Fade to Black - Recap

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The scene opens with Ronnie going home and he tells that he saw how Sammi “Sweetheart” was getting to know the guy and he decided to dance with another girl. He goes home and flops on the bed. Jenni “Jwoww” goes home to check on him. Sammi asks where Ronnie is and a girl tells that he want home with Jenni. Sammi gets home and asks if Jenni and him hooked up. She tells that they didn’t and Sammi walks out of the room. Ronnie doesn’t let it stop there and they talk in the guest bedroom and tell each other that they told each other things that they have never told anyone and they cry and make up. Mike “The Situation”, Pauly and two other girls come back to the place and they talk the girls to get into the hot tub. They are hoping to have sex. However, when they get to the bedroom, Pauly D. gets into bed with his girl, but she is on her period and Mike gets in with his. He is looking for a condom when Pauly D’s girl tells that she has to go home.

Sammi and Ronnie wake up together and he tells that had a so much fun with her last night and Sammi is still worried that it is not going to be alright. Ronnie goes to Jenni and tells that Sammi is a little jealous. Jenni calls her boyfriend and tells him not to hang up. She tells that she is sorry and he tells that she can call him, but he is not going to go up there anymore. Ronnie and Sammi talk to each other at work and he tells that he wants to be with her and her alone. She tells that she is in a funk and tells that she is not mad at him. Ronnie tells that it is probably a woman thing. After work, they go home and Sammi tells that she likes Ronnie and they have sex with each other, or as Ronnie calls it, they “Smushed”.

The next day Ronnie, Mike, Pauly and Vinny go to the tanning booths and then to the gym. Later they go to the barber shop and Mike asks Ronnie about him and Sammi, but he tells that he doesn’t kiss and tell. They bring up the fact that Ronnie told that he would never fall in love at the Jersey Shore and Ronnie tells that Mike has brought home 12 girls and has not gotten anything. Nicole “Snooki” calls her mom and they have plans to have her come up for her birthday. The roommates go to Karma and Nicole comes out of her shell and has a lot of fun. All the roommates have fun and the fist pumping is happening. Mike and Pauly get their game on and Mike finds two girls. Pauly looks at the other one and she is a “grenade” as Mike calls it meaning an ugly girl. However, when they see a Mercedes and two girls, the girls they were originally with, get upset and leave. Nicole takes home a guy named Russ and he is a total gentleman with her.

At the house, the girls Pauly and Mike brought home are refusing to get into the hot tub and just want to talk. Meanwhile, Nicole and Russ get lost and Nicole takes him to the beach. Back at the house, they are on the loft and talking. The original girls come back and they now have two girls downstairs and two girls upstairs. They tell the girls upstairs that their “roommates” told them that they need to leave. Afterward, they go up to the hot tub and it is cold. The other girl is ugly and she is only complaining all the time. They go upstairs and Pauly D. goes right back downstairs and goes to bed. Mike is left alone and the other girl is complaining that the hot tub is not hot. Mike’s girl and him run downstairs and start hooking up. The other girl comes and tells her that she is going home and tells that she doesn’t want to do this. Mike kisses his girl goodnight and won’t be getting lucky again either.

The next day, Nicole wakes up next to Russ and nothing happened. She tells that she wasted another evening. Tommy calls up Jenni and tells that Russ told him that she was all over Pauly and that she was being sexual. She defends herself and tells that she was dancing with everyone but it was nothing sexual. Nicole gets on the phone and tells him that it was only House music not R&B Grind music. They were just having fun. They tell each other that they miss each other and Nicole doesn’t get Jenni and her boyfriend. Later, Nicole spends the day with her mother and they go on the sky-ride and have fun at the beach. At the end of the day, her mother goes home and Nicole cries and says goodbye. The roommates go out and have fun on the beach.

The episode ends with the roommates at the bar with co-workers. Nicole tells that she doesn’t feel like an outcast anymore. Three guys from a Fraternity talk to the roommates and they start to take their shots. Mike tries to intervene to calm things down and one of the guys punches Nicole in the face for getting into his face for stealing the shots.