Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Jenny learns that her long lost father has died and she inherited his house in the Hollywood Hills. At first she wants to sell it but she later changes her mind.
Guest Stars: Eric McCormack as Jason Slade | Carolyn Hennesy as Chase Gardner | Miriam Flynn as Mother Superior | Dan Bucatinsky as Carl | Lindze Letherman as Jenny At 8 | Katie Hagan (1) as Maggie At 8
Director: Andy Ackerman

2 :01x02 - A Girl's Gotta Pierce

Jenny gets her tongue pierced thinking it'll impress the people at a Malibu party, but it backfires when her tongue swells up after accidentally eating spicy food.
Guest Stars: Susan Sherriffe as Woman #1 | Christopher Maleki as Ian | Alex Nevil as Daryl | Karen Kilgariff as Sales Clerk | Michael Rivkin as Weasly Man | Mike Grief as Piercing Expert 1 | Bill Stevenson as Piercing Expert 2 | Marcia Ann Burrs as Minnesotan Woman | Kathleen Macdonald as Woman #2 | Meredith Monroe as Brianna
Director: Jeff Melman

3 :01x03 - A Girl's Gotta Work

Jenny and Maggie get jobs at Inky Pete's.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Taylor Scott as Woman | Richard Libertini as Mr. Patel | Sean Whalen as Writer | Seth Isler as Jake | Darla Haun as Emaline | Ray Proscia as Drug Dealer | Natasha Pavlovich as Cosmonaut | Leon W. Grant as Man
Director: Andy Ackerman

4 :01x04 - A Girl's Gotta Spike

Maggie feels left out when Jenny spends all her time with her new jock friend.
Guest Stars: Christi Bauer-lee as Woman #2 | Katie Rich as Amanda | Cathy DeBuono as Woman #1 | Robyn Hyden as Girl | Shannon Marie Bullock as Waitress | Vicki Davis as Girl Captain

5 :01x05 - A Girl's Gotta Live in the Real World

Jenny starts dating Zak, who's supposedly a struggling musician who comes from a poor family. What she doesn't know is that Zak is actually stinking rich. When Jenny finds out she dumps him for not being honest, in return he tells everyone at MTV's "The Real World" (the show he's on) that she dumped him because she couldn't handle the fact that he's poor. But Jenny exposes him for the fraud he is.
Guest Stars: Richard Libertini as Mr. Patel | Rick Hearst as Zak | Tempestt Bledsoe as Kaylene | Mike Doyle as Dave | Rebecca McFarland as Penelope | Michael Rivkin as Weasly Man | Jennifer Crystal as Female Customer | Julie Claire as Female Contestant | Jerry Lambert as Host | Ivan Allen as Bachelor #1 | Ken Hanes as Bachelor #2
Director: Jeff Melman

6 :01x06 - A Girl's Gotta Lie

Maggie brings Jenny along on a date because she thinks the guy will be a real "snoozer". The guy happens to be a relationship therapist and stands in the way of Jenny and his brother's possible relationship when Maggie tells him that Jenny just got dumped by her fiancée. And seeing as this isn't true Max poses as Jenny's ex-fiancée and is thought to have left Jenny for Cooper by Maggie's fellow.
Guest Stars: Amy Weber as Woman | Kevin Ruf as Ted Tucker | Scott Thompson Baker as Mark | Christopher Wiehl as Jeremy | Randall Rapstine as Waiter

7 :01x07 - A Girl's Gotta Deck the Halls

Jenny and Maggie's plan for a Christmas in Utica are ruined when the airline goes out of business, so they try to make the best of it in L.A.
Guest Stars: Kevin Ruf as Ted Tucker | Carolyn Hennesy as Chase Gardner | Laraine Newman as Joella | Justin Urich as Brett | Brian Klugman as Jason | Jack Salvatore, Jr. as Kid | Bette Rae as Older Woman | Cecily Adams as Mother
Director: Jeff Melman

8 :01x08 - A Girl's Gotta Love a Wedding

Max and Cooper get hired to film a wedding and they get Maggie and Jenny to assist them. While working Jenny gets hit on by the groom and Maggie by a 13 year-old boy.
Guest Stars: Sean O'Bryan as Ethan | Todd Susman as Marvin Stark | Kyle Gibson as Tyler | Terry Rhoads as Plastic Surgeon | Kaitlin Hopkins as Bride | Carlos Del Olmo as Eduardo | Carol Kiernan as Minister | Monica Allison as Patty | Dick Clark as Himself

