Jersey Shore

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 03/Dec/2009 A New Family/The Tanned Triangle
02 01x02 03/Dec/2009 The Tanned Triangle
03 01x03 10/Dec/2009 Good Riddance
05 01x05 31/Dec/2009 Just Another Day at the Shore
06 01x06 07/Jan/2010 Boardwalk Blowups
08 01x08 14/Jan/2010 One Shot
09 01x09 21/Jan/2010 That's How The Shore Goes

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
11 02x01 29/Jul/2010 Goin' South
12 02x02 05/Aug/2010 The Hangover
14 02x04 19/Aug/2010 Breaking Up
15 02x05 26/Aug/2010 The Letter
16 02x06 02/Sep/2010 Not So Shore
17 02x07 09/Sep/2010 Sleeping with the Enemy
18 02x08 12/Sep/2010 All in the Family
19 02x09 23/Sep/2010 Dirty Pad
20 02x10 30/Sep/2010 Gone, Baby, Gone
21 02x11 07/Oct/2010 Girls Like That
22 02x12 14/Oct/2010 Deja Vu All Over Again
23 02x13 21/Oct/2010 Back Into the Fold

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
24 03x01 06/Jan/2011 Back to the Shore
25 03x02 13/Jan/2011 It's Gonna Be An Interesting Summer
26 03x03 17/Jan/2011 Where's the Beach?
27 03x04 20/Jan/2011 Free Snooki
28 03x05 27/Jan/2011 Drunk Punch Love
29 03x06 03/Feb/2011 Should We Just Break Up?
30 03x07 10/Feb/2011 Cabs Are Here!
31 03x08 17/Feb/2011 The Great Depression
34 03x11 10/Mar/2011 GTF - Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting
36 03x13 24/Mar/2011 At The End Of The Day
37 03x14 31/Mar/2011 Reunion Special

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
38 04x01 04/Aug/2011 Going To Italia
40 04x03 18/Aug/2011 Twinning
41 04x04 25/Aug/2011 Crime and Punishment
42 04x05 28/Aug/2011 And The Wall Won
43 04x06 08/Sep/2011 Fist Pump, Pushups, Chapstick
44 04x07 15/Sep/2011 Meatball Mashup
45 04x08 22/Sep/2011 Where Is My Boyfriend?
47 04x09 29/Sep/2011 Three Men and a Snooki
49 04x11 13/Oct/2011 Situation Problems
50 04x12 20/Oct/2011 Ciao Italia
51 04x13 20/Oct/2011 Reunion Special

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
52 05x01 05/Jan/2012 Hurricane Situation
53 05x02 12/Jan/2012 One Man Down
54 05x03 19/Jan/2012 Dropping Like Flies
55 05x04 26/Jan/2012 Free Vinny
52 05x05 02/Feb/2012 Nothing But Nice
53 05x06 09/Feb/2012 The Follow Game
55 05x08 23/Feb/2012 Sharp Objects
56 05x09 01/Mar/2012 The Truth Will Set You Free
57 05x10 08/Mar/2012 One Meatball Stands Alone
58 05x11 15/Mar/2012 We Are Family
59 05x12 22/Mar/2012 Reunion

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
60 06x01 04/Oct/2012 Once More Unto the Beach
61 06x02 04/Oct/2012 No Shame, Good Integrity
62 06x03 11/Oct/2012 Toxic Shots Syndrome
64 06x05 18/Oct/2012 Merp Walk
65 06x06 25/Oct/2012 Let's Make It Official
66 06x07 01/Nov/2012 Great Meatballs of Fire
68 06x09 15/Nov/2012 Make It Unofficial
69 06x10 29/Nov/2012 Shore Shower
70 06x11 06/Dec/2012 Awkward
71 06x12 13/Dec/2012 Raining Men and Meatballs

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S02 - #1 28/Oct/2010 Reunion Special
S04 - #2 28/Jul/2011 From the First Fist Pump
S04 - #3 01/Sep/2011 After Hours #1
S04 - #4 15/Sep/2011 After Hours #2
S04 - #5 29/Sep/2011 After Hours #3
S05 - #6 12/Jan/2012 After Hours 501
S06 - #7 06/Sep/2012 Gym, Tan, Look Back
S06 - #8 18/Oct/2012 After Hours #1
S06 - #9 25/Oct/2012 After Hours #2
S06 - #10 15/Nov/2012 Restore The Shore
S06 - #11 21/Nov/2012 Jersey Shore Dictionary Special
S06 - #12 06/Dec/2012 After Hours #4
S06 - #13 13/Dec/2012 Best of Reunions

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