Good Riddance - Recap

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The scene opens with Jenni “Jwoww” tells that she left the club early and Ronnie tells that she made-out with Pauly D. Jenni tells that she wanted to get all the facts strait before she told her boyfriend. Ronnie, Sammi “Sweetheart” and Mike “The Situation” go into work and the whole day, Sammi and Mike talk and she tells that she is not into him in “that” way. However, Mike has a plan to get Sammi back. Meanwhile, back at the house, Pauly D. asks Nicole “Snooki” who she is going to hook up with and Nicole tells that she is not going to hook up with anyone. She takes out a pickle and starts eating it sexually, to which she plays off as normal. At the T-Shirt shop, Sammi asks Ronnie if he is serious in their new relationship and he tells that he is. They leave for the day and Ronnie and Sammi rub it in Mike’s face that they are together.

At the house, Ronnie talks with Jenni and she is his go to girl for information. He talks about how jealous Mike is and he is trying to show him that he and Sammi are together. She tells him not to have Sammi push Mike towards her. Jenni waits for her boyfriend, Tommy, and he has brought flowers for her. She can’t tell him the truth of her and Pauly just yet. Pauly tells that if he was Jenni’s boyfriend, he would have dumped her. Angelina’s friends, Elena and Alana, visit and they are introduced to the other roommates. Angelina calls up her boyfriend, Mike, and tells him that they are going out and for him to meet her there. He tells that he will and take a shower. They go to “Headliners” and they get their dance on. Angelina gets a text that says that Mike is outside. She goes outside and takes Mike in. He tells that he doesn’t think what they are doing is right he tells that they are done after tonight. The roommates start talking about the fact that Angelina’s boyfriend is married in the middle of a divorce. Nicole tells that she needs to stop stressing over a married guy and Angelina goes home for the night. Angelina gets home and she is not happy. Her friends talk to her and she tells that she is done with the boyfriend. Angelina’s boyfriend calls and she tells that she is not going to talk to him. Jenni is in bed with Tommy and he tells that if she ever did something stupid with another guy, then he would leave her.

The next day, Jenni still can’t tell her boyfriend about her and goes inside to tell Sammi that Angelina’s boyfriend was married. Pauly D. says that Vinny and Angelina are supposed to be going to work today and Vinny shows up on time and tells that manager that he believes that Angelina is not going to come in today. Back at the house, Angelina pretends to be sick and tells that she is not going to work. The manager calls Danny and tells that Angelina didn’t show up to work. Later at the house, Angelina decides to go into work and explain herself. She gets there and the manager asks why she didn’t show and she tells that she is not feeling good. Then she changes it to the reason that she broke up with her boyfriend. He tells that she needs to go home and wait for Danny. Later, Danny comes up to the house and talks to Angelina, but she tells that he can talk to her in the bathroom. Danny tells that Angelina is fired and needs to get out of the house. Angelina packs up and everyone in the house is happy to be rid of her. Angelina tries to get everyone’s sympathy and they say goodbye. She leaves and everyone celebrates and agrees on no more drama. Jenni calls up her boyfriend and comes clean about her and Pauly and he hangs up the phone. She tells everyone that she is going to give it 24 hours and if they are broken up, the “real” Jenni is going to come out to play.

At a bar, Nicole meets up with her friend Ryder and she has been Nicole’s friend for a while. They go to the house and Ronnie and Sammi are planning to go play miniature golf. Mike asks where Ronnie is going and he rubs it again in his face that he is going miniature golfing with Sammi. Nicole brings Ryder over and they go into the hot tub. Sammi invites Mike along with Ronnie and her and she tells that they are all roommates and doesn’t want it to be awkward. He declines and Sammi and Ronnie go alone. At the golf course, they have a fun time and afterward lock themselves in the guest bedroom. In the hot tub, the guys get in and girls and Nicole kisses Ryder and starts making out with her. Then she switches to Mike and starts to get a little bit more into it. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Sammi are in the room and he tells that he never expected to hook up with Sammi and she tells that everyone thought she wasn’t going to hook up with him. Mike and Pauly D. are cooking dinner and they go out to start the grill and it catches fire because Pauly D. put the charcoal in the grill and lit it. They put out the fire with the extinguisher with no problems.

The roommates go to Karma Club and they had a fun time. Sammi and Ronnie are telling each other that they don’t want to be with anyone else. Vinny takes Ronnie to the dance floor and he does his signature moves. Sammi talks to an old friend and sees over his shoulder that Ronnie is dancing with another girl. She gets jealous and gives the old friend her number. Jenni sees this and tells Ronnie that Sammie just gave her number to a random guy. He is very upset and leaves. Jenni doesn’t want Ronnie to be alone so she leaves as well. Sammi starts asking people where Ronnie is and they tell that he went home with Jenni. Upset, Jenni goes on the war path to get Jenni and Ronnie and start something.