Boardwalk Blowups - Recap

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The scene opens with Vinny telling about the fact that he hooked up with the landlord’s girl and that he is probably going to be evicted. The guys tease him about it and Mike “The Situation” and Pauley D. ask him if he is going to go to the gym, tanning and do laundry. Vinny declines and tells that if he is going out, he is going to do things fun. Vinny arrives at work and Danny teases him about Vinny taking his girl. Vinny feels really bad and Danny tells him that it is no big deal. At the house, Melissa, Mike’s sister calls and Vinny talks to her and flirts a little. Mike comes in and Vinny tells that he talked to his sister for 45 minutes and Mike laughs that Vinny wants to meet his sister. Mike calls her and she tells that she will come out.

Melissa arrives at the house and Vinny decides after getting a closer look at Melissa, that she is not his type, but he is still friendly. They all decide to go to Headliners and have fun. At the bar, Nicole “Snooki” sees Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie just talking and not having fun. Sammi and Ronnie leave the club and inside, Vinny is getting to know Melissa and says that she started getting cute. Nicole meets her friend Mike at the club and she tells that she wants to take him home. In the carbide, Sammi and Ronnie are talking and joking until Ronnie tells that Sammi has a big toe and they get into a fight. In the other cab, Mike and Nicole are in the car and she tells if he wants to meet girls then he can go. He gets out with the other Mike and Nicole feels betrayed. Meanwhile at the house, Ronnie is upset and Sammi is too. They try to talk about the night and Sammi doesn’t want anything to do with it. The rest of the roommates get home and they ask what is going on. Ronnie is upset that Sammi was being ultra sensitive and Nicole talks to Sammi and she is sad that Ronnie made fun of her toes. Nicole is upset that Sammi would get upset about that. Ronnie comes in and tells that she isn’t worth it and tries to talk to her.

Later that night, Mike meets up with Alex again and he tells that she can go back to his place. On the balcony, Ronnie talks to Sammi and tells that if she walks away, then it is strike three. She does and Ronnie goes downstairs and tells that he is back. They go out creeping and Sammi is sad that Ronnie went looking for a girl. However, all Ronnie can do is talk about what happened and Pauley tells that he is not going to break it off with Sammi. He agrees and goes home and they make up. Mike and Nicole’s friend, Mike, come back and Nicole doesn’t want anything to do with him. Meanwhile, Alex and her two friends come over and Mike asks Nicole if she can tell the other two girls to leave. She agrees. Downstairs the girls are there and Nicole tells the ugly girls that they have to leave. However, this makes Alex leave too and then talk trash to Nicole as they leave. Nicole gets in their face and a fight commences in the front. In the process, Nicole gets smacked in the mouth and tells Mike to not bring those type of girls. Inside, Nicole is mad at Mike and comes out and beats him with an inflatable monkey. They mess around and all is better.

Vinni’s family is coming over and he is cleaning up. His family arrives and his mother has brought them dinner and also Vinny some undershirts and socks. Vinny gets spoiled and his mother cleans up the house. They go home and Vinny says his goodbyes. Later that night at the bar, Pauley is getting bothered by a guy who keeps asking where they are from. Nicole sees Sammi and Ronnie at the bar and not having fun again. She goes over and tells that they need to have fun and they get insulted. Pauley and Mike see that there are no girls there and they go home and start calling girls to hang out with and get no luck. Sammi and Ronnie are walking home and the same guy that was giving them a hard time in the bar is trying to pick something with Ronnie. Sammi instigates it further by calling the guy names and Ronnie pushes her away and tells her to stop, but the guy is already upset and Ronnie gets into a fight. He starts hitting the guy. Pauley and Mike are still trying to get a girl and a girl calls and tells that Ronnie is in a fight on the Boardwalk. They run to go find out what is going on.

The fight is broken up by a bouncer and Ronnie and Sam walk away before the police show up. However, Ronnie doesn’t want anything to do with Sammi right now and walks home without her. Pauley and Mike walk up to Ronnie and he tells that the guy that was harassing Pauley got into a fight with him. Later at the house, Ronnie is icing his eye that is all swollen up and Sammi tells Nicole that Ronnie pushed her. Ronnie goes on the balcony and tells that he is sorry for the way he acted and hopes to make up. She cries and they make up on the balcony.