson, still exists and is Peter’s employer. The institute also took possession of Jekyll’s body and attempted to recreate his experiment, resulting in sixteen fatal failures. A few months after Churchill’s death in 1965, the institute gave a press statement claiming they were going to clone Churchill and bring him back. Peter dismisses it as a drunken rumor, but Miranda realizes they were trying to clone Jekyll when they couldn’t recreate his experiments. She knows that the institute was successfully cloning animals in the 1950s

Once Miranda is done, Peter calls for Colonel Hart and tells the others that Tom is not a clone and they have nothing. Peter says he’s sorry and starts to leave, and Claire asks why he’s sorry. Before he can answer, Malcolm runs in and tells Peter that they think that Tom has stabilized. Peter tells Claire that they plan to cure Tom, and takes her down with him to the containment box. Miranda tells her to go and says that they’ll see her shortly. Before he goes, Peter tells Miranda that she should have been working for them. When she asks where Tom came from if she was wrong, Peter admits that they have no idea and was hoping she could tell them.

The Past

Tom wakes up and finds himself lying in a corner. He plays back the video recording and sees himself as Hyde. Hyde calls Tom “Daddy” and presents himself for the camera. He says that he can tell that Tom is old and scared, and wonders if he’s married. Hyde boasts that he is what Tom thinks and promises to come get him and eat him. Tom imagines Hyde grabbing him through the TV screen, and Hyde knows what he’s imagining. Hyde laughs at him and Tom smashes the TV. The doorbell rings and the mailman drops off the envelope with the wedding ring and the keys. A deliveryman arrives with a package: a new TV set. Someone called the previous day and placed an emergency order.


Peter and Claire enter the chamber holding the containment box and Peter explains that it keeps Tom stable. He has someone bring coffee for Claire, who asks why they are just now curing Tom when they had the cure for 50 years. Peter tells her that each change shreds Tom’s DNA and he won’t see age 45. However, they waited because they didn’t know in which form Tom would stabilize: himself or Hyde. They want Hyde, but they don’t know which one Tom has stabilized as. Either they’ll have what they want, or Claire takes Tom home. When Claire says that they’re both her husband, Peter tells her that Hyde is theirs. Claire takes the coffee and figures that they’re sure it’ll be Hyde. Peter isn’t as sure, explaining that Tom has been stronger than anyone expected. When Claire points out that Peter sounds proud of that fact, Peter admits that Tom’s his friend.

With that, Claire throws the hot coffee in Peter’s face, and then steps forward and tells Malcolm to get her husband out of the containment box. The box opens and Claire stares at what is inside.