Season 2

Reunion Special

The cast reunites to talk about everything that happened in Miami.

11 :02x01 - Goin' South

The cast heads to Miami in the season 2 opener, and the drama quickly heats up when Angelina crashes the party. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Sammi, find themselves in an awkward situation after their recent break-up.

Source: MTV

12 :02x02 - The Hangover

Ronnie and Sammi are in a constant fight and Angelina is not making any friends at all with the girls of the house. Things are said and things are hidden causing one roommate to feel like an outcast.

13 :02x03 - Creepin

The roommates start their jobs at the Gelato shop and they are getting into the fact that they get to work and party as well. Angelina tries to apologize and Pauley has nothing to do with her. One roommate takes pity on her and they bring Angelina as one of their own. Meanwhile, one roommate is juggling too much and it will soon fail.

14 :02x04 - Breaking Up

Sammi and Ronnie go back and forth to whether or not they should be a couple and things blow up out of proportion and the once happy and loving couple may be headed for splitsville. Meanwhile, two roommates get together that a letter needs to be typed up to air out the bad feelings.

15 :02x05 - The Letter

Jenni and Nicole decide to place the letter and see what comes from it. This causes a lot of tension between the roommates. Things get a little unstable in the Ronnie and Sammi relationship.

16 :02x06 - Not So Shore

Sammi wants to know who wrote the note and things get more irritating when one of the roommates tells the true authors of the letter and a fight breaks out. Meanwhile, Vinny and Nicole have a little moment and Mike hooks up with a tranny.

17 :02x07 - Sleeping with the Enemy

When a fight breaks out on the Shore, friends need to reevaluate their friendships and see which side they are going to be on. Tension builds when the true author of "the letter" comes forward and relationships start. One including that is so bizarre that everyone in the household is shocked that it ever happened.
Director: Brad Kreisberg

18 :02x08 - All in the Family

The aftermath of Vinny and Angelina "Smushing" and everyone is calling her names. She doesn't care. Meanwhile, Vinny's mom and Uncle Nino visit and the whole house are happy with a real Italian dinner. However, peace doesn't last long when someone tells a certain secret to someone.

19 :02x09 - Dirty Pad

Angelina continues to butt heads with her roommates and the Situation finally gets his revenge in front of her friends.

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20 :02x10 - Gone, Baby, Gone

Angelina tells her roommates how she really feels about them, sending Snooki into a frenzy and finally pushing things over the edge.

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21 :02x11 - Girls Like That

With Angelina gone, The Situation becomes the new troublemaker as he attempts to steal Vinny's girl and smacks Snooki in the face

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22 :02x12 - Deja Vu All Over Again

Mike gets on everyone's last nerve after his obnoxious antics get them all kicked out of the club. Even Pauly is frustrated after Mike proves twice that he's a failure as a wingman.

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23 :02x13 - Back Into the Fold

The roommates say goodbye to Miami and head home in the Season 2 finale.

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