9 :01x09 - A Girl's Gotta Merger

Maggie's brother comes to L.A. to seal a multi-million dollar merger between two candy companies, but he thinks Maggie and Jenny will screw it up for him.
Guest Stars: Patrick Breen as Richard Marino | Miguel Sandoval as Diego Machado | George Coe as Thomas Kendall | Jacqueline Schultz as Jill | Elmarie Wendel as Doris | Mike Schwartz as Base | Kevin Ruf as Ted Tucker | John Catanzaro as Boss | Frank Shanahan as Waiter
Director: Jeff Melman

10 :01x10 - A Girl's Gotta Get It

An aspiring writer brings a screenplay he spent the last two years of his life writing to Inky Pete's, but Jenny loses it on the bus before she can make copies. So she has to try to get it back from a sleazy producer. However the slimy producer brings it in to Inky Pete's not knowing that Jenny and Maggie work there.
Guest Stars: Richard Libertini as Mr. Patel | Jon Polito as Sid Bouchie | Rob Youngblood as Jules | Roger Rose as Craig | Fred Stoller as Henry | Christopher Titus as Surf Guy | Betsy Monroe as Surf Groupie
Director: Ted Wass

11 :01x11 - A Girl's Gotta Hang With a Celebrity

Jenny and Maggie really start living when they meet a famous actress in a dance club.
Guest Stars: Adam West as Himself | Richard Libertini as Mr. Patel | Farrah Forke as Tara Campbell | Elisa Gabrielli as Tammy | Mia Suh as Guest #2 | Brian Posehn as Guest #3 | Brian Foyster as Maitre D' | Rosemarie Addeo as Guest #1

12 :01x12 - A Girl's Gotta Protect Her Assets

To make sure she doesn't get sued, Jenny poses as a lawyer's girlfriend for the day.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Hennesy as Chase Gardner | Gilbert Gottfried as Nathan | Mark Davis (2) as Drag Queen | Amy Bryden as Dawn | Chuti Tiu as Girl | Charles Rocket as Grant | Mariah Nunn as Nurse | Robb Derringer as Robby | Kevin Ruf as Ted Tucker | Nancy L. Sawyer as Wendy

13 :01x13 - A Girl's Gotta Make Room for Daddy (1)

Jenny discovers $3000 stashed away in an old teddy bear of her father's and decides to blow it all on a trip to a resort where her father once stayed. She gets an even bigger shock when she meets her supposedly dead father staying there.
Guest Stars: Kevin Ruf as Ted Tucker | Taylor Negron as Fish Boy | Christopher Carroll as Bartender | Lisa Lord as Woman | Aileen Acain as Waitress | George Wallace as Vet | Nick De Gruccio as Bradley | Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as Bouncer | Jennifer Lee (3) as Chantal | Sarah Aldrich as Monica | Keone Young as M.C. | John Edmund Parcher as Nerd
Director: Jeff Melman

14 :01x14 - A Girl's Gotta Make Room for Daddy (2)

After initially having some trouble, Jenny finally tells her father the truth. He plans on continuing his life with a current flame but changes his mind and come home to try and be a father for Jenny. He eventually decides he's not ready for this and goes to leave. But a phone call from Jenny's current boyfriend changes everything.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Hennesy as Chase Gardner | Natalija Nogulich as Sophia | George Tasudis as Vlada | Michael Kagan as Nicky | Robert Swain as Man On Bus | Layne Beamer as Rudy | Damon Jones (1) as Waiter | Kevin Ruf as Ted Tucker
Director: Jeff Melman

15 :01x15 - A Girl's Gotta Go Vogue

Jenny and Maggie quit their jobs and take a modeling offer after Inky Pete's is taken over by World Of Copies and they are forced to wear uniforms.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Hennesy as Chase Gardner | Yul Vazquez as Philipe | Paul Cassell as Norman | Jane Carr as Oona | John Kassir as Chaz
Director: Matthew Diamond

16 :01x16 - A Girl's Gotta Get Ready for Her Close-Up

Jenny and Maggie are hired as extras in a new film but when Maggie is given a speaking part Jenny becomes extremely jealous.
Guest Stars: Timothy Omundson as Griffin | Paul Willson as Pointing Guy | Charles Dougherty as A.D. | Pamela Bowen as Cindy | Lisa Deanne as Tiffany | Sharon Johnston as Crew Member

17 :01x17 - A Girl's Gotta Come Through in a Clutch

When Guy gets dropped by his agent he becomes depressed and doesn't want to leave the house, or his bed. Hoping to get him out of his funk Jenny convinces two fans to give him an award. Meanwhile Maggie buys a new car but unfortunately it's a stick shift, which neither she nor Jenny know how to drive.
Guest Stars: Christopher Moynihan as Deke | Joseph Bologna as Bernie | Patrick Fabian as Parker | Matt Champagne as Peter | Constance Zimmer as Kaleigh
Director: Jeff Melman
Writer: Jon Ross
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 28, 1997
Ended: January 12, 1998
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