One Shot - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike “The Situation” getting hit by Jenni “Jwoww”. She gets stopped by Private Protective Services and goes back to her room. Mike is still upset about it and is calling Jenni names and Vinny tells that it was bad, but on the inside, he thought it was great that Mike got beaten. In her room, Jenni is talking to Nicole “Snooki” and she is saying that she wants to leave the Jersey Shore. Nicole tells that they only have a week left and for her to get over it. The roommates get back to Seaside Heights and there is tension between Jenni and Mike. Jenni gets on the phone with her boyfriend, Tommy, and tells that she hit Mike. He tells her to not drink heavily again and things won’t happen. In Mike’s room, he is going on about how Vinny has been talking behind his back and how he is very cocky. Sammi “Sweetheart” tells Mike to settle down.

Later that night, Pauley and Vinny go out to meet three girls that they really like and Pauley tells that he had plans with the Israeli girl, Danielle, but she is not in the mood to hang out with her. However, when they get to the boardwalk, Danielle is there. Pauley is in an awkward situation and plays it cool. He tells that he will call Danielle. Nicole visits with Keith, the cowboy from last episode, and they walk off and have a fun time at the bar. Meanwhile, Pauley and Vinny are having fun on their date with the girls and Danielle is there hovering over them. She gives Pauley a shirt that says, “I Love Jewish Girls”. He tells that he will call her later and she leaves. Nicole and Keith get done at the bar and she jumps on his back. She gets down because she is only trashy when she’s drunk. Back with Vinny and Pauley and they are going to go on one of the rides. When he gets off, Danielle is there again. They say goodnight to the girls because Danielle has been bugging them all night. They get home and the phone rings. It is Danielle and Vinny pretends to be Mike. Pauley tells that they need to take the phone off the hook.

The next morning, Mike tells that he wants to pull a prank so he puts pickles in Nicole’s bedroom and then makes a stinky container of mixed dairies to Vinny’s bedroom for talking crap about him. He wakes up and Ronnie tells that Vinny’s bedroom smells. Nicole wakes up and smells the pickles. She is only upset because Mike wasted pickles. Jenni and Sammi talk about the fact that Danielle keeps calling Pauley. Mike picks up the phone. It is Danielle again and this time Pauley talks to her and tells that she is a clinger. She denies it and they argue. Pauley hangs up on her. Later that day, Mike and Sammi go to the T-Shirt shop to work and Mike is flirting with Sammi still. He tells that he put the stink bomb under Vinny’s bed. Vinny walks out of his room and they are going out. Sammi tells Vinny that Mike put the stink bomb under his bed and Vinny tells that he is going to have to get him back somehow. They go out to the bowling alley and outside, Jenni and Mike make up from their fight.

When they get home, Vinny finds the bowl of stink and plays it off like he didn’t know about it to Mike and he tells that he had to prank him. Ronnie and Vinny talk to Mike and tell him that he is annoying and that he talks a lot about himself. Pauley doesn’t have any issue because Mike has always been the same to him. Ronnie tells that Mike has not brought home a cute girl that would compare to Sammi. Mike reminds Ronnie that he had Sammi first and she denies it. They go out to the club and Danielle is there again. Pauley talks about how she is a stalker but eventually agree that the relationship is not over and that she needs to lay off a little.

Meanwhile, Nicole is making out with a guy and these girls come over and tell that the guy has a girlfriend. She leaves immediately and then meets up with another guy who is nicer. They walk off and a girl keeps harassing them and tells them to go back to New York. Her boyfriend jumps in it and Ronnie tells him to back up. After having security break them apart, Ronnie is still upset and goes back and knocks the guy out cold. The cops come by and talk to Ronnie. They arrest him and Sammi is upset that Ronnie got himself arrested over nothing.