What Happens In The AC - Recap

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The scene opens with Ronnie going out to the balcony and and they make up. Sammi “Sweetheart” asks if Mike “The Situation” and Pauley D. have a problem that her and Ronnie being together and they tell that they don’t. Ronnie and Sammi ask Nicole “Snooki” who everyone is that hates that her and Ronnie are together. She tells that she didn’t say everyone and tells that her and Jenni “Jwoww” were saying things. Later that night, Ronnie and Sammi are in bed still talking about the incident. The next day Ronnie wanted to forget about it wants to end it. He walks up to Jenni tells that she told Nicole that they just needed to talk with Ronnie and Sammi. Ronnie goes up to Sammi and tells that Nicole is not their friend and tells her not to confide in her. Later that day, Nicole walks into Jenni’s room and apologizes to Sammi and Ronnie. She tells that she wants to just hang out before their time is over. Sammi takes the apology to Jenni too and they are all friends again.

That night they all go to a club and Vinny is hanging out with Tonya again from before and Nicole finds a cowboy that is really nice to her. Meanwhile, Mike has a girl named Paula with him and things are getting intimate. They go back and Mike and Paula get into the hot tub and start “getting busy”. Vinny and Tonya are on the hammock seeing the entire thing. Meanwhile, Nicole is walking with her cowboy and talks with him the entire night. As Mike is getting it on, Nicole and the cowboy come up and Mike takes the business downstairs. Paula slips on the stairs and everyone laughs upstairs. The next morning, Paula’s friend comes and knocks on their door loudly and Ronnie answers the door. Right away Mike goes into the shower to escape the drama. Paula can’t find her clothes and just leaves them. Afterward, Mike addresses the fact that he was being watched by Vinny and Mike tells that he wishes he had game. Vinny tells that is not what his sister thinks. Mike takes the defensive and calls him a name.

The roommates go out again and they start dancing. Vinny starts flirting with Melissa, Mike’s sister, and she flirts back. Sammi is looking for Ronnie and he is over in the back talking to a girl. Mike makes this his mission to sway Sammi from Ronnie and tells that he is flirting with a girl over there. She sees it and watches. She goes up to him and he tells that he is only talking and that is all. She tells that Mike told her that he was flirting and Ronnie tells her that Mike is not her friend and that she shouldn’t be listening to him. Pauley meets a Israel girl and gets to know her while Vinny is getting to know Melissa more and more. However, when Tonya comes in the club, he ditches Melissa. Mike walks up to Vinny and tells that he is doing wrong by Melissa and he tells that he is only exploring his options. They go home and Vinny chooses to stay with Melissa because they have more of a thing together. Pauley D. is with the Israel girl and she tells that she is not having sex before marriage. Pauley is out of there quickly. Ronnie confronts Mike about the fact that he is trying to ruin his relationship with Sammi and he tells that he wasn’t. He is approached by Sammi too who said that Mike told her that Ronnie was taking with another girl. He back tracks an tells that he was not too sure. Later that night, Melissa goes to sleep in Mike’s bed and Mike tells that he will sleep in Sammi’s bed. However, halfway through the night, Melissa sneaks into Vinny’s bed.

The next day, Mike asks Ronnie and Pauley if they think Vinny hooked up with his sister and they tell him that Vinny hooked up with her a couple days ago. The boys open up the T-Shirt shop and get to work. They talk about how they are going to Atlantic City this weekend. They drive there and when they do get there, they all fall asleep except for Nicole, who decides to take a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi bath. At dinner, the roommates all gather and the insults start to fly. First they are joking until Nicole tells that no one likes Mike in the house. He gives her a low blow back and tells that she already has rolls when she asks for some more dinner rolls. This causes her to leave crying. Everyone is mad at Mike for calling Nicole fat and he tells that she was attacking him and he reacted. He tells that he will apologize to her for it. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Nicole admits having an eating disorder back in high school and tells that Mike needs to get his. She tells at the hotel that she just got over the eating disorder a year ago. Mike goes up to Nicole and apologizes to her. As the night goes on, Nicole forgets about the entire fight and they dance.

While they are at the club Vinny is hitting it off with a model and Mike sees him leave and then goes up to the girl and starts to flirt with her. She goes with Mike and Vinny tells that she is his “sloppy seconds”. Ronnie and Sammi get out of there and Jenni goes up to Mike and tells that she is going to be sick. Mike tells her to go to the bathroom. After puking in the bathroom, she asks Mike to take her back to the room and he is with a girl right now and tells her no. She smacks him in the head and Mike has her escorted out of the club. She goes back to the hotel and tells Ronnie and Sammi that Mike refused to take her back to the hotel and kicked her out of the club. She tells that when she sees him, she is going to punch him. The night ends for everyone and Mike gets in the room and Jenni tries to hit him. Vinny grabs her and she stops for a second and then hit Mike in the face and the episode ends.