Just Another Day at the Shore - Recap

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The scene opens with the bar again and the guy punches Nicole “Snooki”. She is on the floor crying and they rush to Nicole’s side. The guy is arrested. She is bleeding in the bathroom. Vinny, Pauly, and Ronnie are on the war path to find his friends and beat them up. The police are keeping a close eye on them. They look at Nicole and Vinny tells that the man is going to get what he deserves. Nicole sees the medical examiner and he gives her an ice pack. Meanwhile as they are all worried about Nicole, Mike “The Situation” is creeping, as Ronnie says, meaning trying to pick up girls. Jenni “Jwoww” walks Nicole home. At the house, Ronnie is blaming Mike for instigating the punch in the face, but Mike tells that he was shocked. Nicole gets home with Jenni and she goes to bed and cries. Ronnie goes inside and comforts her. Mike joins in. Later that night, Ronnie tells Sammi “Sweetheart” that Mike did nothing when he saw Nicole get hit and that he tried to creep afterward. She tells that he is not a good friend.

The next morning, Ronnie’s family comes over and Ronnie gets up and welcomes them. They come in and Sammi is getting ready to meet Ronnie’s parents. However, she is taking too long and the family is getting restless. Meanwhile, the roommates come out and meet Ronnie’s parents. Ronnie tells that Nicole got hit by a man last night and Ronnie’s mother tells that they need to go back to the same bar. Sammi finally is ready and meets with Ronnie’s parents and brother. They go out for games. Meanwhile, Jenni and Nicole go out to lunch and Jenni tells that she will drink with Nicole, but when the drinks come, Nicole can’t drink them because of the numbness of her left side of her mouth. Ronnie’s family leaves and they all say their goodbyes. Nicole calls the police department and finds out that the man who hit her in the face was released on bail. The roommates tell her that he is going to be charged with so many charges. The girls go out and get their tan and pamper themselves. In the car, Jenni asks Sammi if she and Ronnie had sex. She is silent and Jenni takes it as a yes. Meanwhile at the house, Pauly D. calls up Karma Club and asks if he can DJ there one night. They agree. Later that evening, Mike cooks up a nice meal for everyone and everyone bails and refuses to help out.

At the dinner table they say grace and after dinner, Mike leaves his plate and Sammi gets on him for it. He tells that he was the one who did all the hard work and that he shouldn’t have to touch the dishes. Ronnie grabs Mike’s plate to avoid an argument. The next day at work, Ronnie tells Jenni that Mike was the one who caused Nicole to get hit because he was instigating the stealing. She tells that she thought it was crappy when he tried to say that he feels bad for Nicole when he didn’t at the bar. Later that day, the roommates go on a boat called “Forget About It” and they go to a boat party. They are dancing and having a good time and Sammi and Ronnie watch from above. Nicole is lighting up and is about to get a guy’s number when Ronnie tells that they need to leave and throws her into the water. She tells that was not cool. As they ride back to the coast, Nicole is upset with what Ronnie did. Later that day, Mike tries to call the girls he has numbers for and gets three girls that are coming over. Ronnie tells that they are going to Club Bamboo and leaving them alone. The girls arrive and Mike is with a Brazilian girl. They start talking and realize that they are not going to get anything and tell that they are respectable girls.

Meanwhile at Club Bamboo, they are dancing and having a good time until a girl calls Nicole fat and Jenni throws her drink in her face and starts attacking the girl. There is hair pulling and sucker punching going on. Back at the house, the girls leave and Mike talks with the Brazilian girl again. She tells that she knows how it goes and tells that Mike and Pauly have a name for themselves and that they are hooking up with everyone. The roommates at Bamboo are kicked out and they head over to Karma Club. Nicole tells Jenni how she was and that she was like a monkey coming at them. They are happy of Jenni sticking up for Nicole. The next day, Pauly sets up for his big night at Karma Club and he is going to be the DJ. Vinny comes up and tells that he has a nice setup and Pauly D. tells that it is the best what money can buy and it is amazing pieces of equipment.

Mike tries to call the Brazilian girl he met but it goes to voicemail. He tells that 9/10 times he is alright of rejection. Sammi tells that she never gets stood up and Mike tells that is because she is a girl. Jenni gets a call from Tommy and he asks if she got the package. She tells that she did not and suddenly, Ronnie comes in with it and tells that Tommy is in love with her. Tommy sent her rare blue flowers. Ronnie tells that he doesn’t understand what Tommy is doing and tells that he wouldn’t do that. The night arrives and it is Pauly D’s night to shine. At Karma Club, the roommates get down and Sammi and Ronnie leave to go home. Pauly is tearing it up and Vinny talks to an older girl named Tonya. They walk off together and Vinny finds out that Tonya is actually Danny the landlord’s girl. Vinny is worried that he might be evicted.